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NF Busty - Young Lovers - S6:E1

NF BustyYoung Lovers – S6:E1

featuring Angel Princess and Drzej Andilek.

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Jul 13, 2018


Bigtit cutie Angel Princess gets herself all prettied up with makeup before giving her big tits a big rub down. Then the girl wanders into the main part of the home with an open shirt and a pair of panties highlighting her beautiful contours for her boyfriend Drzej Andilek. As soon as Drzej lays eyes on Angel the dude understands the dude has to have her. Leaning in, the dude caresses Angel’s boobs and presses open-mouthed kisses to her big areolas.

Dropping to her knees, Angel opens her mouth to wrap her lips around Drzej’s dick. The guy winds the guys hand in her hair to hold her close as the girl starts sucking, her fair skin a stark contrast against the guys darker skin as her lips kiss the base of the guys cock. This girls deep throat blowjob is good, but even better is the part where the girl rears back and shoves her bazongas together to create a channel for Drzej to fuck

Drzej isn’t about to let Angel have all the delicious fun. Sinking to the guys knees as Angel arranges herself so that she’s leaning over the table, Drzej leans forward to sweep the guys tongue up the guys lover’s sweet slit. The guy leans in and works the guys tongue with great enthusiasm, lapping away Angel’s juices to prep her for the moment the dude gets to the guys feet and slides into her tight channel from behind.

Hopping onto the table with one leg held high on Drzej’s shoulder, Angel throws her head back as her boyfriend slams into her lubricious pussy once again. This girls large boobs jiggle with each stroke as Angel groans with joy at the friction that leaves her poised to cum. When the girl can’t hold back another moment, Drzej keeps up the pace to let her ride the crest of passion.

Sinking into a chair and pulling Angel down atop of the hunk so the girl can ride the guys stiffie, Drzej keeps the guys hands locked on the seat to avoid cramping Angel’s rhythm. Angel responds by gyrating her hips in a sensual way that gets her titties shaking in Drzej’s face as the girl makes mystical friction with each stroke. When Angel turns around to give her boyfriend a lap dance that lets the hunk admire her flawless ass, Drzej can barely refrain from cumming on the spot. Instead the dude hangs on until Angel resumes her position on her knees so the girl can stroke the guys cock until the dude rewards her with a mouth full of cum that dribbles down her chin.

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