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No bra obscures 22 year old big tittied blonde American Blair Williams’s nipples underneath her shirt as the girl relishes in a book as her boyfriend Bambino works out. This girl is nice and prepared for the hunk by the time the dude finishes up, arousing her with the musk of the guys masculinity. The relocate to the bedroom, where the blonde hesitates for Bambino to shower before getting the hunk all hot and bothered again.

Helping Bambino drop the towel to the floor, Blair reaches out with her soft hands and pumps up and down the guys stiffie. Bambino is excited to return the favor, lifting Blair’s shirt to cup the guys hands around her heavy boobs before bringing the guys fingers in to pinch her hard nipples. Newly inflamed with passion, Blair leans forward to take her lover’s erection in her mouth for a lusty blowjob total with deep throat action.

Flipping Blair onto her back, Bambino sinks down onto the guys belly in between her thighs. This guys soft tongue laps away at her slippery completely completely naked slit, prepping her for the delights to come. Soon Blair’s groans of excitement fill the room as Bambino works magic with long laps that alternate with short, concentrated bursts to her clit.

When Blair gets up on her hands and knees, Bambino is prepared to please her needs. Pushing into her from behind, the dude easily slides into her slick sheath and goes to work for both of their pleasure. Settling into a rhythm that is to both of their liking, Bambino continues to pound away as Blair lets the hunk know with panting groans just how the girl enjoys it.

The couple switches things up when Bambino lays down on the bed so that Blair can get up up and support herself on the headboard as her twat sinks down to licking distance. Once the girl has settled herself on Bambino’s face, Blair cannot help but work her hips back and forth in time with the movements of her guy’s tongue. The position also makes it a simple thing for Blair to scoot down and go for a cock ride with her greedy completely completely naked fuck hole.

Swapping spots with Bambino, Blair spreads her thighs to invite her enjoy in from where the dude is spooning behind her. This girls passion continues to grow as the dude uses the guys cock and talented fingers in tandem to work her towards a tit shaking climax. Moments later, the dude pulls out and lets her take aim so that the dude covers her tits and even her face with a shot of hot tasty cum.

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