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A simple dress with a miniskirt and a deeply cut neckline outline the slender contours that Monika Benz is so proud of. It is simple for this passionate cutie to jerk the top down and play with her tiny boobs. It is equally simple for her to jerk the short skirt up so that her completely completely naked cunt feels the breeze. When the dress pounds the ground, Monika trails her fingers all over her lusty frame to entice Lutro closer for both of their pleasure.

Relocating to the couch, Monika uses Lutro’s cock to stroke the hunk towards her. This girl wraps her puffy lips around the head of the guys cock as soon as the girl can, gobbling the hunk deep into her mouth. Then the girl settles into a long rhythm of jerking and licking that brings Lutro’s enjoyment to an all time high.

Pressing Monika back onto the couch, Lutro dips the guys head low to sample the lubricious joy in between her thighs. Once the dude has ensured that the girl is sopping with excitement, the dude rises and guides the guys erection into her slick sheath. Monika tells Lutro what the girl wishes with her moans, encouraging the hunk to go faster as the dude props one of her ankles on the guys shoulder for even deeper penetration.

When Lutro adjusts the guys position so that the dude is seated on the couch, Monika takes the hunk up on the guys unspoken invitation. Straddling the guys thighs, the girl slides down on the guys hard cock until the girl is fully impaled. Starting off with a slow rhythm that gradually speeds up, Monika grinds her hips in long pumps that caress Lutro’s cock from testicles to tip.

When the girl understands how close she’s getting, Monika gets on her hands and knees and presents her tight ass to open herself up for her boyfriend. The guy takes her from behind, making sure that the dude pounds all the right spots with each and every stroke. This angle is just what Monika requires to reach her climax, a pinnacle that leaves her gasping with excitement.

Rolling onto her back, Monika takes Lutro’s member in hand and resumes stroking. Lutro is already on the verge of cumming from the sweet sensation of Monika’s succulent pussy. This girls pumps are all the dude requires to lose control and give her a hot facial of cum. Smiling in satisfaction, Monika laps away at her boyfriend’s cum to clean the hunk up.

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