Strip Show – S28:E22 added to NubileFilms

Looking hot in hip-hugging panties and a hot bra, twenty-four year old brunette Cassie Fire applies makeup as Max Dior watches in the mirror. This girl gets a little saucy with the brush, running the soft bristles over her collarbone and down into the V in between her breasts. Taking a seat on the divan with her thighs spread, the girl slides the brush in between her thighs and then drops it so the girl can use her hands to squeeze her medium tits and relieve herself of her bra altogether.

Pushing her underwear aside, Cassie reveals her fleshy cunt that is already juicy with excitement. This girls fingers know just what to do as the girl slides them into her slit and starts fondling her clit. This girls solo masturbation for Max’s pleasure takes a pause so the girl can relieve herself of her underwear. Then the girl sets her eyes on her boyfriend and struts in the guys direction with her whole body swaying thanks to her high heels.

Crawling onto the bed, Cassie locks lips with Max in a passionate kiss. Though Max would enjoy to touch, Cassie is not interested in giving up control quite yet. This girl urges the hunk onto the guys back once again so the girl can jerk out the guys hard erection, which the girl can’t wait to wrap her lips around. Sucking with bobs of her head that gradually become a deep throat blowjob, the girl makes sure her enjoy is at maximum hardness before moving on to her next fantasy.

Swinging one leg over Max’s thighs, Cassie guides the guys hard erection to the opening of her twat and slides down slowly. As the girl works her way down on Max’s fuck stick, her breath comes in gasping groans of excitement. This girls hips are bucking long before the girl has fully taken Max inside. Once he’s fully seated in her tight sheath, Cassie goes to town bouncing on her personal steed.

Max relishes in getting the guys lover in control, but the dude is not about to let her have all the fun. Flipping Cassie onto her back, Max leans in to slide the flat of the guys tongue up her slippery snatch. As the dude focuses the guys attention on Cassie’s clit, the guys finger creeps in to slide into her fuck hole. Once the dude has opened the way for the guys big dick, the dude rises on the guys knees and replaces the guys fingers with the guys cock as Cassie watches with enjoy in her eyes and a gasp of joy on her lips.

Rolling onto her side, Cassie lifts one leg high in the air as Max spoons behind her. The position lets the hunk slide right in, resuming the guys orgasmic motion as the dude reaches forward to cup the guys big hands over Cassie’s breasts. The guy brings her off swiftly in that position, capturing her mouth in a kiss of sheer enjoy before urging her up on her hands and knees.

Taking a doggy style cunt banging is just what Cassie requires to explode with passion once again. The guy locks the guys hands over Cassie’s hips, using the guys position of power to anchor himself for pumps that are as deep as possible. As her body explodes one final climax, Cassie’s throbbing cunt walls bring Max over the edge with her. The guy stuffs her to the brim with cum in a creampie that is a honestly satisfactory end to their lovemaking.

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