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Max Dior and blonde Karol Lilien cannot control their lusty urges long enough to get inside! With lips locked as they fumble for the door, it is a foregone conclusion that they are both in for a good afternoon. Before they ever reach the couch, Karol’s dress has been unbuttoned so that it can slip from her shoulders as Max gets the guys first glimpse and flavor of her delightful completely completely naked twat.

Putting the guys tongue to work, Max gives the guys all in the guys effort to eke each and every moan and sigh of joy from Karol’s lips. This guys oral ministrations continue as the dude urges the guys blonde lover up onto her knees and continues to feast upon her sopping snatch. Keeping it up until the dude cannot wait another moment to be within the guys girlfriend, Max ultimately pulls away and replaces the guys lips with the guys rock hard cock.

Taking Karol from behind with long sure strokes, Max keeps the guys hips moving for both of their pleasure as Karol lets the hunk know how much the girl enjoys each and every slip and slide. Now that the dude has Karol just the way the dude wishes her, Max will not stop until her groans of excitement becomes soft signs of temporary contentment.

As soon as Karol has reached that pinnacle, the girl turns around on her hands and knees so that the girl is facing her boyfriend. Taking Max’s cock into her mouth, the girl lovingly licks and licks each and every inch of the guys cock to deliver back a tiny fraction of the happiness that the dude has just given to her. Although the girl is reluctant to disengage from such a delightful treat, Karol eventually returns to her side on the couch so that Max can spoon with her from behind and begin their fuck fest all over again.

Gradually rising to the guys knees so that the dude is in a position of power over Karol, Max works the guys hips harder and faster as they both near their inevitable grand finale. Karol reaches that level of bliss first, followed closely by Max as the dude pulls out at the last moment. The guy leaves himself just enough time for Karol to guide the guys cock to cover her belly in cum, a satisfying conclusion to sensual lovemaking.

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