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Oh Goodness, It is so hot outside I am melting, our makeup, our hair, and even our shoes feel just like also melting. Here must have been just like 1000 degrees today; It was awful. I would not say that our day had a fantastic start. After shopping for a bed for our beautiful dog and going to a couple of doctor meetings, I came home only to realize I had locked myself out. The other day I took our home key off the chain when I went swimming, and I did not put it back.

So to make things worse our phone was completely dead, and I had to ask a person on the street to let us call for a locksmith to let us in the home because our landlord is out of town. Once I has in the house, once staying in the sun for 1 hour all dressed in black I managed to come in ultimately super excited our doggy will have a comfy place to sleep, figures: The bed is way to tiny for him. The guy probably looked us and mumbled Hey woman are you crazy? I am not three months old anymore. Whatever, the bed was super adorable and stylish. So I hoped the dude would fit in, artfully the guys loss.

Speaking of getting hard times, I would just like to apologize to a couple of you guys that might have caught us In a bad mood, I have been getting some personal issues, and I might have taken our frustration out with some of you for good reason or not. Sometimes when you deal with things that you cannot resolve you feel just like all has something against you and feel just like you have to defend yourself so here I am saying sorry.

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