Oral Cravings – Part 2

Good afternoon, fellow pervs! I can say that because I count myself in this category. Actually, I am the Queen of Pervs. Like the Queen Of Hearts, but not at all. Although I may have stolen a heart or two on here. Despite my perversions? BECAUSE of my perversions?

So, I spoke of MY oral cravings last time, which I assure you, are VERY real. Now, I wish to speak of yours. And yes, I know you have them. I have experienced them. Let us dive a little deeper in to this. Yes, that was fully intended to be licentiously phrased.

I cannot tell you how many times I have woken to feeling my panties being tugged down, and a warm tongue skirting down my slit. It is true. Men LOVE oral. Thank GOD! And there is not a thing just like waking up to that sensation. Being groggy and barely conscious, so relaxed, and just letting the hunk have the guys way down there. Feeling how hungry the dude is for that lovely kitty.

I have not once ever encountered a man that does not just like going down. Sometimes it ends up being a struggle, as you know how I enjoy doing the same, and that struggle ends one of two ways; a) 69 – it is win-win, no? or b) the dude overpowers my lithe frame and throws me to the bed, pinning me, as getting exactly what the dude craves. (Oh, no!)

So, is it an oral fixation? I would say I have encountered a few where that is true. A enjoy of women? Most definitely. How we smell. How we taste. How we feel. How we sound as we lose control. Knowing precisely what you are doing to us. Making us YOURS. Succumbing to that desire. Giving in to the pleasure. Oral drives me crazy. And one of my FAVORITE scenarios occurs when YOU lose control as doing it. Feeling your body shake, and hearing the sounds. Knowing that you cannot help but jack off as you pleasure me. God, that is hot as F. And so many positions, too, right?

Straddling your face as you lay on the bed, me gripping the headboard. Grinding your face. Trying to control the sensation, until you grab my hips and jerk me down hard on your excited mouth. This is a particularly good position to jerk off in as you do what you do SO well. Hearing me pant and make those sounds that you know so well. Those perfect, perky tits right in your face as my back arches. That is jerk off material right there.

Pushing me onto my back, and lowering yourself onto your stomach in between my thighs. Pulling those tight thighs apart with your strong hands, opening those lips open to look at what you are about to taste. Knowing how permeated with desire and wanting I am just by seeing it glisten and flush to a darker color. Toying with me. Just knowing how much YOU enjoy tasting it. How hard you get by pleasuring me. Well, it is searingly hot.

Of course, standing over you as you lower to your knees. This is a favorite among guys that enjoy a woman that they can make squirt because they will literally be drenched. You know it honestly is a turn on. And as much as it seems just like I have you where I wish you, it is tough to remain composed as I feel your mouth lick that sensitive area, making it swell and throb. Sure, I may grab your hair and guide your mouth, but as I near the point of no return, I lose control. I cannot help but bite my lip, moan in pleasure. It takes each and every ounce of control in me to remain standing as my thighs start to buckle, and I surrender to the throbbing euphoria. And you guys are relentless! So many times I have had it done again and again. And just when I think I have had enough, and I could not cum again, you get me to the edge and ask, Do you honestly wish me to stop. Well, you know the answer at that point. Torture once again becomes pure, unadulterated hedonistic pleasure.

How about when you wake me up in the night? After you gently slide those panties down, you trace that long, thick finger up and down that slit. Pushing within that tight hole with one finger first, then a second. Feeling it stretch around you. Feeling it get increasingly wet. Your fingers moving in an out with more ease. The within swelling as you hit the spot. You cannot withstand getting a taste. Breathing in the scent of sex in the night. Reaching up and kneading a soft, full breast in your hand as you do what you do best.

I am amazed at how much you guys just like eating pussy. The intensity you show during it, and the stamina. My GOD, you could do it for hours, it seems.

Anyhow, yes, there are guys that are 100% into pleasuring a woman any way they know how, and that get off doing so. And I have had the enjoyment of getting some amazing forays with a few of these men. And do they have oral cravings? Hell yes. I have gotten warning texts advising me of what is to come. That is forever lovely hot, no? When you have that delicious anticipation?? And knowing what certain guys want. That it is top on their list. Those little messages afterwards telling you how exquisite you were. How good you tasted. How hard they came just thinking of your cunt and what they wish to do to it.

Well, I could go on and on. Just let me give a collective thank-you for all of you oral addicts out there. And for guys that know what to do with their fingers. And their cocks. Here is to the guys that savor a woman. That know how to please her. That know how to torture her (we secretly appetite for this). That know when we NEED it.

Have a wonderful week all! I have a honestly fun Snapchat takeover planned for this week, so keep your eyes (and members) out and follow @CamWithHer on Snap! I think you are going to just like it. It is going to be sexy, and a little silly, and all Alex. Haha! That kind of sums me up, don’t you think? One of the draws is that I can switch from being a total knob, to being the biggest cock tease and vixen that you have ever encountered. Do not believe me? Come view for yourself. I will be online this week the whole week. I normally tweet out my times and such, but you can also check out my profile, as I attempt to update it! And when in doubt, shoot me a message. I will forever respond!


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