Questions Of The Week!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all getting a wonderful weekend!

Guess what time it is, boys and girls? Oh yes! It is time for, Questions Of The Week! I did this a tiny bit ago, and since I have not been online as much, I am going to attempt and get to some of your questions this way. These come to me via Twitter, Instagram, and of course, my CamWithHer direct messages.

1/ When are you coming back?
Soon! VERY soon! Once summer comes to an end, I tend to be online with a more regular schedule. As you know, our summers are short, and we have to take advantage of each and every moment when you streaming live in the Great White North. But, just under two weeks, and I will be all yours. Or you will be ALL mine.

2/ What is your favorite type of cam show?

I can not say I have a favorite type of show. I do all kinds, from Jerk Off Instruction, to undress shows, to oral shows, well, lovely much every single thing and any single thing you can conjure in that nasty mind of yours. Even lunch dates! And I enjoy them all, for very alternate reasons.

4/ Do you have latex?
Yes! And lots of wet look. If you are into dom shows, I do those. And very well. I am the epitome of the girl next door, but I DO have a nasty side.

5/ How do I arrange a show with you?
Easy! Either look for me when I am online, although I tend to be booked in shows, OR book an appointment with me. That latter is a foolproof way to ensure you’re going to have me to yourself. You can dm me on Cam With Her, or send me a direct message on social media.

6/ Do you enjoy when guys cam with you?
Of course! What’s not to like? I enjoy seeing what I am doing to you. I enjoy sometimes being able to hear you. So,if it turns you on to show me what you are doing, go for it!

7/ Do you have Snapchat?
No, I have not gotten into this aside from the occasionally Cam With This girls takeover, as I have a fairly large connoisseur base to look once on Cam With Her, and on Twitter. Here is only so much social media a girl can do! Keep your eye out for a takeover in September! It has been a while, so you KNOW it is going to be sexy!

8/ Can I pay to meet you?
Nope. Sorry. I do not care how much cash is on the table, this is a definite no. But I would enjoy to do a virtual date with you! Hit me up on Cam With This girls to view me live.

9/ Do you just like giving blow jobs?
Well, this is simple! Yes! Love, love, LOVE oral! Actually, I enjoy all sex. I do not discriminate. Haha!

10/ Do you do Skype shows?
No way. I am exclusive to CamWithHer. It is the only place you will catch me.

11/ Would you be interested in doing some adult modeling jobs?
No, not really. But thanks for the offer!

12/ Have you ever thought about going into porn?
Again, nah. While I enjoy being the object of your lust, I would rather it just be you and I, and not the whole world.

13/ Do you sell lingerie?
Only to a very select few on Cam With Her. That said, I may do a panty giveaway at an upcoming mchat! So there is your chance!

14/ Do you do custom videos, or share any customs you make?
No, not really. I have only made one of two with a few guys that I am comfortable with. Outside of that, no.

15/ What is the quickest you have ever made a man cum, in real life?
Under a minute. No lie. Most of the time it is not THAT bad, but that did happen. I guess sometimes, that build up is so incredible and the minute you push inside, the sensation combined with the view is just too much. Most guys do get off fairly quickly in real life, but that said, they are also prepared to go again quite quickly, so I will not complain. And they all seem so excited to go down on me as well, so that helps!

So there you go. Here are more, of course, and I will attempt and get to them another time.

I will be online tomorrow (Monday) afternoon for a little bit. You can message me in advance if you wish to have be my playmate for a while.Other than that, likely Wednesday evening for an hour or two.

Thanks for forever being so amazing guys!


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