Saskia, Tohan

Saskia stirs to the sounds of Tohan wailing. It must be time for the guys midnight feeding! Prancing in the guys room topless and dressed in only a hot thong, the girl quickly undresses down and straps up. This girl powers her plastic rod right into in Tohan’s mouth to quell the guys incessant shit fits. There, there, you little bastard, mommy’s has what you need. The guy starts to suckle on her nice, natural teats, which obviously is turning her on. Knowing that this is the only way he’ll stop crying, Saskia pounds the guys tight backside with her strap-on til he’s almost prepared to jizz! And semen the dude does…right on her milkies! Then, as some dirtyafterthought, the dude drinks it up!

Diaper Loving Mommies

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