Snapchat and Other Facts!

I LOVE FOOD: It is probably no surprise to anyone who reads in the forums. Anytime a person requests about food or reviews a food or whatever, I forever have something to say and I am all about reading up on new foods and recipes. I get honestly irritated when I am set in my mind on how something is going to flavor when I am cooking and a person else coming in MY kitchen and changes it or tells me I’m doing something wrong. I am a creative mad scientist, don’t mess with my food!

I do not just like to stay in the same place for too long: If you have followed me since I have been on the site, you have seen that I have lived in Florida, Colorado, I share land in Kentucky, I am in Germany now. And guess what, the travel bug is NO exception even in as beautiful a place as this is.

I have suffered a great deal in my life: Insert sob story here. I was kind of a minority in my home town (I kind of hate that word, but it is true, at the time, Asians stuck out just like a sore thumb in my area). Both my mom and father were born in Thailand, so they are first generation American citizens now. But we grew up honestly poor and different. I thought what I was going through was abuse. But I am not honestly even sure anymore. Sometimes I regret my disgust with the way my family was because I didn’t understand when I was little. But being raised on very little cash and not a lot of friends, I had to kind of just deal. Which is sometimes where I feel my tender heart comes from. I know what it is just like to not eat, or not feel just like I had anyone to turn to. Or even real things to play with. That is where my creativity comes from.

I am studying to be a biomedical chemist: I was inspired to tell people about this because I just responded to Barbara’s forum thread on “Where would you just like to be in 10 years”. I do not just like to talk about my ambitions much, in fear of jinxing them. But this time, I am doing it. I have had this dream for a long time. I have forever loved chemistry. I am SHIT at math, but science and chemistry .. LOVE. I am ultimately starting school again soon to finish my degree. So yes, I have a lot on my mind as of lately!


I AM A MOM: whatttt? I not once thought I would be up front about this part of my life. But being so open on Snapchat, and getting weird hours and availabilities and things noticed around my home, I thought it was time to fess up. Only a handful of people knew this when I first started camming here. Then I chose to cover that part of me up because I felt it was not sexy. But I tell you what, being a mom has not once made me feel sexier! It is a strange feeling. But I am 100% sure that my four year old is the best part of me. I will keep the guys image and name hidden for the guys safety. But now you guys know why my schedule is so weird and I am hesitant to make promises on my showtimes and whatnot. ALSO why I tend to conceal my mid section so much, baby growing takes a big toll on a tiny person lol!

Last part: if you have not noticed, all of these are from my SNAPCHAT! You can follow my account @maxxinerubycwh for free and subscribe to get individualized hot snaps!

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