Suzi , Rimo

This is, by far, one of the funniest Adult Diaper installments. Virtuoso method actor, Rimo, captures the helpless AND fickle nature of Dude Baby by waddling around looking just like a goof. The guy innocently cups her tits and backside with the guys wandering hands. Then, likening her strap-on rod to a pacifier, the girl plunges it into poor Rimo’s mouth. The guy effectively shuts the fuck up and murmurs sweetly as the perversity continues. Now, Suzi has seen it fit to ram Rimo’s arse with her plastic fuck toy! This girl props the hunk on her lap and jiggles the guys happy ass around just like a damn Mexican jumping bean as jerking the guys cock! The guy jizzs on himself and passes out. Le Fin!

Diaper Loving Mommies

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