Hot Blond Babysitter Caught Masturbating

Couples Bang the Babysitter adult gallery Hot Blonde Babysitter Caught Masturbating
Hot Blonde Babysitter Caught Masturbating

Married couple John Strong and Sienna Splash come home to find their pretty, nubile blonde babysitter Lylith masturbating on the sofa! Although Sienna is furious that the youthful cutie has made a sticky mess on the sofa, there is an big erection busting out of John’s pants that just cannot be denied! The guy unzips the guys cock and waves it in the blonde babe’s face, and the girl quickly gets down on her knees and starts sucking. Busty Sienna accompanies her, the two beautiful blonds giving John’s pole a good polishing. Then the dude ruts them both in their juicy pussies, with Lylith particularly showing her cock bouncing on abilities as the girl rotates on the dick.

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Mandy Sweet Fucked Hard by Couple

Couples Bang the Babysitter adult gallery Mandy Sweet Fucked Hard by Couple
Mandy Sweet Fucked Hard by Couple

Brooke Van Buren might handle the babysitting duties for Mandy Sweet and Talon during the day, but once her duties are over the girl gets seduced to stick around and fuck this passionate couple. Mandy gets so passionate over thinking about that eighteen year old cunt in her mouth. Talon certainly is not adverse to some fun with this feisty, incredibly passionate babysitter either. This threesome leaves all satisfied and you will hear the earth shattering orgasms that both of the women end up getting from the threesome attention.

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Babysitter Punished By Husband And Wife

Couples Bang the Babysitter adult gallery Babysitter Punished By Husband And Wife
Babysitter Punished By Husband And Wife

Husband and wife team Claudia Valentine and Talon are furious when they find that their nubile babysitter Cassandra has been seeing adult on the television. It is a jumbo bill, and the youthful whore has to pay somehow! When the couple confront Cassandra with the bill, the girl is flustered and the girl blushes even more when Claudia starts to stroke her little boobs and kiss her on the neck. Soon the youthful babysitter has a mouth full of Talon’s jumbo cock, sticking out her tongue as the girl chokes, gags and splutters on the rock hard flesh. Both nasty sluts take a turn at bouncing on the big cock, culminating in a jumbo double oral semen shot.

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Lexi Diamond Fucks Her Babysitter

Lexi Diamond Fucks This girls Babysitter adult gallery
Lexi Diamond Fucks This girls Babysitter

Charity and Pike makes sure to find the hottest babysitter when they wish to go out – and when they wish a treat at the end of the night. Lexi Diamond is going to find out rather fast that they are going to up her pay with a lot of cunt licking and plenty of dick. This eighteen year old tart has her cunt getting more attention than the girl has ever has when this lusty couple gets down on her. This girl is moaning and writhing as she’s getting fondled, licked, and fucked. This is an incredible threesome you’re not once going to forget.

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Desperate Lesbians Get Blackmailed

The best kind of babysitters!

Scene Number: 1

They say that if you are an only, that you will grow up to be a spoiled, self righteous brat, but hey – I am not honestly any of those things, I am more of an opportunist, a type A personality that has the drive and the will to honestly get what the dude wishes out of life. What do I wish most? A threesome. My babysitter, Lyra, tucked me in around 9:30 PM. I am not supposed to go to bed until 11. Lyra is a goddess, it is no wonder I do whatever the girl requests me to do. I will bet the girl is used to all guys doing whatever the girl pleases. Lyra’s has a playful smile, the kind that just let you know that the girl is a wicked whore in the bedroom. I am lovely sure that is why my Dad hired her. My Dad pays her a cool, crisp $100 bill when all my other sitters has $40. Lyra is a babe, from her blonde hair to her Converse sneakers. My Dad’ is paying her cash the dude could be paying out for my video games and stuff. Then this girl tucks me a whole 90 minutes earlier than I am supposed to go to bed? Fuck that, this bitch has to pay. I sneak downstairs and I view her sprucing up, the girl is putting on perfume. I duck down low so that the girl doesn’t view me; she’s looking right at me! My heart races as I contemplate if I have been found out. I hear the front door open and in walks the hottest brunette I have ever seen. They move towards each other in slow motion, their hair blowing, and they kiss. Not the sort of kiss that girlfriends give each other, they are kissing with tongue! My cock is raging hard. I rub my cock under my pajama pants and remember I brought my cellphone, the flawless opportunity to capture this Kodak moment. My head hit the stair rail and my anonymity was up! Lyra ordered me to get the hell back in my room. I am not giving up on my fantasy. My dreams are going to come true!

Desperate Lesbians Get Blackmailed adult gallery

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Working Around The Rules

Shae Celestine adult gallery Working Around The Rules Mybabysittersclub TeamSkeet
Shae Celestine is a hot teen babysitter who only has a few rules to follow in the home the girl is sitting at. No alcohol, no drugs, and no boys! Seems simple enough. A few minutes later one of her boy sex toys texted her saying the girl should come over. Too bad the girl did not have a car! This girl then saw her clients keys on the kitchen table and resolved to boost them. This girl would be back in less than an hour! This girl has back to her client’s home only to be greeted by the hunk with the guys child in the guys hands furious. The guy was not only pissed that the girl took the guys car, but also pissed that the girl left the guys newborn alone! Shae explained what happened and this guy was still not buying it. The guy said the dude wanted to check her cunt to view if it was still wet, and if the girl wanted the hunk to forget about this the girl would let the hunk finish what the girl started! Shae ended up gobbling this guys cock and letting the hunk pound her teen cunt down until the dude came on her face in order to keep her job. Some teen girls will do anything!

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MyBabySittersClub – To Fuck A Babyscammer

Jillian Janson

Jillian Janson was not just a master babysitter, but also a master scammer. After her newest client left the girl started creeping around the home looking for something valuable to get her hands on. This girl stumbled across a credit card that looked just like it had a high limit. This girl proceeded to buy as many shoes as the girl could and ship them to a discreet location. Before the transaction could even go through her client was notified by the guys bank. The guy cut the guys day short and rushed home to scold Jillian for her actions. This girl tried to escape before the cops were called, but her client halted her and then unzipped the guys pants and let her know the girl had to start gobbling if the girl wanted to avoid jail. Jillian used her silky soft lips to lick the guys cock, then permitted the hunk to plow her wild cunt on the couch. This girl took the guys cum to the face out of respect, but had the nerve to ask the hunk whether the dude would hire her again. Is this girl crazy?

Babysitter Auditions – Gina Valentina – Joanna Angel & Small Hands & Gina Valentina

Innocent Brazilian brunette Gina Valentina arrived to interview with ‘parents’ Joanna Angel and Small Hands. After a series of standard questions, things has a little stranger and confusing when they started testing her reactions to hypothetical situations, and the girl ended up undressing off all her clothes and masturbating with a rod and gobbling cock as the mister was on a artificial phone call. Lets just say they has carried away and the girl would make a terrible babysitter if a threesome with a married couple is her answer to everything.

Burning Angel

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Love Letters added to PrincessCum

Damon Dice has hired tiny 19 year old blonde Piper Perri as a babysitter, but the dude has more than the dude bargained for. Piper leaves the hunk a scavenger hunt of notes that let the hunk know that the girl is passionate and waiting in the guys bedroom. Damon attempts to tell Piper that the dude is not interested in cheating on the guys wife, but the girl has other thoughts and the girl is not about to take no for an answer.

Pulling out Damon’s erection, Piper takes it in her mouth and starts sucking. This guys objections melt away as the dude learns just how good Piper is with her sweet lips and mystical tongue. When the girl peels off her dress and panties and orders the hunk to pleasure her in return, the dude is enticed to feast upon and finger fuck her tiny pussy. From there, Piper barely has to attempt to convince Damon to pound her cunt doggy style. When the dude sits down and pulls her into the guys lap, the pint sized coed takes advantage by transitioning to a full-on cock ride.

Falling to her side, Piper lifts one leg high as Damon continues to play hunk from where he’ is spooning beside her. The guy eventually gets on the guys knees as the girl groans her excitement. The sight of such a tiny youthful thing underneath the hunk brings Damon to the edge of cumming, and at the very last moment Piper wraps her thighs around the hunk to keep the hunk within so that the dude stuffs her with a creampie of delicious jizz.

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Britney Young, Lacie James, Will Powers

If you saw a delicious and curvaceous blonde just like Britney Young lying on your bed with her panties exposed, you wouldn’t be able to withstand either! Crafty guy Will Powers convinces the guys stacked wife Lacie James to join the hunk for a hot threesome with the vulnerable babysitter. Lacie sits back and relishes in the show as her perverted husband gets down on the bed with the shocked diva, massaging her boobs and reaching within her knickers to finger her cooter. Lacie fingers herself as the girl watches her husband slide the guys cock into the babysitter’s mouth and then her pussy – and then it’s passionate Lacie’s turn to take that pole in her slot!

Couples Bang The Babysitter

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