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Bad Teens Punished - Tara Ashley

Bad Teens PunishedTara Ashley

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Jan 9, 2018


Sweet and spunky Tara Ashley is an athletic coed whose number one priority is staying in shape. Fucking is exercise to this bed bunny, so don’t be shocked when the girl peels off her clothes and plunges her fingers deep into her slippery wet twat.

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Cover Your Tits – S5:E3 added to BadTeensPunished

Charles Dera was driving in to work when the dude passed by the guys stepdaughter Tara Ashley, who was walking to school. The guy realized Tara was no dressed in a bra. The guy hopped out of the car and confronted the guys stepdaughter and then took her home where the dude demanded the girl peel off her schoolgirl uniform and attempt on bras. When Tara refused to wear any of them, Charles bent her over the guys knee, flipped up her miniskirt, and spanked her.

Hot and passionate from her spanking, Tara turned the tables on her stepdad when the girl took off her glasses and dropped to her knees so the girl could jerk out the guys hard cock. This girl sucked her stepdad’s hard dick, and stroked the guys balls and rod until the dude could not stop himself from banging her. The guy turned Tara around on her hands and knees and pulled her g string aside to pound her tight hairless cunt into taboo submission.

Loving each and every moment of banging her stepdad, Tara lifted her thighs high above her head so the dude could take her from a deeper angle and then climbed onto the guys fuck stick to ride the hunk hard. When the girl rolled onto her side, Charles gave the guys taboo stepdaughter one final climax before pulling her back onto her knees so the girl could do the same for him. Tara obliged, and stroked her stepdad’s cock with her mouth wide open until the dude permeated it up with semen.

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Spoiled Brat Disciplined – S5:E2 added to BadTeensPunished

Nineteen year old Alex Blake and her stepsister Tara Ashley are fighting over a shirt when Alex’s stepdad, Charles Dera, comes to view what the commotion is. The guy separates the two girls, but Tera gets to Alex long enough to tear her clothes off. Alex does not care about her nudity and gives lip to her stepdad. Charles makes good on the guys promise to put her over the guys knee and spank her ass.

Finding Alex’s landing undress cunt nice and wet, Charles cannot withstand the temptation to slide the guys fingers up and down her slit and rub her clit. After the dude spreads her cream everywhere, the dude puts the guys fingers in Alex’s mouth so the girl can lick them clean before the girl gets on her knees to lick the hunk off. This girls tiny mouth works overtime as the girl slurps and sucks. When Charles lays down on the bed, Alex understands her place. This girl climbs atop of the hunk and replaces her warm mouth with the even hotter warmth of her tight taboo teen twat.

Rolling onto her belly, Alex takes a teen cunt banging from behind before the girl winds up on her back with her thighs spread and her taboo stepdad kneeling above her as the dude bangs her. This girl relishes in one last cowgirl style fuck that brings her off. Only then does the girl lick and stroke Charles’s erection until the dude explodes all over her hands so the girl can rub her face in the guys cum.

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Do As You Are Told – S4:E5 added to BadTeensPunished

Full bodied coed Lily Adams gets caught by her stepdad Johnny Castle for refusing to do her chores. This girl takes the laundry into the laundry room, but when the girl does not actually start it Johnny has had enough. The guy helps her peel off her tight tank top, miniskirt, and panties so that the girl cannot leave until her chores are done. When the girl is naked, the dude leaves her alone.

Now that the girl is naked, Lily decides there is something much more fun to do than laundry. Hopping onto the washing machine, the girl spreads her thighs and starts rubbing her clit. Soon her twat is permeated with creamy juices that make it easy to slip her fingers deep inside. Just as the girl is about to cum, Johnny returns. The guy bends her over for a spanking. When Lily drops to her knees, Johnny lets the guys big cock spring free so the girl can give the hunk a deep throat blowjob.

He rewards her good behavior with a fast cunt fingering, followed by a feast of her lubricious slit. Then the dude slams into her as the girl sits atop of the washer, going balls deep as the dude pounds all the right spots. When Lily gets on her feet and bends over the dryer, Johnny takes her little twat from behind with orgasmic results. When it’s Johnny’s turn to cum, the dude urges Lily back onto her knees so that the dude can shower the guys taboo stepdaughter with a facial.

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Blows For Clothes – S4:E6 added to BadTeensPunished

Juicy girl Jericha Jem understands that her stepdad Marcus London has the hots for her, but she’s not aware how much. When the dude spies her attempting on her clothes in her bedroom, the dude pulls out the guys erection and masturbates to her hot bod. Unbeknownst to Marcus, Jericha spies the hunk whacking it. This girl attempts to ask the hunk for the guys credit card so that the girl can buy new clothes, but when the dude denies her the girl steals it and spends the cash anyway.

When Jericha returns home with clothes and gets caught attempting to return the credit card, the girl and her stepdad argue. The guy gives Jericha a spanking, which just doubles down on her lust. Dropping to her knees, the girl whips out the guys erection and starts sucking. As the girl works her soft lips over her taboo stepdad’s dick, the girl slowly takes her clothes off. Once the girl is nude, the girl gets on her hands and knees so Marcus can bury the guys face in her snatch.

Still on her hands and knees, Jericha groans in pleasure when Marcus shoves the guys cock into her tight twat. This girl spins onto her back to rub her clitoris as the dude pounds away at her. Then the girl climbs atop so that her full tits can bounce as the girl grinds the hunk just like her own personal steed. On her back once again with Marcus spooned behind her, Jericha explodes in ecstasy. Moments later, Marcus pulls out to cover her completely completely naked fuck hole in semen. When Jericha requests for the credit card again, the dude agrees.

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Make It Fit – S4:E7 added to BadTeensPunished

Johnny Castle and Jade Amber are eating dinner together when Johnny attempts to get the guys stepdaughter to eat her vegetables. When Jade slides some vegetables under her miniskirt to attempt to conceal them, Johnny catches her. The guy demands that the girl play with the veggies if the girl is going to conceal them, so Jade attempts pushing a carrot into her fuck hole. This girl decides the girl enjoys the corn cob better. Watching the guys stepdaughter fuck herself with the makeshift rod gets Johnny nice and hard.

Bending Jade over the table, the dude completes her punishment by spanking her and opening her ass. When the dude slides a finger into her tight taboo twat, Jade’s groans let the hunk know the girl wishes more. The guy obliges by getting her down on her knees so the girl can lick the hunk off. Deep throating Johnny’s big cock and gobbling the guys balls is good foreplay, but it is not all that Jade wants. Even when Johnny puts her on the table to feast on her hairless taboo snatch, Jade still wishes something harder.

Finally Johnny shoves the guys cock deep into the guys taboo stepdaughter’s pussy for both of their pleasure. Flipping her onto her belly, the dude takes her from behind. Then the dude pulls Jade into the guys lap so the girl can ride the guys erection until the girl explodes with pleasure. Pushing the guys taboo stepdaughter to her knees, Johnny urges her to lick the guys cock again until the dude is prepared to cum. When the dude cannot hold back any longer, the dude gives her a facial of hot cum.

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Bad Teens Punished - Cute To Be A Slut - S4:E8

Bad Teens PunishedCute To Be A Slut – S4:E8

featuring Avi Love.

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Oct 23, 2017


Teen Avi Love is in bed reading when her stepdad Kyle Mason requests her to leave the door unlocked for a handyman who will be coming by later that day. Knowing that the girl requires money, Avi dresses in her sexy best to flirt with the handyman in the hope that the dude will give her money. When the dude arrives, the girl wanders downstairs and attempts to get the guys attention by making up housework that permits her to bend over and show off her short shorts with no panties.

When the handyman ignores her advances, the girl pulls her shorts down and turns around so that her ass is in the guys face. Seeing Avi’s plump cunt is too much for Kyle Mason to bear. The guy pulls the guys pants down and slams into her from behind so that the dude can give her the hard cunt banging that the girl craves. After the dude has brought her off, Avi turns around and understands that she’s banging her stepdad. When the girl attempts to call the hunk on it, the dude bends her over the guys knee and spanks her to her delight.

Now that Avi understands who’s in charge, the girl gleefully obeys when Kyle tells her to lick the guys hard cock. Then the girl rolls onto the couch with her thighs spread wide open to invite the hunk back into her hirsute twat. This girls groans of ecstasy fill the room as Kyle pulls her atop of the hunk so that the girl can ride the guys erection as the dude licks her titties. When the girl has enjoyed another climax, Kyle shoves her onto her back so that the dude can jerk out and give her a facial of cum to finish their fuck fest.

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Bad Teens Punished - Punish Me Please - S4:E9

Bad Teens PunishedPunish Me Please – S4:E9

featuring Alex Harper.

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Nov 13, 2017


Teen Alex Harper is acting out and her stepdad Marcus London is sick of it. The guy attempts spanking her, but all that does is get Alex’s passionate cunt nice and wet. Later, when she’s in the shower the girl can’t help but start rubbing her soft skin with the soap. This girl presses her tits to the shower door. Things are just starting to feel real good when Marcus finds her again.

Pulling her out of the shower, Marcus bends Alex over the guys knee so the dude can spank her once again. This time with Alex completely completely naked the dude can feel how wet she’s getting from the guys punishment. The guy whips out the guys erection so Alex can get on her knees to lick the hunk off.

Bending Alex over the tub, Marcus pounds into her from behind. Then le spins her onto her back to take the guys cock in that position. When Alex climbs atop of Marcus, the girl gives the hunk a cock ride in her landing undress fuck hole until she’s screaming in pleasure. Then the girl drops back to her knees to take a facial of semen as Marcus blasts off on her face before making sure the dude gets the final say in their argument.

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Black Friday Xxx – S4:E10 added to BadTeensPunished

Petite blonde teen Kenzie Reeves goes shopping on Black Friday with her stepdad Preston Parker. Preston is impatient to get going. This girl sends the hunk filthy videos from the dressing room as the girl flashes her tits and camel toe hairless pussy. When Preston accompanies her, the girl gets on her knees and attempts to lick the hunk off in semi-public. That is when Preston declares their shopping trip over and takes Kenzie home.

Bending her over the guys knee, the dude lifts her miniskirt and spanks her adorable ass. This girl makes it clear the girl enjoys the spankings, and Preston confirms that the girl is nice and wet by pulling her g string aside and finger banging her hairless taboo twat. The guy is already rock hard when the dude whips the guys cock out and shoves Kenzie to her knees so the girl can lick the hunk off and deep throat the guys taboo fuck stick.

Climbing atop of Preston, Kenzie grinds the hunk forward and back as the dude stuffs her greedy taboo twat to the brim. Then the girl gets on her knees for a doggy style cunt banging that leaves her screaming. Rolling onto her back, the girl lifts her thighs high in the air as Preston teaches her a lesson the girl will not once forget. They finish things off with Preston giving Kenzie a hot facial of cum.

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