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Petite nineteen year old Kimmy Granger is on her phone all the time and her stepdad Chad White is sick of being ignored. The guy requests her to accept a package for a big client of his. When the girl still refuses to put the phone down, the dude pulls up her miniskirt and spanks her g string drenched ass. Then the dude gets her on her knees until the girl opens her mouth and licks the hunk off in a deep throat blowjob that only ends when the girl swallows the guys cum shot.

Later, Kimmy misses the courier and Chad decides that the girl requires to be punished again. The guy puts a shock collar on her to attempt to train her to stop touching her phone. Determined to teach Kimmy respect, Chad peels off her clothes and slams into her from behind in a doggy style cunt pounding.

Loving how wet and tight Kimmy is, Chad pulls her into the guys lap so that the girl can ride the hunk reverse cowgirl style. Then the dude gets her on her back so the dude can spoon with her and keep pile driving her cum hungry taboo teen twat until the girl cries out her orgasm. Once the girl gets off, the dude continues to fuck her until the dude is prepared to explode as well. The guy pulls out at the last moment, covering her taboo teen tits and belly in a shower of hot jizz.

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badteenspunished.com - Lesson Learned

badteenspunished.comLesson Learned

featuring Katya Rodriguez.

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Aug 21, 2017


Katya Rodriguez is playing video games when her stepdad Tony De Sergio lets her know that her mom is gone. When Katya ignores him, Tony punishes her by pulling her pants down and giving her a spanking. Then the dude shoves the guys cock into her tight twat, banging her doggy style as the girl keeps playing. The guy won’t stop the guys punishment until the dude gives her a creampie of cum.

Later, Tony finds Katya on the phone. When the girl continues to ignore her stepdad, the dude sticks the guys cock in her mouth to teach her another lesson. That doesn’t work, so the dude once again relieves Katya of her pants to finger fuck her pussy with two digits working overtime. This time, the dude won’t stop working Katya’s twat until the girl cums as she’s still on the phone.

That evening, Tony finds Katya seeing TV rather than doing her homework. Once again Katya ignores Tony, so the dude takes out the guys cock and pulls her panties aside so that the dude can jerk her into the guys lap. Even as her plows into her from below, Katya still won’t acknowledge the hunk so the dude spins her onto her back and delivers an ultimate cunt pounding. Only then does Katya stop ignoring him, just in time for Tony to jerk out and cum all over her face.

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Cute as a button, Cadey Mercury is a super sweet American coed. This slender youthful thing is a total turn on with her stylish short hair and her perky all naturals. Once the girl gets completely naked and takes a big cock in her lubricious completely completely naked cunt you will be enchanted!

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Fucking Off added to BadTeensPunished

Cadey Mercury gets prepared for school with makeup and her uniform, but as the girl is on her way out the door the girl runs into her stepdad Marcus London. The guy cautions her that if the dude catches her banging off rather than going to school one more time, the dude will put a leash and collar on her and walk her home. Cadey does not heed Marcus’s warning, and that same day the girl sits under a tree with her miniskirt hiked up and a cigarette in her mouth. When Marcus catches her, the dude makes good on the guys promise. When Cadey will not walk with the leash, the dude makes her crawl.

When they ultimately get home, Marcus puts Cadey over the guys knee and spanks her until the girl reveals that the girl is misbehaving for a boy. When Marcus understands that the guys rough treatment is turning Cadey on, though, the girl manages to turn the tables on him. Pulling out the guys hard dick, Cadey opens her mouth for a deep throat taboo blowjob as Marcus controls her with the leash. Once the girl is naked, the dude leads her to the couch and feasts on her landing undress fuck hole before getting the guys taboo stepdaughter.

On her hands and knees, Cadey groans her excitement as her taboo stepdad takes her from behind as slapping her perky titties. Then the dude switches positions so that the girl is sitting on the guys lap as the dude pistons into her greedy twat and holds her there until the girl starts moving with the guys strokes. Flipping her onto her back, Marcus slams balls deep into Cadey’s creamy pussy until the girl is screaming her passion. Moments before the dude cums, the dude pulls out to cover Cadey’s mound in semen. Only then does Cadey promise to be a good taboo stepdaughter.

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Sexual Curiosity added to BadTeensPunished

Johnny Castle spies the guys taboo stepdaughter Anya Olsen checking out cock pics on her cell phone, so the dude punishes her by leaning her over the guys knee and lifting up her uniform skirt to spank her. Anya ultimately gets the hunk to stop spanking her by saying that the girl will look at the guys cock rather than random ones on the Internet. When Johnny agrees, Anya gets down on her knees and whips the guys cock out.

The next thing Johnny knows, Anya has wrapped her puffy lips around the guys erection and has started sucking. This guys weak protests soon die away as the dude permits her to pleasure the hunk with her sweet soft mouth. When Anya shoves her g string to the side and slides down on Johnny’s dick, the dude is too into getting the guys taboo stepdaughter dominating the hunk to say no!

Now that Anya has started getting off with Johnny’s dick, the girl is not about to stop until the girl is completely satisfied. This girl grinds the hunk with fast movements of her hips until the dude ultimately spins her onto her back to have the chance to fuck her right. As soon as the girl has finished, the girl drops back onto her knees to lick her taboo stepdad off until the dude gives her the facial that the girl craves to finish off her exploratory lovemaking session.

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Joy Ride added to BadTeensPunished

Kristen Scott is attempting to concentrate on her homework, but the feel of her landing undress cunt in between her miniskirt is very distracting. This girls taboo stepdad Ryan Driller confronts her about getting the car out without permission, and once anger and pleading do not work Kristen resorts to seduction. Lifting her miniskirt to show that the girl is not dressed in underwear, the girl adopts a do us attitude that Ryan cannot resist. After delivering a spanking, the dude takes her to the bedroom to give her the chance to work on earning the car back.

Starting off with a blowjob, Kristen takes her time licking and gobbling her taboo stepdad’s dick. Then the girl obediently turns around so that the dude can finger fuck her creamy snatch. Finding her nice and wet, the dude drives into her from behind so that the girl takes a doggy style cunt pounding. After another blowjob, Kristen ultimately gets the chance to be in control of her own pleasure as the girl straddles her stepdad and starts bouncing on the hunk just like her personal stud.

Flipping Kristen onto her back, Ryan holds not a thing back as the dude shows her who is honestly boss. Kristen enjoys each and every moment of her punishment, particularly when Ryan pulls out of her twat and cums all over her tiny tits and excited face. Smiling from her facial, Kristen basks in the afterglow of a good taboo family fuck.

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badteenspunished.com - Trouble Maker

badteenspunished.comTrouble Maker

featuring Elizabeth Jolie.

Added On:

Jan 8, 2017


Ryan Driller has let Elizabeth Jolie stay with him, but this cum crazed coed has been not a thing but trouble for him. Despite knowing that Ryan has a girlfriend, Elizabeth decides that the solution to their unhappy roommate situation is to seduce Ryan. After establishing herself as Ryan’s new and better girlfriend, Elizabeth convinces Ryan to spank her big ass and then rage fuck her.

Pushing her down onto her hands and knees, Ryan slams the guys cock deep into Elizabeth’s greedy twat. This girls groans of approval only spur Ryan to harder, faster pumps until he’s getting her in a ball slapping cunt pounding. Flipping Elizabeth over and giving her cock hungry pussy a rough finger bang, Ryan replaces those digits with the guys erection for another round.

By the time the dude positions Elizabeth above the hunk so that the dude can punish her cunt from below, Ryan has absolutely resolved that the girl is one hot ball of crazy. It completely shows when Elizabeth gets on her knees and starts gobbling the hunk off, only to get a mouth full of cum as a reward for her deep throat action. Despite that wild and wild fuck fest, Ryan lets Elizabeth know that she’s still have to go, much to her disappointment.

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Teen Spirit added to BadTeensPunished

Petite twenty-one year old Kristen Scott is in deep trouble when her stepdad Logan Pierce learns that the girl is dressed in perfume to impress a boy. Lifting her uniform miniskirt, the dude discovers that the girl is not even dressed in panties or a bra! Bending Kristen over the guys knee, Logan delivers a spanking punishment. When the dude discovers that the guys spankings are making Kristen super wet, the dude drives two fingers into her tight twat.

Now that the dude understands that the guys stepdaughter wishes a real man’s cock, the dude has Kirsten get down on her knees so that the girl can enjoy his. This girls taboo blowjob is the flawless foreplay to get the hunk prepared to fuck. Soon Kristen finds herself on her hands and knees getting her completely completely naked cunt banged so hard that her stepdad’s balls slap against her clitoris with each and every stroke.

Next up is a cock ride as Kristen takes the reins for a cowgirl style fuck. Logan watches her tiny tits and her tight ass for a tiny bit as the girl rises above him, but it is not long before the dude demands control once again. Driving in and out of her lusty snatch, be gives Kristen one last explosion of pleasure before pulling out to shower her belly with semen.

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