Cucked By Your Brother – Ashley Adams & Sam Strong

You open your eyes and are greeted by your hot wife, Ashley Adams. You partied too hard last evening at the home party, but promised to make your wife breakfast. You are still exhausted, so the girl gives you five more minutes.

When you haul yourself out of bed, you find your brother, Sam Strong, cooking breakfast with your wife. The guy compliments you on throwing an amazing party, even if you look just like shit right now. Your brother and your wife then go over fond memories of the three of you hanging out in college, particularly those times when you used to play truth or dare. You are artfully known for not once turning down a dare! Just for laughs, Ashley suggests that you should all play, for old time’s sake. Sam is on board, so you easily agree. What is the harm?

Your brother requests your wife to start, and the girl chooses a truth. The guy requests if you are good in bed, which the girl hesitates to answer. Your brother ribs you for the pause, but your wife insists that the girl was just caught off guard. Still, the girl gives an answer that does not honestly do you any favors, and the game continues on. Then Sam requests for a truth from Ashley, and the girl requests if the dude has ever fantasized about her, once learning that Sam beds a lot of women. Your brother exclaims that of course the dude has! This girl is smoking hot!

Sam then requests your wife if the girl has ever fantasized about HIM. This girl is embarrassed, glancing to you shyly as the girl admits that the girl has. A few times, in fact.

Their attention shift back to you as Sam requests you if you have ever fantasized about a person else banging your wife. You know there is no use lying as your brother has seen your Internet browser history growing up and understands you are into some freaky stuff, just like cuckolding. Your wife is shocked when you shyly nod your head. You cannot help what you like!

Ashley is intrigued since you have not once told her that before! However, that is soon the least of her concerns when your brother dares her to give the hunk a handjob. This girl cannot believe what the dude is saying, or that you are not protesting! This girl is unsure, but when you assure her that you are into it, the girl goes along with it.

She gives your brother a handjob, not looking thoroughly impressed with the circumstances. This girl looks you in the eye and requests if this is what you REALLY want? This girl then dares your bull brother to fuck her since if you guys are going to do these stupid carnal dares, the girl is going to go all in. You start to wait but the girl dares you to watch this bull fuck her until they both cum! You have not once turned down a dare before, how can you say no now?

She hauls you around to get a better view as the girl drops her shorts and panties. Your bull brother Sam gladly leans down and licks her cunt, making your wife tremble with need. Have you ever made her quake just like this? Any time you attempt to look or move away, your wife demands your attention again. You are not getting away that easily. The only reason any of this is happening is because YOU agreed to it. This all started because of a harmless dare, so now you have to watch her take your brother’s cock and cuck you.

Maybe you should start picking Truth from now on, eh?

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Be The Cuck | Flowers For Your Cheating Wife – Rachael Cavalli & Nathan Bronson

You are pulling the car into your driveway. You look down at the passenger’s seat where a bouquet of flowers sits that you cannot wait to surprise your wife Rachael Cavalli with, you even left work early to surprise her because the girl is forever so sweet to you. You often feel just like you do not deserve such a wonderful wife!

You go upstairs to the master bedroom looking for her. It is empty, but from another room, you can hear the sound of your wife’s voice as the girl talks and giggles. You are shocked to hear the sound of a man’s voice also. You hear them coming around the corner to the bedroom, and wanting to find out what is going on, you quickly conceal in the closet. You watch as your wife, dressed in hot lingerie, enters the master bedroom. To your horror, the girl is leading a completely naked and well-muscled man, Nathan Bronson, into the bedroom. As you peer from the closet, Nathan lays down on the bed and your wife hops up onto him, sliding the guys hard cock within her. Before long, the handsome and virile bull is going at it intensely, your wife bouncing on the guys cock as the girl cries out how banging amazing the dude is and how the girl has not felt any single thing just like this in years.

You watch, entranced by the appalling sight of your wife being pleasured by another man. As disturbing as getting cuckolded is, you cannot help but get hard seeing it. But you have your limits, and soon you cannot take any more. You crawl away from the closet and into the hall, desperate to escape this cruel spectacle.

As you crawl, you hear your wife shriek and look back up instantly to view her looking in your direction. “Oh my God!” the girl says in a panic as the girl and the bull both start swearing and attempting to conceal their bodies with the pillows and bed sheets, “what are you doing here? I thought you were at work!” This girl seems shocked and sorry.

As the girl continues to apologize, the girl looks down at your groin. “Wait a minute, were you getting hard seeing us?” the girl requests in disgust.”That is disgusting! Don’t you have any single thing to say for yourself?

You do not answer, and the girl starts to mock you. This girl says how pathetic that is, how you find her in bed with another man and rather than kicking the guys ass you conceal in the corner and watch them just like some kind of sick pervert. “Well, if you just like to watch so much, you are going to sit here and watch me fuck him” your wife says angrily, pulling you onto the bed roughly. You attempt to look away but the girl sharply calls your attention back to her, and you watch as the girl starts jerking the bull’s dick, continuing to mock you verbally as the girl does. As the dude drools on your wife’s cunt and prepares to slip the guys cock within of her, you feel helpless and defeated. Absolutely nothing, not even the flowers that you bought for your cheating wife, can stop what is about to happen.

Seems just like you were right, you do not deserve your wife once all!

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