Slutty Blondie and her friend get punished by a circle of dicks and then suck them dry.

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I’m a cock sucker and so are my very best friends and this sexy blonde is no exception. We enjoy to get stuck in the middle of a cock circle and have our filthy mouths permeated full of big dick. We both sit in the middle just like little puppies just waiting for our flesh to be delivered and this group of passionate studs were artfully up for the challenge, feeding us more cock than we knew what to do with!

Well that’s not enitrely true, we knew exactly what to do with it and we honestly made the most of it. Sucking, licking, banging and honestly getting into it with these studs. I could feel my tasty cunt ache as I needed more and more cock within my mouth and deep in my pussy. It’s fortunate these studs knew how to control themselves because we weren’t stopping until we were drenched in milking cum!

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No one enjoys cum all over their face more than Blondie. She’s so hungry for cock, she’ll lick as many as the girl can at the same time!

Blondie Blow Uncut

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