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Logan Pierce is working on a project when the dude spills some glue on the table. Before the dude can clean it up, the dude gets distracted by some adult that the guys friend sends him. The guy leaves the room to go masturbate. Moments later, Logan’s short haired stepsister Cadey Mercury puts her hand on the table in the middle of the superglue and gets stuck. This girl calls Logan in and the dude offers to help her out but only if the girl bangs him.

She reluctantly agrees to Logan’s taboo demands, so the dude pulls down her panties and slides it in from behind. Cadey feels so good that the dude can not help but cum within of her. The guy keeps the guys end of the bargain to get her unstuck, and then demands that the dude get the guys cum out of her. The guy offers to finger it out, and then to lick the rest of it (ew) off her pussy.

When Logan brings Cadey off, the dude turns her around by her hair and requests her to return the favor. This girl opens her sassy mouth and starts sucking, keeping it up until Logan is nice and hard for round two. Turning around, the girl takes another cunt banging from behind before turning onto her back so that the girl can watch as Logan bangs her landing undress twat. As Cadey explodes in passion, Logan pulls out and aims at her perky tits to cover them in a stream of semen.

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When nineteen year old Alex Blake spies her stepdad Ryan Driller banging her twenty-two year old stepsister Blair Williams doggy style, the girl cannot contain her jealousy or her arousal. This girl hesitates until they have finished, chilling in the living room until the girl understands that Blair is finished. Once the girl confronts her stepsister with a list of demands, Alex falls asleep on Blair’s bed.

Later that night, Ryan returns to Blair’s room. Thinking the girl in bed is Blair, the dude peels off her panties and slides into Alex’s taboo teen twat from behind. Ryan’s cock feels amazing, and Alex cannot keep from whimpering her approval. That is when Blair walks into her bedroom. When the girl lays eyes on her stepsister and stepdad getting it on together, Blair decides to join them in bed for a daddy daughter threesome.

With two cock hungry girls to please, Ryan rises to the challenge. The guy works both of their slippery twats with the guys talented fingers, then shifts the guys attention to banging Blair’s greedy twat as Alex grinds her stepsister’s face. Getting on her hands and knees to get her cunt banged again by Ryan, Alex groans her satisfaction into Blair’s cum hungry fuck hole.

After a brief blowjob to make sure Ryan remains nice and hard, Alex holds the guys erection in place so that her stepsister can sink down onto the guys fuck stick. Watching Blair’s big tits bounce as the girl climaxes atop of the hunk nearly undoes Ryan, but the dude holds on for an even better grand finale of seeing the guys taboo stepdaughters lick and stroke the hunk off. When the dude ultimately climaxes, the girls share the guys cumshot with a pair of satisfied smiles.

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Sep 1, 2017


Sydney Cole is an All-American sweetheart with looks that could kill! Your mouth will water when you view the large suck-able areolas on her perky tits. This girls model just like body will send shivers down your spine as you watch this passionate coed make herself cum!

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featuring Sydney Cole.

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Sep 1, 2017


Bambino is shaving but the guys stepsister Sydney Cole requires to take a shower. When Bambino won’t leave, Sydney starts undressing just like she’s going to bathe. In the ensuing struggle, Bambino’s towel falls to the ground, giving Sydney a view of the guys limp dick. When the girl starts mocking the guys size, Bambino pumps himself into full hardness to let her view that he’s a grower, not a shower.

Now that Sydney has seen what her stepbrother is packing, the girl taunts the hunk that the dude must not know how to use it. The guy urges her to lick the hunk off to make sure that he’s honestly hard. Once her deep throat blowjob is complete, Sydney gets turned around so that Bambino can bend her over the bathroom counter and take her slick cunt from behind.

Totally into it now, Sydney hops onto the counter and spreads her thigh so Bambino can go to town banging away. Then the girl urges the hunk onto the floor so that the girl can straddle the hunk and go for the cock ride that the girl craves. After giving Bambino a view of her bouncing on the hunk from the front and the back, Sydney explodes in pleasure. Kneeling on the floor beside him, the girl pumps and licks until Bambino accompanies her in satisfaction as the dude gives her a facial of cum.

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Blonde Bailey Brooke and her friend Lucie Cline are studying together when Bailey’s stepbrother Logan Pierce requests them to help the hunk study for the guys anatomy exam. Lucie offers to help out and goes up to the guys room. Logan tells Lucie that the girl requires to get naked, so the girl peels off her bra and spins up her miniskirt to let the hunk take her panties off. Reaching out to slide the guys fingers up and down Lucie’s slit, the dude gradually works the guys way to pressing two fingers into her tight twat. Lucie feels a twinge of guilt that the girl is playing around with her best friend’s stepbrother, so the girl retreats to the living room.

Logan returns to the living room as well, this time returning to the guys bedroom with Bailey. The guy gets Bailey to undress down to just her socks so that the dude can inspect her cunt as well. When Bailey is open to Logan’s advances, the dude pulls out the guys erection and sticks it into her from behind as claiming it is the guys thumb. This guys jabs are just what Bailey requires to get off, which brings Logan right to the edge. Pulling out, the dude gives Bailey a facial of cum that is satisfying but still not enough.

They call Lucie back into the room and ask her to undress so that Logan can get a side by side comparison of their twats. Afterwards, they work in tandem to explore Logan’s cock with their warm mouths. It is not long before Logan has arranged Lucie on her hands and knees so that the dude can pound into her from behind as the girl muffles her cries of pleasure in Bailey’s landing undress snatch.

When it is Bailey’s turn to enjoy another taboo cunt pounding, Lucie eagerly takes her opportunity to let her friend feast on her creamy fuck hole. As Bailey relishes in the deep pleasure of another climax, the girls rearrange themselves into a double cunt stack so that Logan can alternate in between two delightful twats. As the dude reaches the end of the guys endurance, the dude blasts the guys load into Bailey’s cum hungry pussy in a hot taboo creampie that drips onto Lucie’s slit as they bask in the afterglow.

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