Group sex as the best Christmas present ever

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What do you wish for Christmas? Parents keep asking me that. What I have forever wanted is group sex with hottest university girls on the planet! Life has been such a let down lately! We had to write more tests and pass more exams, which doesn’t exactly sound just like fun, right? But wait a minute, it’s Christmas time! How can we not celebrate Christmas? Of course we made up our minds to throw another unforgettable university sex party, this time in the sauna! Me and my boy rent the place for a night, and there was only one last but absolutely not least thing to do, to invite hot chicks to our hot Christmas party! Yes, it can be hot hot hot in winter, if you party with us! We chose four most lovely and fun girls from another department and guess what, they all agreed to come!

So we started it as usual, drinking champagne and saying toasts! Those who passed all the exams had not a thing to worry about, and some of the girls has honestly wild, I guess it’s Christmas mood that made them so happy about everything. And who doesn’t wish to fuck when there’s a holiday? Everybody does! That’s why I grabbed the most lovely girl in the room and took her to a private room. This girl looked just like the girl didn’t mind to have fun, and I was right, blonde beauty let me fuck her rough, and I even shot my load within her tight ass hole. We both were fine with my pal seeing us and jerking off, who cares really?Watch this Student Sex Parties adult gallery now!

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Aiko: Brown Christmas

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Happy Holidays guys. This week’s cutie was a fun one. Meet 25 year old Japanese-looking Aiko. This girl sports a great, easy going and hot personality. Met her in a Mexican food restaurant of all places and it was quickly apparent the girl was more interested in my burrito than any single thing on the menu. Sat down at her table and started flirting right away. This girl flirted right back without hesitation. I enjoy these types. Favorite quote from her: “It is nice to be butterfly!”

Fantastic little body on her. Some hot tattoos, nice pert little boobs and that adorable Japanese looking face. Maybe this was what Yamamoto left behind rather than all that gold they’re still looking for. In my eyes, Aiko is more precious than gold; at least for this evening anyway. You cannot fuck gold. I was in for a real fun time as you are about to see. Aiko’s quite the filthy little girl; just the way I just like them!

There is even a little pussy-to-mouth action in here for a rare treat. Alas, no ass-to-mouth yet; that is something which will honestly takes finding a girl with the right stuff for. Still, I think you will enjoy seeing me stuff my purple-nosed Rudolf into Aiko’s dirt-stocking and then capping it off with a dollop of holiday face-nog!

And in the spirit of the season, here is a little shameless X-mas song parody for the episode:

♫ I’ll have a brown Christmas within you
It’ll get so brown twisting up in you
Gyrations of head
While you kiss, lick and tease
I’m so thankful for invasions
Of those passionate Japanese!

And when that gooey ass-juice starts falling
And when those painful cries start calling
You were doing all right when your ass was still tight
But now I’ll have a brown, brown, brown, brown Christmas!


Excavation so deep
in a hole that was pink
just won’t be the same
once I’m far within that stink!

I’ll have a brown Christmas, that’s certain
But when your chocolate starfish starts hurtin’
I’ll finish your night
With a face full of white
Thanks for that brown, brown Christmas! ♫

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