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My French squeeze Stephanie sent me some honestly hot pictures at the beach in a bikini. Had to get some of that action so here I am in Barcelona, Spain. A special beach and bikini date with my sizzling hot hookup Stephanie. Check her out guys in a scanty little sparkle bikini. Damn what a great third date we had – a sunny day with a beautiful girl at the beach. This girl gave out on the first date in Bali, the girl gave out on the second date in Paris. And no shocks today guys – this Naughty Bikini Girl Fucks on Third Date too!

So there we were at the beach. Stephanie with her hot French accent dressed in a bikini. And me? Well, just drooling really, and attempting not to be too obvious filming all the time. After swimming in the sea and tanning a tiny bit we headed back to my hotel. The walk back was lovely exciting, following that delicious looking tanned butt. A real piece of art. Check it out in the video guys. I could not wait to get somewhere private and tear that bikini off her!

But no need to tear it off her, this passionate French girl was butt-naked right into once the girl walked in the door. This Naughty Bikini Girl Fucks all right, just like only the French know how! I am so glad I found this girl for Dateslam. This girl enjoys sex so much, maybe even more than I do! This third time with her was even better than the first two. Man all the as I was imagining what it would be just like to fuck Stephanie in a public place. Like the beach earlier, with all you guys standing there seeing us. Pretty kinky, right?

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Look who is back guys. Mature women are often the horniest. And when you add Asian with a limp-dick husband to the mix things get honestly wild. My Thai friend Suzie has been messaging me since I picked her up and banged her, desperate to hookup again. This girl is obviously not getting it at home. This girls husband has no concept where the girl is today. If the dude only knew how GOOD the guys passionate Asian housewife was going to get banged today, and how much the girl would banging LOVE it up the ass! Check out my Asian Milf Anal Sex adventure on my latest ANAL Date Slam.

Damn this passionate Milf Suzie was in HEAT! Smiling and posing for me in a t-shirt and little white panties. But the girl wanted my cock so I gave it to her. Check out her blowjob talents as my MILF whore hungrily licks dick. I told her I wanted her ass. This girl just giggled and presented her butt. DAMN guys that brown hole looked artfully used, so I was sure this whore was no stranger to anal. Such a passionate bitch probably been banging all her husbands’ friends. I banged her MILF ass good, particularly for you guys.

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Flight Attendant’s Vacation Pussy

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Hooked up with this hot blonde girl Cecylia in Bali, Indonesia. This girl was from Poland and getting great beach holiday. This girl looked just just like her twitter picture galleries. Really lovely and nice company also. This girl was a bored flight attendant and looking to relax and have some nasty fun on her holiday – hopefully with me! Have to keep the flag flying for Date Slam here. This girl was so hot who would not wish to get some of that Vacation Pussy?

I turned up the charm and buried her in compliments, artfully it was not hard, the girl was very pretty. Tall and slender nicely dressed also. I promised her all I wanted to do was take a few pictures of her. Because the girl was so pretty. Nothing more. Of course I had some of my usual devious Vacation Pussy plans for such a hot beauty. Judging by the pictures the girl was posting on twitter I knew the girl was up for a bit of fun. So hot looking but a bit of a whore also. I just had to get her alone and launch my devious plan!

So we headed over to my hotel room. Started getting a few picture galleries. Soon I had her lying on the bed. Next we were kissing. And my hands were all over her tight little body. Nice little yellow g string under that tight skirt. And an ass to die for. I just kept squeezing those tight buns over and over. When I pulled her g string aside her cunt was bald hairless and already wet. That hot little slit was pleading for a muff-dive so I dived right in there. This girl moaned all the way. Fucking loved it, but soon wanted more.

She pulled those panties aside and I slid my length right in her. I did not fuck her too deep yet, just fast and shallow. This girl was honestly moaning now. Screwed her just like that for ages, I just did not wish to stop. When we halted the girl undressed and I took more picture galleries. Now it was time to experience her blowjob skills. Very good particularly seeing that lovely face gobbling on my cock. What a special treat!

After that the girl wanted to be on top. Man what a view with her bouncing on me, I had to honestly concentrate hard not to come too soon. The way the girl rode me the girl had absolutely done this before, I am sure many times. Cecylia you nasty naughty little slut! Next up an amazing sixty-nine, the girl was so wet I just wanted to fuck her so hard. Most of our banging was with her on top, the girl could not get enough of my cock and rode me until I was raw! Banged her good form behind also. Really banged into her before shooting a thick creampie deep within her vagina.

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Hot Blonde’s Vacation Porn

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This blonde chick, named Agnes, had been messaging me for a tiny bit and sending me her gym pics. This girl looked fit in her workout gear. With such great experiences hooking up with and filming honestly hot blonde cutie sex dates and over a dozen vacation adult videos with other girls lately, I figured that working a girl just like her cannot go wrong. And hey you know me right? I fuck any hot cunt that I can find for DateSlam. So, just like me, the girl is here in Thailand, on holiday. I casually suggested a date and the girl was cool with it. We met at a nice Thai restaurant. Really friendly girl. This girl was Hungarian and I guess quite worldly wise.

Agnes did not believe me and my I’m a photographer story but her English was good and we enjoyed a nice meal together just chatting away and flirting now and then. This girl was enjoying her holiday here but was growing tired of hanging out with the same friends. Dropped a big hint there, right? Did this girl need some sexy-time spent making hot Vacation Porn with me or what? This girls coded offer was made and I invited her to my place, to prove that I am a photographer.

Back at my place, the girl was very impressed and just made herself at home. And shocked at the size of my equipment. By equipment I meant my camera of course, what did you think I meant?! We had so much fun getting pictures I knew this was going to end well. Very fun girl laughing and joking all the time. Had a tingling in my testicles from the hot way the girl was looking at the camera. Flirting with Agnes was fun but the girl was obviously wanting more. Soon the girl was half undressed with her panties pulled aside. And there I was getting closeups of her delicious looking cunt – had to dive in right?


She banging loved it. Climbed atop and rode me cowgirl style facing me, and came almost right away. Then the girl turned around and did it again the opposite way! Lying there seeing that fine ass bouncing on my hard pole. Man I was in Vacation Porn heaven what a view! I banged her mostly from behind because the view was just so damn good. I do not mind cumming on girls, at all, so when the girl opened wide and stuck out her tongue for me to spray, I emptied all that I had into her mouth. And yes, the girl swallowed it all down just like a good fuck whore should.

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Hot French Date

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Found this spunky looking girl from France on Instagram. This girls name was Stephanie and her profile pictures looked super-hot. So we are texting back and forth and it turned out the girl was bored with her vacation. Would the girl just like to meet up for dinner? So we met up at a nice little restaurant, and oh wow what a total knockout! Big hot eyes, ponytails, freckles, beautiful body. Even more beautiful than her picture galleries. And that hot accent. I could not believe my luck, this was looking good. My first French Date was off to a great start. Thank you Instagram.

Stephanie was great company, so easy to talk to. Turns out the girl was feeling just like the spare wheel on her vacation. It was supposed to be just two friends, but then her friend brought her boyfriend along. So Stephanie was bored with the two lovebirds and looking for a new vacation friend to hang out with. Lucky me, right? I just had to take advantage of this. So we sat and drank and ate and talked a lot. I launched into my photographer story and the girl was quite happy to come back to my hotel to take some picture galleries. BUT the girl played it cool, the girl had conditions: no nasty business. Is that just like a French thing? Well we all know better do we not? When French girls say no they honestly mean yes.


Our date moved to my hotel room where we took some picture galleries. This girl was so hot I was just hoping, hoping something could happen. I could view Stephanie honestly enjoyed modelling for picture galleries. And the girl was a natural poser also. So I was joking and lightly touching her, going slow just like usual. But by now I was completely in lust with her! And now the girl was flirting with me. After a tiny bit I was touching her fine ass. This girl knew what the girl wanted, the girl knew the girl was driving me crazy!

Once I has her to undress off her bikini it was time to move this date to the Date Slam level. Soon I was licking her cunt and squeezing her nipples. What an amazing fuck this girl was, just watch the epic video. Fifty minutes of solid banging and sucking. It seems my spunky French Date just wanted me for my cock all along. This girl moaned and panted and sucked and rode my big boy until the dude exploded within her pussy. Got a big thumbs up from Stephanie so the girl clearly loved her spunk-filled cunt ending to our first-date DateSlam fuck session!

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Been looking forward to my second date with Radka for a long time now. We met up in Prague and went to a bar for a drink. This girl looked lovely hot, long thin thighs in a short dress and high heels. Guys this girl has no concept about Date Slam, the girl still thinks I am a photographer. See on as I show you what happened on our second date.

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First Date Fucking Slut

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Chatting with this spunky looking girl called Naomi on Twitter. This girl was from Prague in the Czech Republic. When I told her I was a fashion and commercial photographer the girl became much more interested. And her selfie pics also became naughtier. Seems the girl had a dream to become a model. Set up a date with her easily. We met up at a hotel, there the girl was outside waiting for me. Wow spunky looking cutie in high heels and tight dress. We had drinks within and chatted. Hot girl but a bit naive, dreaming of being a fashion model. Well – the girl was clearly flawless Date Slam material. We talked about getting pictures and the girl was all smiling and excited and prepared to go right then. Now all I had to do was turn her into another First Date Fuck!

So off we go up to my room with me filming this girls ass in that tight dress. I has into my ‘fashionista’ mode getting Naomi to pose and getting loads of picture galleries. This girl was enjoying this so much it was almost too easy. Probably the girl was dreaming of her new life as a fashion model. I asked her for a kiss but the girl wasn’t happy with that. A bit shy maybe. I kept feeling her ass and then just pulled that skirt up. Man what a view – round tanned taut ass in a g string panty. This girl just smiled and lifted that fine ass up in the air for more. After a few more pictures with that coy smile of hers the girl started rubbing my crotch!

Ah yes the girl was just another easy First Date Fuck, looking at me with those big brown eyes as the girl sucked my dick. Then the girl turned around and pulled her panties down a bit, presenting her ass and cunt to me. Well, the girl didn’t wish to kiss me but the girl sure wanted to fuck me! I licked her cunt for a bit to get her nice and wet then grabbed those hot hips and banged her. Really pounded that cunt nice and hard. All the as calling her a slut. This girl banging loved each and every second. I came in a nice shot over her face and took a few pictures of her just like that with my cum painting her. Maybe the girl can use one of those images with my cum on her face to send to some fashion modelling agencies!

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Ornella’s Holiday Date Slam

Holiday Date Slam With Sultry Redhead Beauty DateSlam
Exciting day today. Another tourist on holiday in Bangkok that I hope to fuck. Ornella from the Czech Republic had been messaging me some hot picture galleries. So we met up in a coffee shop and chatted for a while. This girls English was not so good but the girl gave off a strong vibe. Very lovely redhead absolutely a no-nonsense girl this one. This girl seemed at first stand-offish, but the girl had sent me some honestly hot selfies. And when I asked if we could go somewhere else together once our drink the girl said yes. Maybe the girl did not just like to talk much and just wanted a date with me to get her Holiday Date Slam dosage!

I asked to take a few pictures of her. Damn the girl had a real sultry thing going on there. I was obviously boring her with all my tiny talk. Honestly I think the girl just wanted to fast-forward to the sex-filled Holiday Date Slam waiting for her!

Back at my hotel room we started getting some more picture galleries. This girl smiled a little but it was not much of a smile. This girls real smile only came out when the girl was naked. OK now I was starting to understand this girl guys. I already knew from her selfies the girl had an amazing ass and boy did that ass look good. All tanned and perfectly rounded. Nice tanned perky little tits. Puffy hairless cunt all bald and prepared for me. And that sultry look of hers with those hot eyes. Yes I know it took me a while, but now I realized the girl was once my cock all along!

She gave me a blowjob and it was epic. With eyes just like that as the girl sucked away the eye contact was ball-tingling. Finally the real Ornella came out to play. Then the girl straddled me and slipped my hard cock right up her cunt. Those luscious pink lips clamped my cock and the girl rode me moaning all the time. What a view, fantastic cowgirl ride with a sultry Dateslam whore who just needed her cunt permeated with cock. So I banged her real good from behind doggie style. And then again on her back until I could mpt hold in anymore and came deep within her. Got a nice smile from her too as we both admired her freshly banged creampie cunt with my milky little spunk soldiers sopping out.

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