Shy Russian Selfies Snapchat: Shy Russian Selfies Snapchat

Yes guys another hot girl lined up here in Budapest. Hooked up with Maria on Snapchat when the girl sent me some spunky selfies so I had good expectations when we met up for our first date. Thank fuck the girl looked just as hot as in her selfie picture galleries. A slender dark-haired Russian girl from St. Petersburg dressed in a tight chili pepper dress. Good sign for Date Slam with such a hot dress I was hoping for a spicy girl. Single and looking for that special guy on social media. Easy easy girl seemed a bit shy the girl just needed a few compliments and a little nudge in the right direction. That direction being my hotel room so I could get some of that chili hotness and possibly get some first date anal sex.

Back at my room this girl was absolutely not shy anymore. Looking at me with her dark sultry eyes just like the girl was going to eat me up! Damn the girl rolled over on the bed and that tight dress was already half way up her tight round ass. Unbelievable ass guys, and grabbing a handful felt so damn good. Well that sure made her horny, the girl started rubbing my crotch and said “Can I open?” Well fuck yeah baby, our first date and there the girl was already gobbling my cock and deep throating me. Russian girls are good but easy to fuck on first date Russian girls are the best! Why waste time when these first date sluts just wish to fuck?

I banged my new Russian whore good doggie style. Great POV action and I have to say that tight asshole looked mighty tempting. This girl absolutely had something stuck up there before. Did the girl wish a first date ass fucking? Hell yes the girl smeared her saliva for some lubrication and I slid right up there, almost balls deep. Fucking Russian ass on a first date, that is how I just like it.

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Instagram Sexy French Selfies: Instagram Sexy French Selfies


Found this spunky looking girl from France on Instagram. This girls name was Stephanie and her profile pictures looked super-hot. So we are texting back and forth and it turned out the girl was bored with her vacation. Would the girl just like to meet up for dinner? So we met up at a nice little restaurant, and oh wow what a total knockout! Big hot eyes, ponytails, freckles, beautiful body. Even more beautiful than her picture galleries. And that hot accent. I could not believe my luck, this was looking good. My first French Date was off to a great start. Thank you Instagram.

Stephanie was great company, so easy to talk to. Turns out the girl was feeling just like the spare wheel on her vacation. It was supposed to be just two friends, but then her friend brought her boyfriend along. So Stephanie was bored with the two lovebirds and looking for a new vacation friend to hang out with. Lucky me, right? I just had to take advantage of this. So we sat and drank and ate and talked a lot. I launched into my photographer story and the girl was quite happy to come back to my hotel to take some picture galleries. BUT the girl played it cool – the girl had conditions, no nasty business. Is that just like a French thing? Well, we all know better do we not? When French girls say no they honestly mean yes.


Our date moved to my hotel room where we took some picture galleries. This girl was so hot I was just hoping, hoping something could happen. I could view Stephanie honestly enjoyed modelling for picture galleries. And the girl was a natural poser also. So I was joking and lightly touching her, going slow just like usual. But by now I was completely in lust with her! And now the girl was flirting with me. After a tiny bit I was touching her fine ass. This girl knew what the girl wanted, the girl knew the girl was driving me crazy!

Once I has her to undress off her bikini it was time to move this date to the Date Slam level. Soon I was licking her cunt and squeezing her nipples. What an amazing fuck this girl was, just watch the epic video. 50 minutes of solid banging and sucking. It seems my spunky French Date just wanted me for my cock all along. This girl moaned and panted and sucked and rode my big boy until the dude exploded within her pussy. Got a big thumbs up from Stephanie so the girl clearly loved her spunk-filled cunt ending to our first-date DateSlam fuck session!

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Amateur Selfies Babe Fornicating: Amateur Selfies Babe Fornicating

AMATEUR SELFIES Lead To Wild Sex In My Hotel Room adult gallery DateSlam

Amira was a Hungarian girl with some very adorable amateur selfies. And just like a lot of these girls once you chat with them and throw in a few compliments of course they start sending you nasty selfies. But then it stops there. Here at DateSlam my job is to turn that nasty flirting on social media into another epic adventure.

Both of us happened to be on holiday in Bali. After some flirty chatting we met for a date at a fancy restaurant. How did I get a date with her so easily? Quick tip guys – girls on holiday are ripe for the plucking, or maybe that should be fucking! Warm weather, tropical beaches, sun sea sand bikini’s cocktails etc. You get the picture. Anyway, Amira and I enjoyed a great meal together. This girl was a great girl, friendly and chatty. I spun my photographer story and the girl agreed to come back to my place to take more photographs. But I had to promise – just pictures not a thing more!

Back in my room we were getting photo’s laughing and joking around. And lovely soon my hands were wandering over that big ass. Amira did not mind at all, as I was about to find out the girl wanted so much more from me. Those hot Amateur selfies weren’t lying once all, the girl wanted it bad. That promise about just pictures not a thing more went right into out the window. I kicked that fucker right out of the ball-park!


With that beautiful ass up in the air the girl went at it slobbing my hard pole just like a champion fuck slut. This girl almost sucked all the cum from deep within my balls. Loved it so much her cunt was sopping wet so the girl mounted my cock and rode me. This girl looked back over her shoulder at me as the girl pumped my cock with her hips. Slap slap slap. What a passionate slapper the girl was! All the as looking at me as I lay back drinking in the view of that big ass bouncing on me. I do not know how many times the girl came but the girl sure moaned a whole lot. I slapped that ass a few times and the girl just went faster and faster shouting “yes, YES!” Man the girl had a lot of energy. Did not slow down the whole time. This girl wanted to get all the banging the girl possibly could, as hard and fast as the girl could. And I was just the guy to give it to her.

I screwed her on her back and the girl came again. By this time that hot little cunt looked raw and red. But I was not finished yet! Rolled her over on her stomach and banged her just like that from behind. Just so I could enjoy looking at that fine tanned ass again. Really hammered her guys, with her moaning and shouting all the way. And I ultimately shot a thick spunky creampie right within that banged raw cunt meat.

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Horny Round Ass Blonde


This blonde chick, named Agnes, had been messaging me for a tiny bit and sending me her gym pics. This girl looked fit in her workout gear. With such great experiences hooking up with and filming honestly hot blonde cutie sex dates and over a dozen vacation adult videos with other girls lately, I figured that working a girl just like her cannot go wrong. And hey you know me right? I fuck any hot cunt that I can find for DateSlam. So, just like me, the girl is here in Thailand, on holiday. I casually suggested a date and the girl was cool with it. We met at a nice Thai restaurant. Really friendly girl. This girl was Hungarian and I guess quite worldly wise.

Agenes did not believe me and my I am a photographer story but her English was good and we enjoyed a nice meal together just chatting away and flirting now and then. This girl was enjoying her holiday here but was growing tired of hanging out with the same friends. Dropped a big hint there, right? Did this girl need some sexy-time spent making hot Vacation Porn with me or what? This girls coded offer was made and I invited her to my place, to prove that I am a photographer.

Back at my place, the girl was very impressed and just made herself at home. And shocked at the size of my equipment. By equipment I meant my camera of course, what did you think I meant? We had so much fun getting pictures I knew this was going to end well. Very fun girl laughing and joking all the time. Had a tingling in my balls from the hot way the girl was looking at the camera. Flirting with Agnes was fun but the girl was obviously wanting more. Soon the girl was half undressed with her panties pulled aside. And there I was getting closeups of her delicious looking cunt – had to dive in right?


She banging loved it. Climbed atop and rode me cowgirl style facing me, and came almost right away. Then the girl turned around and did it again the opposite way! Lying there seeing that fine ass bouncing on my hard pole. Man I was in Vacation Porn heaven what a view! I banged her mostly from behind because the view was just so damn good. I don’t mind cumming on girls, at all, so when the girl opened wide and stuck out her tongue for me to spray, I emptied all that I had into her mouth. And yes, the girl swallowed it all down just like a good fuck whore should.

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Horny Russian Teen Cheats Again

Cheating HORNY RUSSIAN TEEN 2nd Date - DateSlam Free Galleries
HORNY RUSSIAN TEEN cheating on boyfriend with mature tourist the girl snuck into the guys apartment as left home alone for 2 weeks.

Russian Nympho Sunny messaged me again – could we meet up? Fuck yeah I couldn’t set up our meeting fast enough! Am I now her puppy dog, at her beck and call you might ask? Well wait for it because this is going to be Second Date Porn. With the emphasis on fucking. Clearly the girl was gagging for a good hard banging all over again and who was I to refuse her! So we met up, ate some nice Japanese food and talked for ages. And you guessed it, we ended up in THAT Fuck Slut’s boyfriend’s apartment again. Where the hell is this guy? Like I care!

This time around was just so much more fun. See the video and you will view what I mean. This girl was funny and playful. Bossy too, WTF! Walking round the kitchen buck-naked, maybe the girl thought we are now boyfriend and girlfriend or something. Well there is something else that boyfriends and girlfriends do a lot, and that was all I was interested in. We had a lot of fun getting pictures of this Hot Amateur Babe’s body. Then the girl laid her hot completely naked self out on the sofa and started finger banging her lubricious pussy. What a cunt – bald hairless and just about the most inviting sight ever. That cutie was just pleading for a good solid rod up in her. Second Date Porn about to commence!

Her blowjob was just as good as the last time. This girl honestly knew how to treat a cock to a good time. Slow sensual licking and sucking. Then the girl mounted me and we banged on the sofa. Sometimes slow and sensual, sometimes hard. Because we both liked it both ways. Even better this time round for our Second Date Porn. What a great fuck the girl was. So adorable and lovely but so nasty just just like last time. When I came the girl opened her mouth wide and I shot most of my creamy spunk on her tongue and in her mouth. This girl eagerly sucked the last drop – what a good passionate girl.

And I am looking forward to the next time the girl messages me. Which should be soon. Maybe I should invite that boyfriend of hers to watch us next time – cuckold anyone? – or leave the hunk a login to Date Slam on the guys evening stand. Maybe the dude will just chalk it all up to bad luck and just be happy with free access to all of that one evening stand adult galleries. Probably not.

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