Drink Skeet To Grow Ten Feet

Raquel Diamond adult gallery Drink Skeet To Grow Ten Feet Exxxtrasmall TeamSkeet
Little Raquel Diamond was doing every single thing the girl could do to grow a few inches. From stretching to drinking milk not a thing was working. This girl just wanted to be a little taller! As the girl stood sad in the kitchen drinking her tall glass of whole milk, her taboo step-brother came in with an idea. This girl needed to fortify her milk with some skeet. That is the only thing that will make her grow quick, fast, and in a hurry! The guy whipped out the guys long cock for her to start sucking. After the girl sucked the dude impaled her narrow cunt until the dude was prepared to cum. The guy blew the guys load into her glass of milk, and sure enough the next morning the girl had grown almost a millimeter! This stuff honestly works.

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A Little Love In The Dark

Pamela Morrison A Little Love In The Dark Exxxtrasmall TeamSkeet
Pamela Morrison | A Little Love In The Dark

When Pamela Morrison gets banged every single thing has to be perfect, even down to the lighting! This girls man prepared her a dark room and the guys hard cock prepared to impale her narrow pussy. First the girl has oiled up and rubbed down in her view through one piece. Then the girl spread her perfectly tight cunt lips to the side for her twat to get fucked. That cunt is hard to last long in, so our hunk blew the guys jumbo load all over Pamela’s chest. Such a large load for such a tiny girl!

Hopskeet With Some Petites

Aria Skye and Raquel Diamond | Hopskeet With Some Petites | Exxxtrasmall | TeamSkeet

Aria Skye and Raquel Diamond were attempting to have some sweet fun playing hopscotch. Too bad their grid came out looking less traditional and more just like a penis! Their neighbor came walking by and attempted to point out the phallic resemblance, but resolved to not waste the guys breath. As the dude walked away, the girls started talking about how weird the dude is. Aria even mentioned her mom saying that the dude is packing heat, but the girl had no concept what the girl meant. They resolved to go spy on this guy to view if they could body it out. As they peek into the guys window, they view the hunk just exiting the shower. This guys cock was flopping all over the place and boy was it gigantic! They has caught spying and were told to come within and explain themselves. They had no good reason for what they did, so the neighbor said the dude would tell their parents unless they were willing to learn their lesson right then and there. The guy taught them to keep their mouths shut by them take turns deep throats the guys fleshy cock. The guy then banged their narrow pussies one by one until the dude knew they were sorry. The guy gave them one final lesson by covering their pussies and assholes with the guys semen. If this does not teach them to mind their own business, what the hell will?