Filipina Sex encounter with insanely hot young girl

FILIPINA SEX Encounter with Insanely Hot Young Girl adult gallery Trike Patrol

Filipina Sex Enthusiasts Rejoice

Filipina Sex does not get much better than this. Grab your catch rag, boys. This week’s patrol is one for the ages. It is probably the best Trike Patrol 2017 video, hands down. Just look at this girl, would you? A total doll face and the kind of slender, taut body that each and every guy dreams of. If you recognize her, it is probably because the girl was seen on this very site previously. While the girl did not get banged on that appearance, the girl was a visible acquaintance of Scarlet, another Hot Filipina Pussy that has smashed a few months ago.  This girls name is Sabiera and I dare say the girl is even hotter than her friend. Of course cutie is in the eye of the beer-holder, but this girl is such a darling.

Because It Does not Get Much Better

As with most darlings the dude finds, King Baliw wastes little time with this one. The guy gets Sabiera within the guys trike and motors on to what would be the adult gallery of an epic Trike Patrol fuck-fest. Under the lights the girl is even more gorgeous. This girl is seriously something extra special. This girl just has an effortless cutie and sex-appeal about her. See her seductive eyes and tantalizing mannerisms. If I did not know her cunt has ravaged by a far larger cock than mine already, I might end my mongering ways and start sending Western Union support to this one. Of the many Filipina Sex videos I have witness over the years, this honestly is one of the best.

This Stunning Beauty Has It All

After KB teases this beautiful 20 year old with the guys words, the girl starts teasing us with her eyes and undressing. Sabiera reveals a body to die for, from head to toe. Then, pulling up her dress, the girl reveals a bald brown puki to travel 8,000 miles for. Fingering herself without inhibition, there is plenty of hot Filipina masturbating to savor. If you are any single thing just like me, what you are here for is the Filipina Sex, and that would be coming shortly, once some mutual oral offerings. Sometimes very lovely girls give lazy, uninspired blowjobs. Not Sabiera. Oh no, this LBFM was a cock-hoovering pro! This girl gave an absolutely wicked blowjob to KB’s fortunate pecker. I still do not know how the dude lasted all the way through it’s slippery twists and turns. Plenty of sexy eye-contact as well. The stuff of wet dreams.

Everything A Man Could Want

The Filipina Sex freak honestly came out in her once The King’s cock penetrated her from behind. The groans and fuck-faces this girl makes are completely banging mental! Remember what I advised at the beginning? Better make that two catch-rags. I fapped twice to this myself and I watch a lot of adult galleries. After a good long pummeling from the rear, the girl climbed aboard KB’s flesh stick and rode just like a possessed demon. I thought the guys cock was going to break. That is how hard this girl flailed up and down on it. An unquenchable nympho by each and every measurable characteristic. This is the kind of Filipina Sex experiences guys leave their wife, kids and mortgages for. You know what I am talking about Jack.

When Great Filipina Sex Ends With a Bang

No great Filipina Trike Patrol would be total without a glorious ending however. Now, for certain, King Baliw lived up to the guys reputation as a Pinay cunt banging hero once more. But part of being a hero is knowing how to finish big. Moments before the climax, we get sizzling hot POV views of the hunk smashing Sabiera’s cunt in missionary. This girls beautiful face wincing and moaning with unbridled pleasure, mouth agape. The camera pans down to her pussy as it is being pumped harder and faster than before. Finally, we hear The King’s groans of glory as the dude unloads deeply into her soaking wet fuck-box. Both still heaving with shortness of breath, we then view a close-up of the battered battlefield, literally overflowing with guy gravy. Sabiera sits motionless, as her involuntarily spasming hole regurgitates it’s latest deposits all over the bed sheets. Proving at least 2 things true once again: That not a thing is better than Filipina Sex, and few things are worse than being an Angeles City hotel maid.

Trike Patrol

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Sami Parker is a teenaged Filipina-American cum junkie

Sami Parker is Just The Kind of Filipina Girl

As anyone who lives in the Western United States already artfully knows, the place is teeming with Filipina-American cuties just like Sami Parker here. Yes, yes, we know some of you only wish to view Philippines based Pinays. While we happen to agree with you mostly, we could not pass up the opportunity to share this little sexpot’s hot video with you. Filmed exclusively for Trike Patrol, our guy in the US runs into none other than Sami Parker. A somewhat well-known Filipina-American teen sex performer, who has made the rounds on several of the big adult site.

Again, this is not the norm here. We just like to things amateur and real, as 99.999% of the Trike Patrol videos on here show. However, when you view this hot little number in action, we think you will enjoy her being included in our ever-growing stock of Pinay pussies. Oh, speaking of pussies, what til you view this little minx’s beautifully bald filipina pussy. So unspoiled and so clean, it just begged to be eaten and that is precisely what happened to it once some ferocious, gagging deep-throat blowjob action with good eye-contact and stroking. This Sami Parker girl honestly understands how to lick a mean dick! Damn.

You Would Love Meeting On The Street

Her tiny Filipina teen body is to die for! Aged just 19 years, her trim waist is complimented by a wonderful set of taut youthful tits. The kind you just wish to squeeze and slap all day long. Our boy did some slapping and squeezing of those but also of her flawless little ass. I do not know if it is the difference in diet or lifestyle, but I dare say Sami Parker has one of the finest overall bodies we have ever captured here in any of our Trike Patrol adult videos. If there was ever the slightest flaw, the girl more than would have made up for it with her great oral skills. This girl gives extended Asian deepthroat performances with eye-popping stamina and fervor.

What honestly makes this adult gallery special though is just how much Sami Parker clearly relishes in cock. This girl savors it. This girl enjoys it. Taking it deep into her mouth and cunt with unbridled wantonness. Riding cowgirl on it frontways and reverse, moaning with pleasure all the while. Spreading her ass cheeks apart with those green painted nails. This is what a teenaged penis-addict looks just like in action, my friends. When you hope and dream of screwing an easy piece of Pinay ass here in the USA, Sami Parker is what should come to mind. This girl has it, from amazing head to curling toes.

For Spontaneous Wild Sex on Camera

Even once extracting one hot load on the stomach, the girl had more of herself to give. Thankfully, our US-based Filipina fornicating Filmographer is of the rare, multi-orgasmic male variety. What does that mean, exactly? Well, as Sami Parker was delighted to learn, it means two loads for the price of one. I don not know what this guy eats or drinks, but I wish some. Even once getting sucked and banged the better part of an hour from this scintillating spinner, our guy still had plenty of juice for more reckless unadulterated sexing.  The guy banged her little bald cunt from the back until withdrawing to unleash a second helping of goo all over Sami’s eagerly outstretched tongue. No cum-dodging from this gal; not even a flinch!

If that were not enough, this fiery LBFM made sure each and every last drip and dribble of the guys semen was within her mouth before getting a big, satisfying gulp. Maybe that is the secret to her fantastic figure. A healthy diet of strangers’ semen does a body good, eh? Based on other videos I have of her, her name is not Sami Parker if the girl does not swallow cum!

Trike Patrol

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Trike Patrol Porn with cute shaved pussy teenager

Trike Patrol Porn:

Trike Patrol Porn girls come in all ages, shapes and sizes. We’ve been doing this a long time (10+ years!) and we are proud to boast the largest collection of exclusive hardcore Filipina sex videos the World has ever seen. What all started as a gag amongst Pinay pussy-mongering friends back in 2006 has developed into quite an infamous adult entertainment brand. You simply will not find another website that does what we do. We are specialists at it. Traveling to and from The Philippines, meeting unsuspecting amateur Filipina girls right off the streets, and banging their brains out on camera for the World to enjoy.

Balls of Steel:

We have banged scores of Filipina teens, MILFs and every single thing in between. Hardcore Angeles City of Makati bargirls to sweet and sweet cutie-pies who have not once been touched by a foreigner. Fat ones, petite ones, big boobs, tiny tits; you name it, we have banged and filmed it! Why isn’t there another name in the Filipina adult game besides Trike Patrol porn? It is simple. Most do not have the testicles to do it. The Philippines is a complex place with a complex culture that makes things not as easy as they might first appear. Sure, anyone can travel there and slam more cunt than they could ever imagine. Filming said cunt and sharing it online is another matter entirely.

The Right Stuff:

I cannot even begin to describe the sheer amount of fakers than have come and gone over the years. Ambitious wanna-be Trike Patrol adult guys who email us proclaiming they’ll be the next big thing. Mostly all, with very few exceptions, have been total flakes and either not once filmed one video or tried and found out how difficult it honestly was. Then, there have been others who have tried to make their own websites. While a few have gotten off the ground, they eventually stalled, sputtered and flamed out completely before too long. No my friends, it is not just about the logistical and testicular strength needed to film in the Philippines, but also about the proper organization, smarts and will to be the best at what you do that counts.

Can You Do it?

That is not to say it is impossible. Perhaps there is a person out there who is prepared to take the reigns as the next great Trike Patrol Porn producer. Many guys from all over the globe enjoy traveling to The Philippines for all of it’s wonders. Why cannot one of them have what it takes to do what is called for here; or perhaps, do it even better than ever before! If you think that a person is you, do not wait to inquire with us. We’re forever looking for a few good Patrolmen. For each and every ten that have applied, only one has contributed even a little bit. That said, nobody is born knowing how to travel, meet, film and fuck amateur Filipina girls just like we do. It is absolutely a learned art, so why not you?  If you are the least bit interested, drop us a line.

Easy Pickings:

Speaking of average guys just like you, our newest aspiring Trike Patrol 2017 guy Duke has another fine specimen for us this week. This girls name is Stella and the girl is just 19 years old. Duke is a good ole Texas boy who is admittedly awkward at times, but that is part of the guys charm and seems to play artfully with the girls. After hitting the guys head on a vendor stall overhang, the dude approaches Stella as the girl is walking up Fields Avenue in Angeles. This girl has a short haircut and pink top on which makes her stand out from the crowd. Acting shy at first, the girl keeps in stride as Duke walks along side her with the guys camera.

After all, the streets have eyes here. A nice girl just like Stella might be hesitant to jump right in a tricycle with a strange foreigner holding a camera. If the girl is any kind of semi-experienced bargirl in AC, the girl may have clients or friends of steady clients watching. If these girls know anything, it’s that they must keep up the facade of loyalty and chastity in their foreign boyfriends’ (read: steady customers’) eyes.

Pussy For Any Man:

If they do have a steady foreign boyfriend abroad, the dude is more than likely sending them monetary remittances or ‘support’. Appearing in a Trike Patrol Porn is probably the last thing they would wish to do in this case. However, as many have done over the years, some sponsored girls just cannot withstand the temptation and excitement of doing exactly that. As coarse as it may sound, that is not our concern. We are focused on bringing entertainment to guys stuck back in the West; or as we just like to call it, ‘The Sexual Jailhouse’.

Let us face it, where else can a guy just like Duke find himself picking up a sweet, adorable 19-year old just like Stella off the street?  Not any place in North America, that is for sure. Pick her up is precisely what the dude does here. A bumpy, noisy trike ride back to the guys hotel would follow. That is where the real fun begins.

Back at The Hotel:

Stella makes herself comfy on Duke’s hotel mattress and tells us a little bit more about. If you are any single thing just like most men, you can be forgiven for caring less about those details as you feast your eyes on this cutie under the lights. When you get them this far, you only have one thing on your mind. Stella has been in town long enough to understand what this was, and the clothes started to come off. Piece by piece, the girl reveals her hot tight body in all it is smooth brown splendor. Finally, we get those teen panties off and behold a wondrously bald teen pussy. A quick soapy shower later and the girl was back down on the bed prepared to be had.

The Trike Patrol Porn:

Duke gently fondles her soft goodies a bit before Stella assumes the cock-worshipping position and does her best. This girl will not win Best Blowjobber in Angeles City anytime soon, but the girl is still young. I personally have known girls from the time they hit town as an 18 year old and in a year or two they were champion cocksuckers. As with any other skill in life, all it takes is practice. Duke then had the pleasure of penetrating her beautiful youthful vagina. Here are not many things better in life than a unspoiled teen cunt, lemme tell ya. After some enthusiastic cock-riding, Duke banged Stella from behind until jerking out the guys load all over her torso. We think you will agree, this was a fabulous youthful woman to record another Trike Patrol adult with!

Trike Patrol

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Horny Filipina Sarah Fucked Well In New video

Hello again Trike Patrol fans. This week brings another beautiful and passionate Filipina plucked right off the streets of The Philippines. Our friend Duke was patrolling lower Fields Avenue in Angeles City and came across a bubbly and spirited 20-something named Sarah. After their bumpy and noisy trike ride back to the guys hotel, Duke has Sarah just where the dude wanted her – on the bed and getting herself a little more comfortable.

She told us about her job and how the girl was a veterinarian. That was actually rather convenient because Duke had a weasel in the guys pants that needed special care. This girl said the girl was from Samar and the girl was only visiting Angeles on vacation. Hard to believe but Duke was not there to get married. This guys sole mission on this evening was to fuck this hot piece of passionate Filipina ass on camera for the whole world to view on Trike Patrol later.

Things ultimately started going in that direction as Sarah started shedding articles of clothes at Duke’s bequest. Before long, we has to feast our eyes on what this little unit was packing. We were quite pleased once we saw that tight brown body of hers with a fabulously bald pussy. This girl had the happy and energetic personality with a body built for speed. Of course a quick shower was in order to wash away the trike dust before getting down to the real Trike Patrol business.

Fresh and clean back on the bed, Sarah has her sheen Pinay puki lubed up and primed by Duke’s famous little buzz toy. Sarah was actually quite receptive to this sometimes awkward treatment and did not attempt hiding her pleasure as most do here. Then it was time for her to lick that hairless ferret of Duke’s and lick the girl did! This sweet brown thing could honestly hoover a cock! You will view and hear the strong suction action the girl had going on, as artfully as Duke’s audible approvals.

If her Filipina blowjob was incredible then her cowgirl bouncing on was even more so. Sarah ponied up on that flesh pole just like a champion rodeo queen and gave Duke one of the best grinds the dude has gotten. This was a passionate Filipina cutie if there ever was one, gentlemen. This girl bucked and swayed all over Duke’s rod with wild abandon; making her pleasure known with pony-like whinnying. We have had a lot of good cock-riding LBFM’s here on Trike Patrol over the years, but Sarah has to rate right up there with the best.

What is more, the girl adored getting banged from behind also. Duke has behind her and started banging that sweet bald puss of hers raucously. With her head thrashing and mouth agape, Sarah moaned with joy from this doggy-style pummeling. Lots of great facial expressions during this action and plenty of ass-slapping audio. This is how you fuck a youthful and passionate Filipina girl, guys.

After rolling her over and stabbing that pleasure pot in missionary, Duke had to eventually withdraw the guys happy cock and drizzle satisfaction serum all across Sarah’s heaving chest. A thoroughly good Trike Patrol from our still-learning friend if I do say so myself!

Trike Patrol

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Cute girl goes from live art session to Filipina porn video and swallows!

We have had a lot of wild Filipina adult scenarios over the years which have led to us snaring many an unsuspecting girl into our Trikes, but this week’s offering is something completely beyond the pale. If I did not view the pics with my own eyes, I would not have believed King Baliw’s story on this one. So the dude and one of the guys many girlfriends resolved to sit in on a streaming live art drawing session. Ya know, where people sit around attempting to draw or paint another person standing in the center of the room. This was not just any streaming live drawing session, oh no. This was one of the NUDE variety. See the pics for yourselves. KB and the guys friend sat in there sketching a real streaming live completely naked youthful Filipina with a collection of other regular Filipino folks interested in the, um, art.

Now, there are only PICS of this part because the dude had to be discreet and could not just whip out the guys camera and start filming. Therefore, the video picks up downstairs once the art session was over. KB has the ambitious concept of attempting to view if the dude could not swoon the super adorable model into spending some time together. After waiting for what seemed just like forever, the girl ultimately came down the stairs where the dude was standing and KB praised her modeling performance. Little did the girl know, the girl was about to put in another modeling performance of the Filipina adult variety. This girls name was Raquel and the girl was 20 years old. This girl was a bit light on the English but conversation is not what our good ole puki-hunting friend was interested in. This girl agreed to go somewhere a bit more private with the hunk and get a little more familiar.

Picking things back up in a hotel room, KB requests Raquel more about herself and how the girl has into that modeling gig. As always, one thing led to another and clothes starting coming off in short order. Raquel was a tiny little Filipina with nice supple shapely boobs. A cunt that was naturally almost completely hairless, with just a slight bit of peach-fuzz for The King to pet, stroke and lick indulgently. That sweet looking face of hers notwithstanding, Raquel showed off a nasty bit of Filipina adult blowjob skill as the girl slobbed and bobbed on that white American rod quite well.

When it came time for the hunk getting in the pink goodness, it was tough sledding initially. This was due undoubtedly to Raquel’s tender age, slight frame and relatively low-mileage. In other words, the girl had a tight little banging cunt down there guys. Atop that, the girl was a little hard when it came to fucking, as is often evident of girls who have not been banged enough yet. This girl would get a good stretching out on this evening though that is for sure. This girl will be just that little bit more broken in for the next bloke who comes along. KB banged away as best the dude could until the biggest surprise of the whole night. Just before cumming, the dude pulled out and pointed the guys spasming cock right at Raquel’s face, to which the girl adjusted her position in order to receive the guys gooey glory right into her open banging mouth just like a veteran Filipina adult star would. Out-fucking-standing, girl!

But wait, just when you thought the girl could not surprise us any further, with only a little bit of urging, the girl took one big GULP of that hot load and swallowed each and every last drop that made it in her mouth. Fantastic Filipino adult style swallow finish, and it is been quite awhile since we had a Filipina cum-guzzler around here. Bravo! Good show I say!

Trike Patrol

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How easy is it to get decent Asian Pussy at night in Angeles City?

Hello my Filipina-loving friends. It& is that time again. Another trike patrol through the streets of Angeles City, Philippines in search of easy Asian cunt in need of a ride. This time it is at evening and our latest Patrolman-in-Training, Duke, is behind the cam. The guy catches up to a lonesome Pinay walking south on Perimeter Road in the darkness and requests to make her acquaintance. What the girl did not yet know is that when the guy saying Hello is part of Trike Patrol, you usually end up rode hard and put away wet – and on the internet getting done so.

Her name was Bobee and the girl seemed quite taken aback by Duke’s initial advances. It was on a dark lonely part of the street once all. But the guys jovial demeanor disarmed her soon enough, and the girl was down to trike with the hunk a few strides later. With the wind in her hair and the trike’s speeding sputtering motor just a foot away, not much of Bobee’s responses can be heard, so the interview picks back up from within Duke’s back street short time hotel room.

I am still not sure how new the girl was in town, but this girl’s English was extremely lacking. It is somewhat rare to find easy Asian cunt just like this in Angeles with such poor English comprehension, as they usually pick it up rather quickly once arriving from their provinces and being exposed to – read: banged by – so many western foreigners. Bobee had so much trouble understanding even the simplest requests just like ‘turn around’ that Duke was resorted to hand gestures for a lot of it.

Still, the girl was a adorable 24 year old who understood at least one thing: What the girl had to give in return for her free trike ride. That language is universal of course, and once her quick shower to rinse off the AC street grime, the girl has down to speaking it just fine. Oh, well, also once Duke’s signature vibrator routine; of which similar ones from earlier episodes recently won the XBIZ Industry’s ‘Most Awkward’ award. Some girls react artfully to it, and let their sweet Asian cunt get excited and prepped for the action, whereas others just like Bobee here, do not know what to do with their hands and just sort of lay there oddly wincing as their privates get tingled by the guys battery operated buzz-toy.

Finally, the girl has to a place the girl understood: down on her knees with a white cock in her face. Once there, the girl knew exactly what to do and started doing it. This girl sucked and stroked cock lovely artfully for seemingly being new here. Maybe the girl was the barangay fluffer under the Saturday evening card tables back home in her province, who knows. After gobbling Duke’s cock a good while, the girl climbed atop it and started bouncing on vigorously. Duke turned her around to slam her naturally-tufted Asian cunt from behind, and despite clear signs of not being used to such a pummeling, the girl took it just like a good sport does.

When Duke had the guys fill of filling her far-east pussy from doggy, the dude flipped her on her back and stuffed it in missionary position, right up to the point of nearly popping off. Moments before doing so, the dude pulled out, stripped off the guys rubber and had her help stroke out the guys gooey globs of joy juice all over her upper cunt area and abdomen. All in a night’s work as on patrol in Angeles City, Philippines!

Trike Patrol

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Cute and friendly LBFM shows flexibility in her first Filipina porn video

Cute and friendly LBFM shows flexibility in her first Filipina adult video
Happy days are here again back in The Philippines for some more of our famous Filipina adult adventures. Ann here was a lively little girl we found getting a drink outside a food vendor near the mall. This girl was sitting there all by her lonesome just waiting to be plucked up by us once our short afternoon patrol.

Once we spotted her, I dismounted the Trike, walked right up and introduced myself. After a short chat, Ann was fine with accompanying us back to our hotel room to escape the heat. After a little warming up, the clothes started coming off and Ann showed us her adorable little brown body. This girl was sporting a nice round ass for a girl with such a tiny frame. This girl then jumped in the shower for a quick rinse, and we filmed that soapy sudsy goodness for you also. This girls adorable little boobs looked so nice all wet and slippery. This was a girl just born for Filipina porn.

Once I took my cock out, things has even more exciting. This girl gladly obliged in giving some decent brains on me, before hopping on the cock for a nice ride. As you will see, this frisky Pinay honestly had carnal stamina to burn. Thankfully for me, the girl turned up the heat and unleashed every single thing the girl had. You see, this Filipina adult started with a mere Trike ride, and then ended up with a wild cock ride! I then flipped her over and banged it out doggy-style for a while; a nice position to view that adorable little brown behind of hers.

One thing I should note: Ann was a super flexible little thing. This girl honestly put the machine in LBFM (Little Brown Fuck Machine). This girl was able to twist and contort her body in a number of alternate ways, bending her thighs almost just like a pretzel at some times. It made for some fantastic camera angles not to mention exhilarating hardcore sex if I do say so myself. I was there, so I will say so myself!

While on my way to gobbling my load in missionary, the girl was slapping my ass as I was banging her pink little puss as hard as I could. I guess it was revenge for my slapping her ass in doggy. This little Pinay was a true sex athlete of the best kind. Easy going, fun loving, spontaneous and adorable as hell. This is exactly what you wish to find here as enjoying your Philippines vacation. Overall, Ann was another nice LBFM pick-up for Trike Patrol’s amazing and ever-growing archive of Filipina adult and I am sure you will enjoy her as much as I did. Well, almost!

Trike Patrol

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Sex Trump’s hardball diplomacy in a WILD Trike Patrol Inauguration Special!

Sex Trumps hardball diplomacy in a WILD Trike Patrol Inauguration Special!
Regardless of your feelings on the matter, the turnover of the most powerful seat in the Free World signifies change and the ever-flowing sands of time. What would Trike Patrol be if we did not acknowledge this momentous occasion with a special Inauguration-themed episode? Now I know we all just like to keep our scenes here as raw and unscripted as possible – there is plenty of terrible acting and overproduction in adult already – but this one had to be done once we saw the room we managed to secure.

It is a rather well-done – particularly for the Philippines – replica of the United States’ Presidential Oval Office within a modestly priced Manila hotel which will remain unnamed. Properly shaped just like an Oval and total with the President’s Desk and flags, the concept of a Trike Patrol Inauguration special was just too tempting to pass up. So as King Baliw did happen upon a new cutie named Patricia, and we join the encounter on the guys trike ride to the hotel with her, the rest of this adult gallery is, in case it was not obvious, a set-up.

Patricia is a sultry 26-year old with a fabulous smile and flirty personality, but the girl will not win any Golden Globes anytime soon for her acting. Nevertheless, it is comic relief to view what KB and the guys adorable little helper came up with and I dare say it is one of the most original and hilarious Trike Patrol episodes to date. Patricia pretends to be an ambassador from the Philippines visiting the White House to inform President Baliw that her nation will not be bullied because they are now a Duterte Nation!

President Baliw, with cigarette and liquor at the guys side, shows the lovely youthful Filipina ambassador how Americans negotiate treaties with friends. Let us just say it is not the first time a person has down on their knees behind that desk. All that was missing was the blue dress and a cigar! Despite the cheesy set-up intro, what happens from this point on is all raw passionate goodness of the highest caliber.

Patricia is a total sex cunt and understands how to look into the camera perfectly. After gobbling the Presidential shaft, the girl gets an oral lesson in diplomacy herself as the girl reclines atop the Oval Office desk. Writhing in pleasure as The King of the Free World laps away at her cunt, Patricia lets out unbridled groans which we do not often hear from the more naturally reserved amateur Filipinas.

But that was only the start. Once within the Lincoln Bedroom, this one-of-a-kind Trike Patrol adult gallery gets even better as it goes with just how hot and bothered this girl gets once a sizable white cock is in her. King gave this arrogant ambassador a banging of Presidential proportions and the limp the girl will walk away with should remind her just how deeply the girl has banged. That is not to say the girl did not enjoy each and every minute of it, as evidenced by her uncontrollable groans audible all the way in the West Wing.

For God and Country, President Baliw screwed this hot Pinay cutie each and every which way imaginable, surely winning both her heart and mind along the way. The only way to top off a adult gallery this freakin’ yuuuuge is with a spacktical nuke delivered to the opponent’s maxillofacial region. This adult gallery has so much winning it is not even funny. If this is just a precursor to how the future looks around here, I would say we are artfully on our way to Making Trike Patrol Great Again in 2017!

Trike Patrol

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18 yr old Manila cutie filmed in scandalous 1st-time sex with foreign male!

Teen Filipina has her cunt stretched out by white cock
Angel is a beautiful teen Filipina who gets banged hard and raw by King Baliw in the guys Manila hotel. This girls cunt is stretched open wide by the banging until orgasm.

Boy, do we have a looker here for you guys this week. Meet Angel, an 18 year old doll brought to us by the one and only King Baliw. This girl is a singer when the girl is not banging one of her 6 Pinoy boyfriends, but today the girl is getting her first crack at crooning into a white microphone, and boy does the girl find out how alternate an experience it is. You see, a girl who has only been banging a year and only been getting poked by petite local titi’s is forever going to have an eye-opening time of it when the girl has her first white cock.

But before that happens, King gets to know her a little bit, and shows us her delectable taut youthful body in the process to follow. Impeccable 18 yr old tits and a beautiful, flawless fuzzed youthful pussy. You cannot teach this. What you can teach tough, are cock-sucking skills, and as Angel might not be the most talented yet, you can view the girl is excited to learn and please. What you are about to view that follows, is the real-life, no bullshit first time an 18-year old Pinay cutie takes a Caucasian rod up in her insanely tight, unspoiled pek-pek.

No, it is not the smoothest of fuckings, but it is all part of a youthful LBFM’s journey from merely playing pokey-the-puki with Pinoy stickboys to becoming a true monger-pleasing pleasure doll. KB is just doing the good work of helping break her into that honored role of foreign tourist jizz-hole. It is tough work, but a person has to do it. Sometimes it feels just like you are fighting with ’em when they are this youthful and un-broken, but it is all part of the process. A few more good hard bangs just like this and the girl will be a proper fuck machine in no time! Happy Hole-idays!

Trike Patrol

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Natural Pinay beauty, 20, gives shocking display of promiscuity on camera

Akira Set 1 Video adult gallery
Much to everyone’s collective pleasure, we are back in the Philippines on this patrol with our main man, King Baliw. On this ride the dude scoops up a beautiful natural Pinay cutie by the name of Akira. As notice right away this girl has a killer smile and a beautiful set of bedroom eyes to go with it.

After a short trike ride through the muggy Manila streets, KB interviews our latest Pinay cutie within a fairly nice short-time hotel. After the girl tells us a little bit about her, Akira then gets down to the true business at hand. Unwrapping her petite, yet voluptuous little body for KB, and by extension, Trike Patrol Nation to enjoy and ogle at. Small tits, a somewhat round little ass, and boatloads of personality and sex appeal. Sounds just like a recipe for a good patrol video if I ever saw one.

Sometimes, Filipinas can be all-show and no go once the cock comes out. But not Akira here. This natural Pinay beauty enjoys sex and is not afraid to show it. Aiming to please and returning the guys oral favors, the girl attacks the King’s pole with ferociously deep head thrusts. I enjoy it when we find a good Filipina cocksucker on here. Sometimes I find it hard to focus on posting the update I am too busy, uh, reviewing the video. (hides cum-wipe tissues in trash)

This natural Pinay cutie was only talented in gobbling cock though. Oh no, her neatly trimmed little cunt was quite accommodating and lively as well! Akira’s tiny frame took KB’s jumbo-sized ramrod with a surprising amount of ease and seemed to sincerely enjoy each and every hard thrust. After what felt just like a marathon of hardcore banging in a multiple of positions, the King ultimately boiled over and blasted the guys monstrous spurts of semen all over Akira’s lovely ass. All in a good patrol’s workload, I say!

Trike Patrol

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