Cute and friendly LBFM shows flexibility in her first Filipina porn video

Cute and friendly LBFM shows flexibility in her first Filipina adult video
Happy days are here again back in The Philippines for some more of our famous Filipina adult adventures. Ann here was a lively little girl we found getting a drink outside a food vendor near the mall. This girl was sitting there all by her lonesome just waiting to be plucked up by us once our short afternoon patrol.

Once we spotted her, I dismounted the Trike, walked right up and introduced myself. After a short chat, Ann was fine with accompanying us back to our hotel room to escape the heat. After a little warming up, the clothes started coming off and Ann showed us her adorable little brown body. This girl was sporting a nice round ass for a girl with such a tiny frame. This girl then jumped in the shower for a quick rinse, and we filmed that soapy sudsy goodness for you also. This girls adorable little boobs looked so nice all wet and slippery. This was a girl just born for Filipina porn.

Once I took our cock out, things has even more exciting. This girl gladly obliged in giving some decent brains on me, before hopping on the cock for a nice ride. As you will see, this frisky Pinay honestly had carnal stamina to burn. Thankfully for me, the girl turned up the heat and unleashed every single thing the girl had. You see, this Filipina adult started with a mere Trike ride, and then ended up with a wild cock ride! I then flipped her over and banged it out doggy-style for a while; a nice position to view that adorable little brown behind of hers.

One thing I should note: Ann was a super flexible little thing. This girl honestly put the machine in LBFM (Little Brown Fuck Machine). This girl was able to twist and contort her body in a number of alternate ways, bending her thighs almost just like a pretzel at some times. It made for some fantastic camera angles not to mention exhilarating hardcore sex if I do say so myself. I was there, so I will say so myself!

While on our way to gobbling our load in missionary, the girl was slapping our ass as I was banging her pink little puss as hard as I could. I guess it was revenge for our slapping her ass in doggy. This little Pinay was a true sex athlete of the best kind. Easy going, fun loving, spontaneous and adorable as hell. This is exactly what you wish to find here as enjoying your Philippines vacation. Overall, Ann was another nice LBFM pick-up for Trike Patrol’s amazing and ever-growing archive of Filipina adult and I am sure you will enjoy her as much as I did. Well, almost!

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Sex Trump’s hardball diplomacy in a WILD Trike Patrol Inauguration Special!

Sex Trumps hardball diplomacy in a WILD Trike Patrol Inauguration Special!
Regardless of your feelings on the matter, the turnover of the most powerful seat in the Free World signifies change and the ever-flowing sands of time. What would Trike Patrol be if we did not acknowledge this momentous occasion with a special Inauguration-themed episode? Now I know we all just like to keep our scenes here as raw and unscripted as possible – there is plenty of terrible acting and overproduction in adult already – but this one had to be done once we saw the room we managed to secure.

It is a rather well-done – particularly for the Philippines – replica of the United States’ Presidential Oval Office within a modestly priced Manila hotel which will remain unnamed. Properly shaped just like an Oval and total with the President’s Desk and flags, the concept of a Trike Patrol Inauguration special was just too tempting to pass up. So as King Baliw did happen upon a new cutie named Patricia, and we join the encounter on the guys trike ride to the hotel with her, the rest of this adult gallery is, in case it was not obvious, a set-up.

Patricia is a sultry 26-year old with a fabulous smile and flirty personality, but the girl will not win any Golden Globes anytime soon for her acting. Nevertheless, it is comic relief to view what KB and the guys adorable little helper came up with and I dare say it is one of the most original and hilarious Trike Patrol episodes to date. Patricia pretends to be an ambassador from the Philippines visiting the White House to inform President Baliw that her nation will not be bullied because they are now a Duterte Nation!

President Baliw, with cigarette and liquor at the guys side, shows the lovely youthful Filipina ambassador how Americans negotiate treaties with friends. Let us just say it is not the first time a person has down on their knees behind that desk. All that was missing was the blue dress and a cigar! Despite the cheesy set-up intro, what happens from this point on is all raw passionate goodness of the highest caliber.

Patricia is a total sex cunt and understands how to look into the camera perfectly. After gobbling the Presidential shaft, the girl gets an oral lesson in diplomacy herself as the girl reclines atop the Oval Office desk. Writhing in pleasure as The King of the Free World laps away at her cunt, Patricia lets out unbridled groans which we do not often hear from the more naturally reserved amateur Filipinas.

But that was only the start. Once within the Lincoln Bedroom, this one-of-a-kind Trike Patrol adult gallery gets even better as it goes with just how hot and bothered this girl gets once a sizable white cock is in her. King gave this arrogant ambassador a banging of Presidential proportions and the limp the girl will walk away with should remind her just how deeply the girl has banged. That is not to say the girl did not enjoy each and every minute of it, as evidenced by her uncontrollable groans audible all the way in the West Wing.

For God and Country, President Baliw screwed this hot Pinay cutie each and every which way imaginable, surely winning both her heart and mind along the way. The only way to top off a adult gallery this freakin’ yuuuuge is with a spacktical nuke delivered to the opponent’s maxillofacial region. This adult gallery has so much winning it is not even funny. If this is just a precursor to how the future looks around here, I would say we are artfully on our way to Making Trike Patrol Great Again in 2017!

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18 yr old Manila cutie filmed in scandalous 1st-time sex with foreign male!

Teen Filipina has her cunt stretched out by white cock
Angel is a beautiful teen Filipina who gets banged hard and raw by King Baliw in the guys Manila hotel. This girls cunt is stretched open wide by the banging until orgasm.

Boy, do we have a looker here for you guys this week. Meet Angel, an 18 year old doll brought to us by the one and only King Baliw. This girl is a singer when the girl is not banging one of her 6 Pinoy boyfriends, but today the girl is getting her first crack at crooning into a white microphone, and boy does the girl find out how alternate an experience it is. You see, a girl who has only been banging a year and only been getting poked by petite local titi’s is forever going to have an eye-opening time of it when the girl has her first white cock.

But before that happens, King gets to know her a little bit, and shows us her delectable taut youthful body in the process to follow. Impeccable 18 yr old tits and a beautiful, flawless fuzzed youthful pussy. You cannot teach this. What you can teach tough, are cock-sucking skills, and as Angel might not be the most talented yet, you can view the girl is excited to learn and please. What you are about to view that follows, is the real-life, no bullshit first time an 18-year old Pinay cutie takes a Caucasian rod up in her insanely tight, unspoiled pek-pek.

No, it is not the smoothest of fuckings, but it is all part of a youthful LBFM’s journey from merely playing pokey-the-puki with Pinoy stickboys to becoming a true monger-pleasing pleasure doll. KB is just doing the good work of helping break her into that honored role of foreign tourist jizz-hole. It is tough work, but a person has to do it. Sometimes it feels just like you are fighting with ’em when they are this youthful and un-broken, but it is all part of the process. A few more good hard bangs just like this and the girl will be a proper fuck machine in no time! Happy Hole-idays!

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Natural Pinay beauty, 20, gives shocking display of promiscuity on camera

Akira Set 1 Video adult gallery
Much to everyone’s collective pleasure, we are back in the Philippines on this patrol with our main man, King Baliw. On this ride the dude scoops up a beautiful natural Pinay cutie by the name of Akira. As notice right away this girl has a killer smile and a beautiful set of bedroom eyes to go with it.

After a short trike ride through the muggy Manila streets, KB interviews our latest Pinay cutie within a fairly nice short-time hotel. After the girl tells us a little bit about her, Akira then gets down to the true business at hand. Unwrapping her petite, yet voluptuous little body for KB, and by extension, Trike Patrol Nation to enjoy and ogle at. Small tits, a somewhat round little ass, and boatloads of personality and sex appeal. Sounds just like a recipe for a good patrol video if I ever saw one.

Sometimes, Filipinas can be all-show and no go once the cock comes out. But not Akira here. This natural Pinay beauty enjoys sex and is not afraid to show it. Aiming to please and returning the guys oral favors, the girl attacks the King’s pole with ferociously deep head thrusts. I enjoy it when we find a good Filipina cocksucker on here. Sometimes I find it hard to focus on posting the update I am too busy, uh, reviewing the video. (hides cum-wipe tissues in trash)

This natural Pinay cutie was only talented in gobbling cock though. Oh no, her neatly trimmed little cunt was quite accommodating and lively as well! Akira’s tiny frame took KB’s jumbo-sized ramrod with a surprising amount of ease and seemed to sincerely enjoy each and every hard thrust. After what felt just like a marathon of hardcore banging in a multiple of positions, the King ultimately boiled over and blasted the guys monstrous spurts of semen all over Akira’s lovely ass. All in a good patrol’s workload, I say!

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Filipina Teen filmed in sex video once again by pussy-hounding foreigner

It is Mr. X back in the Philippines looking for another Filipina teen once again. This fortunate bastard is based in a Southeast Asian country not that far away, providing ample opportunity to moonlight as a Trike Patrolman in the Philippines each and every chance the dude gets. Most of us schmucks need to schlep our sorry asses halfway around the World to get here, requiring months of planning and weeks of vacation time from our real lives.

But some just like Mr. X are fortunate enough to have found the flawless life-balance of work & play. After the guys disgustingly short flight back into Manila, the dude texts a few of the guys past pieces of easy Pinay teen ass. It is just like a game, you see. Whichever Filipina teen replies first wins the ding-dong.

Lucky for the hunk and us, the scrumptiously tiny teenager Elaine was quickest on her phone and was at Mr. X’s hotel before the guys plane’s engine fully cooled. You may remember her from such Trike Patrol episodes as Student Body Totty, where her motivated youthful coed mouth and tight tiny little cunt led to a big smattering of man-creme sopping down her back and slit. And what is more, the girl did it all with a smile!

This meeting was no alternate other than the girl had perhaps a bit more skill with a cock in her hands, and maybe a few more miles on her still-snug snapper. The resulting finish is what makes guys for the 4 corners of the globe travel so long & far; the beautiful sight of a lovely smiling Filipina teen with her ass up in the air and your cum drizzled across her back!

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Pinay, 20, accepts ride from stranger; wins creampied pussy by night’s end.

TrikePatrol: Real Filipina Porn videos without the bullshit
Well, well, another patrol, another adorable youthful Filipina creampied pussy. This time it ws at the hands of King Baliw, once scooping up a pretty-faced Pinay by the name of Richelle on a dark lonely back street. A short trike ride later and the dude had her just where the dude wanted her: in a trashy short time motel with dubious looking stains on the bed sheets.

Now you would not take a classy, slightly mature woman with good conversation talents to this kind of place. Oh, no, those are the types you would spend a few more pesos on wining and dining a little bit. But a young, wide-eyed LBFM just like Richelle here, who is not much in the way of talkative, is the ideal example of wham-bam slap piece. Cute, fun to look at and prepared for poking until your cock is content. Very low maintenance you could say. Running water, TV and a bed for an hour or two are all it takes to make the Richelle’s of the Islands happy to receive a creampied pussy. Oh, that and a free trike ride of course!

What Richelle lacks in words, the girl makes up for in willingness. This youthful lass was prepared for action before the room has cool. That is just how we just like them here! This girl had her excited dick-beaters wrapped around KB’s pole just a few moments of shedding her PJs and getting an oral priming from him. This girl might still have more to learn in the blowjob department, but the girl is only 20 once all. This girl has many more miles of cock ahead of her to flawless that craft on. Thankfully for KB (and us), it does not take much skill on the girl’s part to permit for a creampied pussy.

KB stuffed the guys hefty cock into her moist, nicely shaven little hole and then proceeded to pummel it with lust-filled abandon. Richelle climbed atop and put in an admirable cowgirl performance; honestly getting into a bouncing on rhythm towards the end. And what an end it was. After switching things up and banging away at her little twat in missionary some more, KB pulled out only half-way as the dude exploded her innards with DNA-infused cream bursts.

The resulting visual was a slimy, drippy one, as you might artfully expect. A creampied cunt artfully done, boy!

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RAW FOOTAGE: Brown-skinned single mother from Manila, 20, indulges in video-taped vaginal (mis)adventure just months after pregnancy

Back in the sidecar this week, with another fantastic Philippines experience documented for you on camera. It’s KB again, scooping up a typical, but delightful, LBFM with a nice dark complexion and a beaming smile. Meet Dolly, a 20 year old single mom (aren’t they all?), who has a great personality and fiery sex appeal. After a short bio, the King jumps in bed with her for the real fun to start.

I do not know about you, but I enjoy these rich, brown-skinned gals. That dark flesh just exudes sexiness and the way the pink of their pussies contrast with it just puts us over the edge. Dolly here, absolutely had that and a lot more going for her. You can tell right away this is a Pinay who relishes in her sex. Not a shy timid one.

She is a moaner too, as you’ll notice when KB starts eating her puki. This girl licks a good cock too, and when the dude ultimately has within that perfectly bald brown pussy of hers, we view her real horniness come out. This girls body is excellent as well, and that’s saying something for a girl who just plopped out a kid a few months ago. Dolly’s best feature, by far, is her beautiful thickish brown ass. Really one that pleads to be slapped and banged from behind. KB does just that in this video, and then some, before the dude pulls out and delivers monstrous load all over the aforementioned phenomenal rear end.

Good shooting! Good Patrol!

Trike Patrol

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“I’m very open sexually” claims 23 yr old Los Angeles based Pinay after meeting in park; receives blinding facial less than 1 hour later

Ok, first of all, let us say this up front: This will probably be the only adult gallery this year that is not actually filmed in the Philippines. We tried a few Filipina-Americans in past years, and has mixed responses from you guys, but since some did seem to enjoy them, we resolved to attempt another. Believe us when I tell you this, we were extremely picky this time. We wanted to be absolutely sure we could found a true, 100% Pinay, not some strange variation of questionable mix thereof.

Well guys, I am happy to say we has exactly what we were searching for. Meet Maya, a 23 yr old from Pampanga who moved to the US when the girl was ten. This girl has a terrific bubbly personality and when our Stateside patrolman Carson happened upon here in an LA park one afternoon, we knew we were in luck.

None too shy, Maya was super-friendly and easy-going, as most Filipinas are, and was more than happy to go with Carson to the guys apartment nearby for an “interview” about what it is just like being a Pinay in the US of A.

During her talk, the girl divulged quite a bit about herself, not the least of which being how open sexually the girl considers herself. Woah nelly, that was honestly all that needed to be said for our American-based poonhound. Within minutes of her disclosure, the dude had Maya undressing piece by piece for the camera.

She has down on the couch and rubbed her beautifully shaven cunt for us, without a hint of trepidation or hesitancy. I think being raised in the US has something to do with that. Despite what Maya said earlier, it’s our experience than your average Filipina in the Philippines is extremely timid and prudish when it comes to their sexuality and the exhibition thereof.

But not this girl. Oh no. This girl was all about showing off, if each and every possible way. After the cunt show, the girl wanted some cunt-licking done unto her, and our boy hastily obliged. Then the girl returned the favor by gobbling a mean cock with fearsome tenacity and vigor, total with eye-contact and slurpy noises for added boner-inducing effect.

Then the girl what so many of her countrywomen before her have done on this site: spread her thighs and prepared to be penetrated. And penetrate Carson did, time and time again, as Maya moaned with unabashed horniness and pleasure. The view in doggy was the best for this writer. This American food fed Pinay boasted a wondrously round and bubbly butt, just flawless for slapping and spanking as it slaps back up against your pelvis from behind. Beautifully shaped and proportioned ass on this one.

More great rump-rapping ensued as the girl climbed aboard that pale pony and rode deep into the afternoon in heroic fashion. This girl honestly knew how to gyrate those nice wide hips of hers and bounce that ass off a guy’s thighs in cowgirl.

But what’s a good patrol and lay without a worthy finish? Oh, the finish. This girl sucked Carson’s peg-pole with even more ferocity than before and had the hunk spurting cum in what seemed just like mere seconds. A gushing blast so uncontrollable that it plastered her whole face and eye-lids, even once they agreed not to let it hit her eyes just minutes earlier. Now that was an ending!

Back to the PI next time, but hope you enjoyed this little diversion Westward!

Trike Patrol

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Familiar Filipina picked up roadside once again; gives eye-popping display of oral & anal debauchery!

Ok guys, hold onto your boners for this one. It is as wild and scandalous as it gets around here.

Remember Sasha? The “Skilled Sausage Swallower” KB brought us a year or so ago? I am sure you do because the girl was one of the best cock-suckers ever to grace the pages of Trike Patrol. This was a honestly talented, well-practiced blowjobber who was not shy about that fact in the least bit.

Her wet warm throat seemed almost endless in its depth and elasticity, getting down ALL of The King’s girth with very little straining. I read in a Great Book once that “the mouth of a woman is a deep pit.” Those wise words are no more true than for Sasha here. It is quite an eye-popping thing to behold when this vixen gets to work on a penis.

If you look at that past update, you can view how popular the girl was by all the comments asking us to bring her back. (Just so you know, we read those comments and take them to heart.)

So we told KB be to keep an eye out for her and, as luck would have it, the dude found her on the side of the street one evening on the guys most recent PI visit. We were ecstatic when we heard this, and once seeing what the girl does in her second video here, we have no doubt you will be too.

I personally think Sasha looks even hotter this time around, with a new hair-style and a certain increased sexiness that only comes with natural maturity. But her improved looks are not the only thing that makes this video blow her debut out of the water. This vivacious, lustful 22 yr old doubles down on her previous level of lewdness and raunch. Oh, of course the girl still understands how to chug down a cock with beautiful artistry and salivating pizazz, but that is only half of it.

After some digital and oral priming from the King, I dare say the girl bangs much better in this edition. This girl takes & grinds the cock artfully from all positions, with clear pleasure & unhinged carnality. But the real proof of her added bawdiness is, well, in the pudding. ASS pudding that is! Oh yes boys, Sasha takes KB’s long hard one up the poop-chute, and does not think twice about. I must say, this has to be the most incredible anal adult gallery ever recorded here.

Unlike Thailand and other parts, finding Pinay’s who will anal fuck is quite challenging. That is why we have so few anal blasts in our inventory. But leave it The King to improve that with a sensational example of Filipina fudge-packing at it’s best! The guy honestly ravaged that tight brown asshole of hers and one has to wonder if Sasha’s walk will ever be the same.

But did the dude stop there? Oh no, not The King. The guy did what any true Trike Patrolman worth the guys salt should do when finding himself enjoying the rare gripping depths of an LBFM’s anus. What is that you ask?


Holy shit is that FILTHY! What til you view the brown-tinged white goo oozing out of Sasha’s throbbing butt-hole as the girl is left gasping for air from the plundering the girl just received. This is a top-3 adult gallery of all time, for me.

Enjoy this one guys, it’s an instant classic! You will probably laugh, cry and wince your way through it before nearly jizzing all over your keyboard just like I did.

Trike Patrol

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Sheena: Street Meet & Skeet

Let us tell you this: when you are a gwapo (handsome) foreigner in the Philippines w/ a sizable cock that stays hard, word gets around. With the ever-present population of old flaccid white penises here, these vivacious youthful LBFMs honestly enjoy a hard member that can put a smile on their face – if not a limp in their walk.

King Baliw understands exactly what I am talking about. As you will notice on the guys recent Saturday evening on the town, several familiar faces jumped out at the hunk in the neon-lit Manila nightlife. It was none other than Dolly and Sora, from a few bangs ago, but they had a adorable braces-wearing friend named Sheena with them also.

They undoubtedly whispered into her ear about the weaponry KB was packing, and this 19 year old cutie friend of theirs was none too hesitant about hopping in a trike with him.

Once back at the guys hotel the camera resumed recording and what it saw was an excited youthful Filipina who chugged down cock just like a grizzled vet. It also captured how deliciously bald smooth puki, which The King spread nice & wide for us before stuffing.

And stuff the dude did, from just about each and every position imaginable. The only thing more impressive among the girls than the guys thick cock, was the guys legendary loads. When KB finishes, it is just like a spurting hot white geyser eruption, and the dude did not disappoint when it was time to douse the well-fucked Sheena in the guys famous end-product as well!

Trike Patrol

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