The New Heaven – part 5

The New Heaven part 5 adult gallery Giantess Club
As son watches the football players clash, a person catches the guys eye. It is the guys roommate’s mother, how could the girl not catch the guys eye? This girl is a good 10 foot taller than anyone else in the stadium.

The son arrives at the university football game. As the dude was getting comfortable with the giantess world, the dude could not help but admire the lovely 7 foot tall women all around him. Soon, the dude was checking out the cheerleaders when suddenly the guys sister appeared. This guys sister had grown even bigger than the guys mom! Shaking off the shock, the dude went to go enjoy the game. As son watches the football players clash, a person catches the guys eye. It is the guys roommate’s mother, how could the girl not catch the guys eye? This girl is a good 10 foot taller than anyone else in the stadium. The mom gestures for the hunk to follow her. Not wasting a moment, the dude hastily gets up. The mom took the hunk to an old stadium. It was a very special place where the girl used to cheer. The carnal tension in the air was palpable and it was only a matter of time before the dude gets the banging of the guys life.

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Dragons Balls

Dragons Balls full series adult gallery Giantess Club
A bitchy princess with inflated self-worth goes too far in her pranking and meanness, incurring her servant and family’s rage. Out now!

Within the hidden, mystical city of Beilong Wang sequestered high in the mountains of ancient China. Here lives a beautiful princess beloved by all within the land. A princess with a bad attitude. Ren Beilong, crowned imperial successor to the throne and chosen designate by Beilong’s guardian entity Lao Shen Ra the ever protectorate, harbors a fair and alluring disposition on the outside but caries a burrowing thorn studded vine around her heart on the inside. Vain, malicious, self-centered and conniving; the girl spends most of her days of lavish lifestyle tormenting all within the kingdom, be they familial servant or blood relative, for cruel sport. One day the girl goes to far with her put downs when insulting her most faithful butler’s faith in the guardian; who plots humorous and hot vengeance with her younger brother against the haughty royal.

The Dragons Balls is a charming toon tale of sameness, change and breaking of the cycle’s that bind and shackle us. A mean spirited princess whose biting nature chips away to expose a vulnerable lonesome side, a doting and kindly peasant boy who violently unravels into a nesting-doll of each and every shade of rage when the guys most cherished beliefs are cruelly stepped on by the woman the dude loves, a doting but mischievous scamp in a hurry to grow up as looking out for the hunk and the guys own. All of whom sharing, in their own way, a enjoy for the city which they call home. Eventually coming to realize despite all differences they work better together without personal baggage in the way and when they have a common goal.

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Mother Earth

Mother Earth full series adult gallery Giantess Club
Our first new story of the month! check it out!

The toon story starts with Ronnie and Chris sneaking into a factory that constantly pumps pollutants in the air. Ronnie and Chris soon find their selves a private place so that they can start their mission. Not wasting a moment, Chris uses the Sequoia on Ronnie. Ronnie promptly starts to grow. The two also have sex to make the seeds effects spread through her growing body faster, and for their own pleasure of course. Now a decent size, Ronnie could lay waste to the factory, but today the girl wanted to attempt something different. Ronnie orders Chris to give her another Sequoia that will cause her to grow to a city destroying size. Chris remembers what happened last time the girl tried two seeds, but decides to not dare challenge the giantesses wishes.

Mother Earth is a toon story by Bob Saget that puts a new spin on the giantess MILF toon theme. Instead of being a simple mother, the girl is the leader of an eco-terrorist group that wishes nature to take back the planet using mass giantess destruction. Mother Earth uses a special seed to trigger growth in her female followers. The seed is named once the tallest tree and is called “Sequoia.” However, the seed is volatile and is not a quick fix to achieve Mother Earth’s dream. The story will explore breaking through the seeds issues and other problems, such as Mother’s own son, that stop the Eco-terrorist’s mission from becoming a reality. Mother Earth also includes the staple growth, sex, carnal situations, breast expansion that Bob Saget is known for. Readers are likely to enjoy this toon story.

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Incognito: Agent GTS – part 8

Incognito: Agent GTS part 8 adult gallery Giantess Club
It’s the last chapter of the series. Out now!

Out at sea, a hidden foe stirs as the girl surveys the city off shore. This mysterious woman will soon be not so hidden. Using a concentrated serum, the unknown woman quickly ascends to goddess just like heights. Meanwhile back at the shipyard, Andrea is overpowering Sylvia in a battle of giantesses. Fox did the guys part wonderfully to make Andrea grow to a titanic size. Andrea pins Sylvia to the ground. Curiously, the defeated giantess starts laughing in the face of defeat. Before Andrea could even process the situation, the ground starts to shake as something honestly gigantic approaches. Andrea gazes up in horror at a goddess that severely dwarfs her in size. The coming battle will force Andrea to use her stealth in a strange turn of events to defeat a foe much greater than her. The outcome of this conflict will determine Andrea’s fate.

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Where Dreams Come True – part 4

Where Dreams Come True part 4 adult gallery Giantess Club
After a few weeks, issue #4 is here now!

Fiona has forever been the one overlooked in a crowd, the girl who not once topped five feet and often is mistaken for a person younger. While on the outside the girl remains sweet and calm, not once letting bullies get to her, nor letting frustrations bring her down, on the within the girl has constant daydreams of putting people in their place, of literally rising up no matter the occasion and unleashing hell on those who cause her even the slightest suffering or annoyance. Fee-Fi-ona is her name for the alternate her, the her that is overly confident, unafraid to speak her mind, and capable of handling any situation merely by sizing herself up to the task. In her dreams the girl is powerful and tall, whether merely six feet or as tall as mountains, Fiona understands that not a thing is impossible in dreams. Long ago her grandma told her that dreams can come true and when the girl gets the invitation to go along with her parents to a third rate imitation of a popular theme park, the girl might just end up finding out how right grandma was. What starts as fantasy, pure mini-adventures in Fiona’s head, escalates into a struggle in between what is real and what isn’t, all this beginning once an accident aboard an appropriately named ride. Will Fiona find all her dreams coming true or will her dreams become nightmares?

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The New Heaven – part 4

The New Heaven part 4 adult gallery Giantess Club
While getting sex, the sister starts to grow. Out now!

Some days have passed. One evening the sister is walking along the city streets at evening with her boyfriend. The sister expresses her excitement for her boyfriends game and offers some pre-game sex to make the hunk play at the guys best. While getting sex, the sister starts to grow. The boyfriend is soon stunned at how giant and beautiful the guys girlfriend has become. Now closer than they ever have been, the two finish each other off with mutual orgasms that will cement their relationship forever. Meanwhile, her brother is not getting such good time. The guy has had many sleepless nights and is wondering the city streets to attempt and makes sense of this new giantess world. Suddenly the dude is plunged in the soft blackness of a woman’s chest. It turns out that the guys assailant is the guys roommate’s mom. The mom requests the hunk if the dude is going to the game. Much to her joy the son says the dude is going. The mom then walks off, leaving the hunk excited for the first time in awhile.

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Greyman Comics – part 4

Greyman Comics part 4 adult gallery Giantess Club
More giant madness! issue #4 out now!

Quartz City is a city of modern steel and glass, and just like any such modern city, Quartz City has a superhero, a protector who keeps citizens safe, secure… and as of lately small. A new self-proclaimed super-villain is making news. This girl goes by Gumball, and as the girl is tiny and seductive in appearance, her goals are big. Gumball has very big plans for Quartz City and those plans involve a nefarious series of attacks using chemically altered gumballs to create pure chaos. Greyman is the hero of Quartz City, the guys catch phrase that Justice is not black or white, it’s Grey. This time though, Greyman just might have met the guys match as Gumball stays one step ahead of the hunk at each and every turn, and usually those turns are met with tremendous growth and chaotic expansion. Buildings will fall and citizens will rise up, quite literally, as Gumball sets out to show that it isn’t the size of the super-villain, it’s the size of their chaos.

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Mischief, Mayhem, Growth – Full Series

Mischief, Mayhem, Growth full series adult gallery Giantess Club
This new story is BIG! nipple growth, cock growth, legs, height, BE. Do not miss it!

When the strain of work and relationships reaches a boiling point, Tanya finds herself swept into the growing arms of a mysterious and mischievous youthful woman. The beginning of project sex-mayhem is upon us. Tanya and CeCe become the unsuspecting – maybe – orchestrator of a growth trend towards an underground sex club seeking freedom through carnal experimentation. The fun is just getting started!

Mischief, Mayhem, Growth contains a healthy mix of breast expansion, mini-giantess growth with a dash of muscle and cock growth. Lesbian sex adult gallery and threesomes included.

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G-Woman: The Femme Alliance – part 2

G-Woman: The Femme Alliance part 2 adult gallery Giantess Club
G-Woman knew Siryn and is captured by Jessica and the Femme Alliance. Out now!

G woman believes that Thunder is a woman beater and that the dude is punishing Wings. Since the girl sees her leave naked, crying and beaten from a room where Thunder was. But then the dude learns that Wings and Thunder are sex partners and that it was all a misunderstanding. Gail is assigned a mission in the Ocean, there the girl meets Siryn, a siren member of the Omega Team. But both are attacked by Jessica and the Femme Alliance. Gail is defeated, reduced in size and abducted.

When G-Woman sees leave a room to Wings, naked, crying and beaten. The guy thinks Thunder is a woman beater. Then the dude attacks him. But the truth seems to be very alternate and they will know each other in a new way. How would Apache take this?Do not miss the first mission of G-Woman, where we meet a new beautiful member of the Omega Team. But watch out for Jessica and the Femme Alliance who attack in the middle of the mission and wish to subdue Gail. What do they wish to do with G-Woman? Can Gail and the new member overcome them? Do not miss this new chapter of Codename: G-Woman

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Life Mutated – Full Series

Life Mutated full series adult gallery Giantess Club
Max discovers an experimental lab of marine animals. After coming face to face with a squid the girl is transformed forever.

Max, a high school senior, is a little lost in life, so her mom drags her with her to work one day. This girl quickly grows bored however and wanders off, exploring the building. As the girl thinks about her life and all the pressure the girl is currently under, the girl discovers a heavily secured door that hs been left somewhat open. This girl ventures further into the restricted lab and finds herself surrounded by various tanks, each one housing a alternate mutated sea creature. She’s amazed by what the girl sees and eventually comes across a beautiful squid-looking animal. The squid surprisingly sprays her in the face with its ink, and before Max has time to even react the girl starts to mutate and transform. At first it is a painful experience, Max growing taller and more muscular, ripping aggressively out of her clothing, but eventually things turn more pleasurable and erotic for her. In the end, the girl is left a hulking blue sex goddess with hyper proportions, furiously pleasuring herself before being awkwardly rediscovered by her mom as in the midst of orgasm.

Max is a senior in high school who has not quite figured out her future yet. In an attempt to help her daughter, Max’s mother, an experimental bio-engineer, decides to take action and drag Betty to work with her one Sunday morning. Max has forever had a reputation for being difficult, not getting the most fantastic relationship with her mom over the years, and things prove no differently as Max only exasperates things and eventually wanders off in a stubborn sulk. This girl wanders the hallways of the facility and stumbled upon a strange lab, accidentally left open, full of mutated sea life within aquariums. This girls curiosity gets the better of her and the girl explores the lab further, coming across a beautiful squid-looking animal. The squid does not take kindly to her though and surprisingly sprays her with its ink! Disgusted, Max attempts to wipe the ink off of her and quickly learns just what effects it has on her. Before her very eyes, max starts to mutate and transform, growing taller and more well-muscled with each passing second. This girl becomes outright strange, her skin turning blue and her hair into a writhing mass of tentacles. This girl becomes lost in its lustful euphoric effects and grows increasingly lost in the experience of it all, changing forever. To say the least, it is certainly a new turning point for Max.

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