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Blonde Cayla is out for seduction as the girl struts out of the bedroom in a bra and g string that highlight her each and every sultry curve. Lutro does not stand a chance with the guys lover so bent on getting the hunk to bed, so with an ass squeezing kiss the dude gives in to her womanly charms.

Taking things to the bedroom, Cayla presses Lutro onto the bed and then works her way down the guys body until the girl can jerk the guys cock out of the guys pants. Once the girl has revealed her prize, Cayla drops a kiss on the head of Lutro’s cock and then goes to work with her puffy lip mouth. Sucking and stroking, the girl brings the hunk to ultimate hardness in no time at all as enjoying herself the whole time.

Lutro is not about to let Cayla have all the oral fun, so as soon as the dude has the chance the dude buries the guys face in her soft landing undress twat. A few licks are all Cayla requires to be sopping wet with cunt nectar and prepared for more, and Lutro understands how to read all of her cues. Rising up onto the guys knees, the dude drives into Cayla’s lubricious pussy from behind so that the guys cock pounds all the right spots. Soon Cayla is mewling her pleasure as Lutro delivers a fast and furious cunt pounding.

Falling to her side, Cayla relishes in some spooning sex, but this needy coed understands that the girl wishes to finish her lovemaking from a position of power. This girl climbs atop of Lutro to position herself in reverse cowgirl, and then goes to town bouncing on her personal steed as Lutro relishes in the show of seeing the guys girl’s ass jiggle from the force of her strokes.

As soon as her whole world explodes with pleasure, Cayla gets to work returning the favor for Lutro. Getting back on her hands and knees, the girl works the guys cock with her warm wet mouth and soft hands until the dude cannot hold back another moment. Finally giving in to the guys climax, the dude blasts the guys load so that Cayla can play with the evidence of the guys love.

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Lovers Caress added to NubileFilms

Paula sits quietly, naked and horny, as the girl contemplates her lover Dan. After getting a few moments to prepare herself, the girl climbs atop of Dan to rub her tits up the guys back in a hot massage that gets the hunk hard almost instantly. When Dan spins over so that the dude can exchange enjoying kisses with the guys girlfriend as the girl continues to work her big tits all over the guys body, Paula cannot hold back her smile of anticipation.

Moving slowly, Paula works her way down Dan’s body until the girl reaches the guys rock hard stiffie. This girl teases the hunk with her boobs for a few moments, and then gets her hands, tongue, and lips in on the action. Sucking and stroking, the girl does any single thing the girl can to make Dan’s day. Only once the girl has thoroughly explored each and every inch of Dan’s member does Paula take things a step further by straddling the hunk and sliding down until the girl is fully impaled by the guys fuck stick.

Taking a few shallow pumps to get her landing undress twat used to the penetration, Paula gradually works her hips into a faster rhythm. This girls position gives Dan the flawless view up her body so that the dude can admire the guys girlfriend’s flat belly and bouncing big tits as they jiggle above him. This girl keeps up her seductive cock ride until her whole body convulses in pleasure, leaving her nearly boneless with carnal satisfaction and prepared to hand control over to Dan.

Helping Paula onto her hands and knees, Dan slides into her from behind. This guys long cock is just what Paula’s greedy puss craves, and the harder the dude pumps the louder the girl moans. Even once the girl falls to her belly on the bed as Dan continues to work the guys magic on her snatch, Paula cannot contain her gasps of sheer ecstasy.

When the girl understands that Dan is getting close, the girl grabs the guys wrist to keep the hunk anchored deep within of her for those last few desperate moments of cunt pounding. This girls pleasure becomes Dan’s as the dude brings her off one last time. With the glove of Paula’s twat throbbing around him, the dude pulls out just in time to cover her bottom with the hot sticky evidence of the guys love.

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Deeper added to NubileFilms

Here is not a thing subtle about Murgur and Rebecca Volpetti’s passion for each other. The hot passionate couple makes out with their clothes on for a bit, compounding their desire. Things reach a fever pitch when Murgur starts finger banging Rebecca underneath her g string as simultaneously lifting her dress so that the dude can lick hard at her tit.

Dropping to a squat, Rebecca whips out Murgur’s cock and dives in. This cock hungry little vixen will not stop gobbling once the girl starts. This girls mouth works in overdrive as the girl does whatever it takes for Murgur’s pleasure.

As much as the dude wishes to blast off in Rebecca’s mouth, Murgur understands there is still work to be done. The guy pulls Rebecca’s g string to the side and applies himself to the guys lover’s pleasure. This guys tongue and fingers work together, driving Rebecca to ever higher excitement. Only when the girl is panting her pleasure does Murgur rise up and slide home into her greedy snatch.

Long pumps are just what both sex partners crave, and Murgur is happy to deliver. When they need something faster and harder, Murgur helps Rebecca onto her hands and knees so that the dude can slide the guys tongue along her tight ass and then drive the guys cock home. Rebecca’s gasp of joy is music to Murgur’s ears as the dude stuffs and bangs her.

Dropping to her knees once again, Rebecca works her mouth and hands in overtime. This girls effort is rewarded eventually as Murgur reaches the limit of the guys endurance. Exploding in Rebecca’s hands, the dude gives her a semen facial that drips in hot rivulets down to her boobs as the girl licks the hunk dry of each and every last drop of cum. Bringing her hands up to her breasts, Rebecca revels in the feeling of hot sticky yumminess to end their lovemaking.

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No Place Like Home, Wednesday 4/19

Distance can make the heart grow fonder and the passion bubble hotter, as Gia Paige discovers in No Place Like Home, our next upcoming film.

So excited to view her lover that the girl starts without him, Gia is all about getting off in this one. I enjoy her come-hither look and the way the girl beckons her boyfriend closer when the girl is caught. Here is no shame as the girl takes all the pleasure the girl can handle and gives as good as the girl gets with a passionate blowjob and a long cock ride in her creamy fuck hole.

No Place Like Home will be released on Wednesday, April 19. Definitely be sure to enjoy Gia’s latest and hottest hardcore masterpiece.

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