– Sexual Impulses – S28:E15 added to

Nubile Films - Sexual Impulses - S28:E15

Nubile FilmsSexual Impulses – S28:E15

featuring Alex Legend and Emma Hix.

Added On:

Jul 22, 2018


Alex Legend is attempting to resolve some work issues, but the guys girlfriend Emma Hix is getting none of that on her watch. Flinging off her robe so she’s clad in just her bra and panties, Emma presses her slender tiny body against her boyfriend’s. Alex is quick to let the guys work life fall aside as the dude lifts Emma to the table and relieves her of her bra. Kissing the guys way down her body, the dude pulls her underwear aside to sample the slippery joy of her completely completely naked twat.

Letting her head fall back as her long blonde hair catches underneath her, Emma lets Alex have the guys way with her greedy snatch. This guys fingers and tongue are practiced at finding all of her most tender spots, and the dude is a generous lover who won’t skimp on her pleasure. As the first of what promises to be many climaxes rolls through her, Emma savors the sensation before moving on to the next step in their lovemaking.

Hopping off the table, Emma kisses Alex to enjoy the flavor of her essence on the guys lips. Then the girl sinks to her knees, freeing Alex’s erection along the way to grasp in one hand as the girl laps away at the length with her tongue. This girls mouth opens wide to accommodate as much of Alex’s big cock as the girl can so the girl can lick and lick the hunk to rock hardness.

Wrapping the guys hands around Emma’s waist, Alex lifts the guys tiny lover in the air and positions her just where the dude wishes her on the couch. Then the dude comes up behind her to sink the guys cock testicles deep into her tight fuck hole. Emma is an excited participant, rocking back to meet each and every one of Alex’s pumps as they go at it in a doggy style coupling. Reaching down past her tiny breasts, Emma rubs her tender clitoris until the sensation overwhelms her to bring on another climax.

Emma’s bucking hips are Alex’s cue to drop down and fondle her ass with the guys tongue as her body bucks. Then the dude spins her over so the dude can go back to work banging her completely completely naked cunt as Emma watches the hunk work. This girls hands creep to her tiny boobs so the girl can tweak and tease her hard little nipples. Jealous, Alex spoons behind Emma so the guys hands can explore her body as the guys hips continue to move for both their pleasure.

Climbing into Alex’s lap until she’s fully seated on the guys fuck stick, Emma takes a few slow pumps before moving on to a harder, faster pace. This girls hips are made for fucking, and the girl uses them to her best advantage. Meanwhile, Alex indulges himself by playing the guys big hands over Emma’s heart-shaped ass as the girl works herself to her final climax of the day.

Kneeling beside Alex, Emma wraps her sweet lips around the guys fuck stick and starts gobbling once again. Once the girl has licked the hunk clean of her essence, the girl starts jerking with the intention of bringing the hunk off. The guy ultimately gives in to Emma’s gentle demands, exploding all over her mouth and face to leave her gladly drenched in cum.

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Nubile Films - Wake Up Sex - S28:E14

Nubile FilmsWake Up Sex – S28:E14

featuring Alex Blake and Kyle Mason.

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Jul 19, 2018


Alex Blake is sleeping peacefully as Kyle Mason gets prepared for work. He’s just beginning to fasten the guys tie and do up the guys buttons when Alex stirs and catches an eyeful of her boyfriend in a state of luscious dishevelment. Crawling to the foot of the bed, the girl locks lips with Kyle to undo the guys tie and use the silky material to jerk the hunk down with her.

Once she’s satisfied Kyle is where the girl wishes the hunk on the bed, Alex gets back on her knees so the girl can tease her boyfriend with the promise of her tiny tits as the girl slowly works her shirt off. Then the girl leans forward once again to spring Kyle’s flesh pop free of the guys shorts. Opening her mouth, the girl slurps the tip before leaning in for a deeper mouth fucking. This girls blowjob is sweet and slow, culminating in a deep throat delight.

Pressing Alex back so the dude can kiss the musk of the guys arousal off her lips, Kyle takes the opportunity to slide a hand in between her thighs. Alex’s panties are a rough caress underneath the guys fingers until the dude removes them for her. When the fabric is gone, Kyle is quick to lean forward and lick up a sample of Alex’s cunt juices before diving in for a deeper taste. This guys feast is unhurried as the dude takes the guys time probing each and every fold with the guys tongue and focusing on Alex’s clit.

Keeping her thighs parted as Alex adjusts the guys position to push the guys cock home, Alex rubs her own clitoris to keep the party going. Then Alex is there, shoving within her to fill and stretch her tight twat to its max. Arranging one of Alex’s ankles so that it rests on the guys shoulder to open her pussy up for him, Kyle shows her just how artfully the dude can handle the motion of the ocean.

Alex wishes to change up the angle of penetration, so the girl rolls onto her knees and guides Kyle back within with her groans of delight. The guy pounds all the right spots on the guys way in, bumping her g-spot and milking gasps of joy from her mouth with each stroke. The doggy style cunt banging gets even hotter as Kyle reaches out to wind the guys hand in Alex’s hair, anchoring the hunk in place as the guys hips keep doing the work.

Keen on getting control of the coupling, Alex gets Kyle to lay down on the guys back so the girl can straddle the hunk from above as sliding down on the guys fuck stick. This girls hips are in instant motion as the girl finds her rhythm and then sticks with it. Leaning forward as the girl keeps grinding, Alex indulges in deep kisses with her enjoy as her body explodes in orgasmic bliss.

As her cunt pulses, Alex turns around to ride Alex’s fuck rod with true abandon in reverse cowgirl style. Kyle relishes in the show as Alex gets herself off once again, but the dude isn’t quite at the pinnacle himself. Alex is happy to be patient, cuddling beside her boyfriend and giving the guys cock the attention it requires as the girl licks and pumps the hunk until the girl coaxes a facial cumshot from the guys hardon.

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Nubile Films - Intense Lesbian Orgasm - S28:E13

Nubile FilmsIntense Lesbian Orgasm – S28:E13

featuring Aislin and Ani Blackfox.

Added On:

Jul 16, 2018


Aislin poses in a sheer bra and panties as her girlfriend Ani Blackfox snaps pictures of her. Pulling her medium tits from her bra, Aislin teases Ani until the brunette puts her camera down and accompanies her girlfriend on the couch. Soon the girls have locked lips as their hands do all the talking in a passionate exploration of one another’s bodies.

As soon as Aislin has freed herself from her bra, the blonde reclines on the couch with her thighs spread. Ani leans forward with her tongue out for a flavor of Aislin’s musk. Liking what the girl feels, Ani alternates in between opening her girlfriend’s juices with her talented fingers and lapping at them with her mystical mouth. This girls slow and steady movements soon get Aislin’s hips bucking as blissful joy suffuses her body.

Licking her own essence from her girlfriend’s lips with a lingering kiss, Aislin lays down on the couch. The position permits Ani to settle with her cunt hovering over Aislin’s face in flawless licking position. Riding her girlfriend’s mouth and tongue with sinuous movements of her hips, Ani doubles down on her joy by squeezing her hard nipples and running her hands through her hair as the growing promise of an climax leaves her trembling.

Now that her body has had time to come back from its first incredible orgasm, Aislin is primed and prepared for round two. Getting on her hands and knees, the girl shimmies her ass as her full tits sway underneath her. When Ani shoves two fingers deep into her tight sheath, Aislin can’t bite back her moan of approval. This girls gasps and cries grow louder to reach an orgasmic crescendo when the blonde positions herself on the back of the couch to be brought off by Ani’s soft tongue.

Finally sated, the two sex partners lock eyes and then lips before switching spots so that Ani can pose for Aislin.

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Nubile Films - Simply Divine - S28:E12

Nubile FilmsSimply Divine – S28:E12

featuring Anie Darling and Nick Ross.

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Jul 13, 2018


Stunning in a miniskirt dress and high heels, Anie Darling reveals her sheer sensuality as the girl starts feeling herself up as reading a romance novel. This girls hand creeps underneath her short skirt to stroke her twat over her panties. When Nick Ross spies the guys girlfriend masturbating through the window, the dude takes the opportunity to sneak in and surprise her in the act. Taking a seat on the couch, Nick captures Anie’s lips with the guys own as the dude lets her know with the guys big hand sliding into her panties that he’s happy to take care of her rather than letting her fly solo.

The tiny coed is excited to take her boyfriend up on the guys unspoken offer, lifting her hips into the guys touch as the dude pumps her with slow but taut movements. This girls breath catches, coming faster as Nick settles into a hot rhythm. As her first climax crashes over her, Anie responds by climbing onto her hands and knees to jerk Nick’s erection from the guys pants so the girl can start gobbling and building the hunk up to a pleasure that rivals the one the girl just experienced. As Anie works her mouth, Nick uses the guys talented hands to relieve her of her clothes and to fondle her pussy to keep her nice and wet for him.

Pulling Anie forward until the girl hovers above the hunk with one leg on either side of the guys hips, Nick gently exerts pressure to push her down. Anie is happy to hold Nick’s cock in place as the girl impales herself. Giving a few experimental rocks of her hips, the girl soon settles into a mutually pleasurable rhythm that has her tiny boobs bouncing in Nick’s face.

Turning around to get a cunt pleasuring angle of penetration, Anie continues her cock ride with faster, harder strokes. Nick’s hands on her hips are all the guidance the girl requires as the girl works her enjoy and herself towards the ever-enticing pinnacle of delight. As soon as the girl feels her twat buzzing with the force of another climax, Anie climbs off and gets on her hands and knees to let Nick call the shots for a tiny bit as the dude bangs her doggy style from behind.

Rolling onto her back with one leg held out of the way by its position on the couch, Anie hums her joy as Nick leans in to bury the guys face in the musky joy of her twat. This guys tongue is delightfully talented, but Anie doesn’t wish her final climax to be courtesy of Nick’s mouth! Instead, the girl pulls the hunk up so the dude can slide into her and fuck her to a blissful release. Nick follows her over, burying himself to the hilt as the dude stuffs Anie with a creampie of semen.

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Nubile Films - This girls Love - S28:E11

Nubile FilmsHer Love – S28:E11

featuring Adria Rae and Sofi Ryan.

Added On:

Jul 10, 2018


Stunning Adria Rae is lounging on the couch with a glass of wine when her girlfriend Sofi Ryan comes in from a long day of work. Pouring Sofi a glass of wine, Adria lets her enjoy know that the girl has an even better way to help her relax. The redhead makes sure the glasses are safe from being knocked over, then trails lingering touches down Sofi’s arms and legs. Leaning in for a kiss that gives her all the permission the girl needs, Adria considers what she’s going to do next with the feminine feast before her.

Pulling Sofi’s shirt up to set her big tits free, Adria leans in to lap at the puffy nipples with her soft tongue until they harden to attention. When the girl is through giving each of Sofi’s boobs the attention they deserve, Adria continues her journey south to settle in between her girlfriend’s thighs. Licking and nipping at each inner thigh, Adria gently spreads Sofi’s thighs until her miniskirt grinds up and her panties are easily visible beneath.

It’s a simple thing for Adria to push Sofi’s underwear aside and run her fingers down her love’s gleaming slit. Moaning as her juices are spread everywhere, Sofi lets one hand creep to her tit as the other winds in Adria’s hair to impulse her face down. Adria is happy to oblige, sliding her tongue into the heart of Sofi’s pleasure before moving up to focus on her clit.

When Sofi gets on her hands and knees, the position offers Adria even better access to her dusky-skinned lover’s body. Peeling Sofi’s underwear off with her teeth is just the beginning as Adria buries her face in between her girlfriend’s ass cheeks and slides her tongue out to tease Sofi’s anus. All the while, Adria’s hands work overtime smoothing over Adria’s ass and thighs and then sliding higher to rub her clit.

Adjusting her position so the girl can kiss her way up Sofi’s back and return to the joy of her bigtit lover’s bosom, Adria keeps one hand planted on Sofi’s snatch. This girls fingers make magic, plumbing Sofi’s fuck hole and stimulating her clit. Adria’s knowing fingers give her girlfriend all the help the girl requires to find a relaxing climax that leaves her ultimately unwound from a hard day of work.

Ready to pursue her own pleasure as the girl helps Sofi build to another orgasm, Adria peels off her clothes. Then the girl settles herself so the girl rests cunt to cunt with Sofi so the girls can press their hips together in a mutually delightful rhythm. That sensation is nice, but what Adria honestly wishes is to resume her feast of Sofi’s snatch. To that end, the girl arranges her own fuck hole over Sofi’s mouth and then leans forward to total a lesbian 69.

Adjusting so that she’s sitting on the arm of the couch, Adria gasps with sheer lust as Sofi takes position in between her parted thighs and started licking. Soft and gentle with her tongue, Sofi explores each and every one of Adria’s folds before honing in on the bundle of nerves that will honestly drive Adria wild.

The girls are both reaching peak satisfaction, but neither of them is willing to give up quite yet. Sofi finds herself wrapped in Adria’s arms as the redhead reaches down with one hand to play her tender titties. The other hand takes a longer journey to tweak Sofi’s clitoris in a move that sends her over the edge almost instantly. Intent on giving as good as the girl has just gotten, Sofi once again goes to work with her magic mouth and talented fingers until Adria spasms with the force of her final climax.

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Nubile Films - Keep Me Coming - S28:E10

Nubile FilmsKeep Me Coming – S28:E10

featuring Cherry Kiss and Lutro.

Added On:

Jul 7, 2018


Blonde cutie Cherry Kiss struts her stuff in a lingerie getup comprised of a bra and thong, along with a set of thigh-high stockings. Kicking off her heels and making herself comfortable on the bed, Cherry feels up her boobs and slides her underwear aside before calling her favorite fuck pal over to help her out. While the girl hesitates for Lutro to arrive, Cherry is excited to jerk her panties into her cunt and rub her clitoris in a solo masturbation session that leaves her body thrumming with excitement.

When Lutro walks in the door and sees Cherry laid out before the hunk just like a gift, he’s quick to accept her invitation to join in. Making sure the guys lover comes first, the dude drops to the guys belly in between her thighs and goes to work with the guys hot mouth. This guys five o’clock shadow scrapes against Cherry’s thighs as the dude works the guys lips and mouth for her pleasure. When Cherry lifts one leg, Lutro takes the unspoken invitation to bury the guys fingers in her twat and press the guys hand to her clit.

As Cherry relishes in the first of what the girl hopes will be many climaxes, the girl busies herself peeling Lutro’s pants off and filling her mouth with the guys big dick. This girl is thorough in her ministrations, deep throating to take as much as the girl can into her mouth and then licking her way down to Lutro’s balls. Then the dude holds the guys fuck stick steady as Cherry slides down onto the guys fuck stick for a cock ride in her cock hungry completely completely naked twat.

Though Cherry could dominate that fuck stick all day, the girl wishes to switch things up. On her hands and knees, the girl shimmies her ass as Lutro positions himself to push deep inside. This guys long pumps are coupled with tugs on Cherry’s arms as the dude moves her to the beat. Leaning forward to cover Cherry’s back with the guys chest, Lutro cups her tits and squeezes her nipples.

Flipping onto her back, Cherry is all smiles as Lutro makes eye contact as sliding home once again. The slide of her stockings is every single thing Lutro craves as the dude flexes the guys hips. Curling up behind Cherry when the girl rolls onto her side, Lutro continues the guys domination of that pussy as they spoon together. That final position leaves Cherry with her head back in ecstasy and her cunt permeated with sweet cream as Lutro stuffs her with a creampie of cum.

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Nubile Films - Nice Rack - S28:E9

Nubile FilmsNice Rack – S28:E9

featuring Adria Rae and Alex D.

Added On:

Jul 4, 2018


A short skirt barely covers Adria Rae’s taut ass as the girl considers her pool shot. Alex D. is expecting an easy win, but the dude can’t believe the guys eyes when Adria sinks shot once shot! When Adria shimmies her ass in front of Alex to line up her next shot, Alex decides to distract her by kissing her ass and the backs of her thighs. When the dude spreads Adria’s cheeks and slides the guys tongue from cunt to anus, Adria abandons the game completely and gives in to the pleasure.

Reaching backwards to jerk Alex close and keep the hunk in just the right spot, Adria winds her fingers in her lover’s hair to coax the hunk to continue. The guy is happy to oblige, urging Adria further forward on the pool table so the dude can fondle her clitoris as continuing to feast on her completely completely naked twat. The juices flow freely into the guys mouth as the dude continues the guys soft and sensual assault on Adria’s creamy fuck hole.

Rising to the guys feet as Adria turns around and wraps her arms around him, Alex accepts the deep kiss the guys lover offers. The guy then dips the guys head to jerk the top of her dress down, indulging himself with deep openmouthed kisses on each of her tiny boobs. As Adria arches backward and moans, Alex samples first one puffy hard nipple and then the other.

Once Alex has relieved her of her dress, Adria is happy to slide down to her knees as getting Alex’s fuck stick in hand. This girls mouth opens wide as the girl lets her boyfriend fuck her face as the girl licks the hunk off in between her puffy lips. When Adria puts her hands back to work to stroke Alex’s hardon, the new leverage gives her just the right angle to go in for some deep throat action.

Getting to her feet once again, Adria resumes her position leaning forward over the pool table. This time when Alex touches her from behind it is the hard head of the guys cock rather than the guys fingers or mouth. Adria can’t hold her moan as Alex stuffs her up and bangs her slow and steady from behind.

The couple takes a brief interlude for Adria to lick Alex back to full attention before Adria plants her hands against the wall as Alex sits on the pool table. The position gives them just the right amount of friction as Adria takes advantage of her position of power to call the shots and set the pace. Alex isn’t about to let Adria have all the fun, so the dude flexes the guys hips to coax ever deeper jabs and winds the guys hands in Adria’s hair to hang on for the hot ride. Eventually the dude gets to the guys feet, leaning in to kiss and nibble Adria’s neck and fondle her tits as the dude gives her the cunt banging the girl craves.

The redhead spinner hops onto the pool table for one final round of fucking. Lifting her leg in the air until it rests on Alex’s shoulder, Adria is all smiles and indulgent sighs as the girl watches Alex take her to the edge of another climax. With a final thrust of the guys hips the dude brings her over the edge, then pulls out a moment later to cover Adria’s twat in a shower of hot cum.

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Nubile Films - Covered In Cum - S28:E5

Nubile FilmsCovered In Cum – S28:E5

featuring Lexi Layo and Max Dior.

Added On:

Jun 22, 2018


It’s a rare snowy day in the American South, and Lexi Layo and Max Dior can’t stay within when there’s an opportunity to play. They throw snowballs at each other before coming in for a kiss, then keep wrestling and teasing in between their snowballs. Taking it inside, the couple locks lips as they head for the couch and start shedding their clothes.

Falling backward onto the cushions, Lexi tugs Max close. This girl guides the guys mouth to her breast so the dude can offer widemouthed kisses on her sensitive skin. Drawing on Lexi’s nipples with the guys mouth, Max gradually travels lower on the guys lover’s body to seek out the center of her passion as the guys tongue slides in between the folds of her twat.

Eyes rolling up the line of Lexi’s body, Max finds the guys lover’s clitoris and starts probing it with a hard tongue. The guy brings one hand up to press two fingers into her twat, eking groans of joy from the guys enthusiastic girlfriend. Lexi is quick to use her hand to keep Max’s head right where the girl wishes him, with the guys tongue buried in her slit as the dude spreads her sweet cream everywhere and readies her for sex.

First, though, Lexi wishes to make sure her enjoy is prepared and raring to go. This girl pulls out the guys cock and pumps the long length of it before leaning in to start sucking. As the girl settles into her blowjob, her bobbing head brings Max’s erection deeper down her throat with each and every bob of her head. Meanwhile, Max reaches down Lexi’s body and resumes jerking her pussy to keep her wet and prepared for him.

Eventually, Lexi climbs into Max’s lap and sinks down until she’s fully impaled by the guys fuck stick. She’s not shy about getting what the girl wants, writhing and grinding atop of her lover’s cock as the girl squeezes her own ass to double down on her enjoyment. Climbing off, Lexi gets on her hands and knees as an indication that it’s time for Max to take over doing the work in the pursuit of getting them both off.

Anchoring the guys hands on Lexi’s hips, Max slides home and relishes in the feel of that tight twat throbbing around the hunk for a moment. The guy gives Lexi the long pumps the girl craves, driving deep and pulling out until just the tip remains within before slamming back. That cunt banging eventually brings Lexi to the climax that the girl has been chasing from the start.

Turning onto her back as her thighs go boneless underneath her, Lexi lifts one leg high to open herself as much as possible for Max’s continued attention. The guy understands just how to work the guys hips to renew Lexi’s passion and leave her breathless as the girl orgasms once again. Then the dude pulls out and lets Lexi do the last bit of work jerking the hunk off until the dude covers her from tits to twat in a shower of sizzling cum.

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Nubile Films - American Beauties - S28:E8

Nubile FilmsAmerican Beauties – S28:E8

featuring Alexa Grace and Riley Anne.

Added On:

Jul 1, 2018


It’s an all American celebration as Riley Anne and Alexa Grace don bikinis and enjoy some fun in the sun. As Alexa relaxes on the ground, Riley barbeques some sausages. The gesture is appreciated, but eventually Alexa gets to her feet and lets Riley know with a series of deep kisses that the thing she’s hungry for has not a thing to do with food.

Relieving Riley of her bikini op, Alexa palms her girlfriend’s fully breasts. This girl sheds her top as well, then lets Riley take her hand to lead her inside. For a little girl on girl action. Riley is excited to let her strawberry blonde lover know just how prepared the girl is to play.

Alexa is all too happy to let Riley do whatever the girl wishes, and what Riley wishes is to sample each and every inch of her love’s body! Alexa throws her head back in joy as Riley puts her mouth to work sampling Alexa’s tiny boobs and hardened nipples. When Riley moves south to spread Alexa’s cunt lips and slide her tongue up her girlfriend’s slit, her groans of joy fill the room.

Letting Riley enjoy her muff dive for as long as the girl wishes is one thing, but Alexa refuses to only accept the pleasure without giving any in return. This girl relieves Riley of her bottoms once lavishing attention on her lover’s lush breasts. Finding Riley nice and wet with excitement, Alexa indulges herself by getting a long taste. When the girl ultimately peels Riley’s swimsuit bottom off, Alexa wastes no time resuming her cunt feast with long fast swipes of her tongue that fondle her girlfriend’s clitoris and delve deep into her greedy fuck hole.

Exchanging a long kiss, the girls switch things up yet again with Alexa laying on her back on the couch and Riley bouncing on her face. Long jabs of Riley’s hips create great friction, as her larger tits jiggle with the motion of the ocean. As Riley grabs her own tits, the girl grinds Alexa’s mouth with even greater urgency until the girl explodes with passion.

The girls aren’t finished with their lovemaking yet! Pressing their pussies together, they each start bumping and grinding their hips in a mutually satisfying rhythm. Their scissoring doesn’t stop until the room is permeated with the music of their moans. Basking in the afterglow, the girls spoon together so they can indulge their enjoy for one another with sweet kisses and gentle caresses.

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Nubile Films - This girl Wants It All - S28:E7

Nubile FilmsShe Wants It All – S28:E7

featuring Michael Fly and Naomi Bennett.

Added On:

Jun 28, 2018


A crop top hugs Naomi Bennett’s perky natural tits as the girl wanders the living room in boredom. When the girl can’t take it any longer, the girl gives her boyfriend Michael Fly a kiss. Michael is more interested in the guys book, but Naomi isn’t getting any of that. Taking the book from Michael’s hands, Naomi gives the hunk another kiss and starts undressing him.

Leaning in, Naomi kisses her way down Michael’s chest as the girl works her way down the guys stiffie. This girls mouth licks just like a Hoover as the girl applies each and every trick the girl understands for her lover’s pleasure. Rolling her eyes to look up the line of Michaels’ body, Naomi gets even closer for some deep throat action.

Lifting her crop-top to let her boobs spring free, Naomi presses her tits together for her boyfriend’s pleasure. Then the girl turns around and shivers as Michael’s hands cup her ass on the guys way down to the guys knees. Making herself comfy on the couch, Naomi spreads her thighs so Michael can tease her anus, feast on her completely completely naked twat, and prep her for a good fuck.

Rising to the guys feet, Michael shoves the guys cock all the way into Naomi’s twat. This girls moan of excitement is all the permission Michael requires to set a quick pace for both of their delight. This guys hands squeeze her ass in time with the motion of the ocean as Michael keeps up the rhythm they both crave.

Turning onto her back, Naomi spreads her thighs so Michael can lick her completely completely naked twat clean before entering her sheath once again. The intimacy of this position lets them stare into each other’s eyes as they revel in their feelings for one another. As Naomi’s moving hips demand satisfaction, however, the couple decides to switch things up.

Taking a seat on the couch, Michael pulls Naomi down atop of him. This girl slides down onto the guys fuck stick, arching her back in ecstasy as the girl works her hips. Reaching down to rub her own clit, Naomi uses the double stimulation to reach the climax she’s been after. Michael can’t do any single thing else besides follow the guys enjoy over the edge, glutting Naomi with a creampie so that the girl dribbles the guys cum everywhere as the girl curls up in the guys arms.

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