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Mar 21, 2018


Slim and sweet, Alex Blake is an absolute treat to watch as the girl struts towards her napping boyfriend Lucas Frost. Dressed in just a bra and thong, she’s a luscious surprise to wake up to as the girl runs her hands up the guys cock and crawls up Lucas’s body. When the girl leans forward to indulge in a slow and sensual kiss, Lucas takes the opportunity to relieve her of her bra so the dude can sample the joy of her full boobs.

Although the girl relishes in her lover’s touch, Alex is excited to kiss her way down Lucas’s body so the girl can settle in between the guys thighs. This guys cock pops out of the guys boxers at Alex’s touch. Leaning forward, the girl slowly licks her way down the length of Lucas’s rod before focusing her attention on jerking the hunk off as gobbling the head of the guys dick.

Flipping Alex onto her back, Lucas shoves her g string aside to bury the guys face in her carefully landscaped muff. This guys tongue works magic that leaves Alex moaning in joy as the dude licks and licks and even nibbles with just the right amount of teeth. When Alex gets on her hands and knees, Lucas relieves her of her underwear and gives her pussy one last sloppy lick before pressing the guys erection deep inside.

Rocking back to meet each and every one of Lucas’s strokes, Alex groans with excitement. This girls cries grow louder and needier the longer Lucas persists, although they don’t reach the crescendo of climax until the girl has changed positions so that the girl is seated atop Lucas’s dick. With her hips moving in a wild dance, Alex throws her head back so that her crimson hair flies everywhere as the girl comes apart in a glorious climax.

As the girl comes down from her peak, Alex finds herself on her back with one ankle hooked around Lucas’s shoulder. This guys fuck stick buried to the hilt deep in Alex’s cunt, Alex sets a rhythm that leaves both of them delighted. This guys hand creeps up to fuck Alex’s mouth with the guys thumb as the dude mimics the movements with the guys hips. As Alex comes apart in the guys arms yet again, Lucas indulges in holding her close as the last of the tremors flow through her body.

Leaning back so that Alex can grasp the guys erection, Lucas watches as the guys girlfriend pumps the hunk with firm, sure flicks of her wrist. When the girl ultimately succeeds in bringing Lucas to orgasm, the dude covers her belly and mound in spurts of hot semen. Leaning in for one last kiss, Lucas curls up beside Alex to cuddle and enjoy the somnolence of true contentment.

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Super hot nineteen year old teen Katy Rose is hanging out with her boyfriend Lutro, but the girl wishes the guys full attention. The tiny redhead gets the bright concept to send snaps of her tits and completely completely naked teen twat to Lutro so the dude can view what the dude is missing. When the dude eventually gets the hint and accompanies Katy on the couch, the girl understands the girl is in for a great time.

Pulling Katy’s top down, Lutro runs the guys hands over her soft supple boobs and pinches her hard nipples. The guy works the guys way south, relieving Katy of her shorts and sliding a finger down her slippery snatch. Leaning forward, Lutro slides the guys tongue down Katy’s dewy slit to enjoy the lush flavor of her juices. Once the dude has paved the way with a slow and sweet cunt feast, Lutro peels off the guys jeans and shoves the guys hard erection into her creamy teen fuck hole.

Turning onto her back with both thighs high in the air, Katy gasps her joy at the deep penetration. When Lutro slides the guys hands down to grip Katy’s thighs for a better purchase, the girl arches her whole body to accommodate the guys touch. This girls gasps of joy grow louder and breathier as Lutro drives her towards a shattering climax.

Getting on her knees with Lutro behind her, Katya holds on to the couch as her boyfriend penetrates her from behind. This girls position lets her lean her back against the guys strong chest as the dude bangs her, but the real pleasure is when the girl leans forward to change up the angle of penetration. When Lutro lifts her thigh to push balls deep into her teen twat, Katy throws her head back with bliss.

Taking things down a notch, Katy pulls off of Lutro’s cock and spreads her thighs to accommodate the guys hand. Eager to respond in kind, Katy gets on her knees and pumps the root of Lutro’s hard erection as the girl engulfs the tip with her warm mouth. Sucking and stroking, the girl makes sure her lover is nice and hard for her to swing one leg over the guys thigh and slide down.

With her high heels planted on the couch and her landing undress twat permeated with cock, Katy jabs her hips in a primal rhythm of desire. This girls whole body shivers with the force of another climax, and moments later Lutro follows her over the edge. Pumping Katy’s twat full of cum, the dude empties the guys enjoy into the guys lover.

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Elsa Jean and Emma Hix have resolved to spend the afternoon in bed as they explore new ways to pleasure each other’s super petite bodies. Their bras are soon a distant memory as their hands explore to each other’s pussies that are drenched by their underwear. When Alexa Grace decides to join her girlfriends, the girl brings a double ended rod that the girl just understands will give them an even hotter time than just their fingers and mouths alone.

Exchanging a set of kisses, Alexa and Emma flank Elsa and impulse her thighs apart. Pushing her g string aside, they take turns jerking and teasing Elsa’s fleshy fuck hole. It is not long before the blonde is more than wet enough to take the tip of the toy in her tight sheath. Alexa grinds point on jerking the rod in and out of Elsa’s greedy pussy as Emma pumps her girlfriend’s clitoris with her fingers and her talented tongue.

As soon as Elsa explodes with passion, Alexa gives her the toy so the girl can lick her own juices off of the rubber. The other two girls take a moment to wrap their lips around each end before switching things up with Elsa remaining in the middle. This time, though, Alexa remains on her belly with her face in between Elsa’s thighs as Emma grinds Elsa’s willing mouth. Reaching down to rub her own clit, Emma works herself towards a climax as Alexa once again inserts the toy into her lesbian lover’s fuck hole.

When Emma leans forward to sixty-nine with Elsa, her tongue works Elsa’s clitoris as the toy pumps Elsa’s twat. With such devoted attention, it is not long before both Elsa and Emma are moaning their completion. At that point the lesbian girls switch things up, continuing to leave Elsa in the middle but now on her hands and knees. Emma takes her turn licking and suckling Elsa’s fleshy snatch, as Alexa gets to enjoy the talent that Elsa possesses with her magic tongue.

As another climax shivers through Elsa’s spinner body, both blondes decide that Alexa is deserving of their combined attention. Joining Elsa on her belly, Emma contributes her touch to her girlfriend’s until they are both enjoying the flavor of Alexa’s musky trimmed twat. Their combined efforts make quick work of leaving Alexa gasping for breath as her cunt throbs.

Moments later, Emma finds herself on her back with Elsa and Alexa giving her the same devoted attention that the girl has given to each of them. Elsa does whatever it takes to fondle Emma’s tits and belly, as Alexa laps away at her girlfriend’s cream permeated fuck hole. As Emma groans and bucks her hips, the girls ultimately cuddle together as they enjoy the afterglow of a good time.

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