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May 31, 2017


Young nubile Czech Anie Darling may be new to porn, but she’s about to rock your world. This girls certified beautiful body is tall and willowy slender with flawless tiny tits and a smooth completely completely naked cunt that is forever slippery wet with excitement. Check her out as the girl shows us how the girl relishes in all of her newfound carnal freedom by attempting any single thing and everything!

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Aug 20, 2017


A tall, adorable Russian with a passion for a good time, Elena Koshka is the kind of cutie whose adorable girl-next-door looks are a refreshing change of pace. Don’t let her shyness confuse you, though. Once her clothes start coming off, she’s all about seduction as the girl works her flawless handful tits and puffy nipples to the best advantage possible before opening her thighs for all the pleasure the girl can get in her landing undress pussy.

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featuring Elena Koshka and Sierra Nicole.

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Aug 20, 2017


When Sierra Nicole finds Elena Koshka sleeping in just a bra and thong, the girl couldn’t ask for a hotter sight. This girl can’t keep her hands off her girlfriend, so the girl decides to let in the light for a gentle good morning. When Elena playfully throws a pillow at Sierra, the girls have a brief pillow fight that turns hot as they start kissing.

Peeling off Sierra’s bra in between kisses, Elena cups her lover’s tiny boobs and pinches her hard nipples. This girl drops to her knees, pressing her mouth to the bounty of Sierra’s chest. Only once Elena has enjoyed her tittie feast does Sierra return the favor, revealing Elena’s puffy nipple boobs and tantalizing them.

When Elena shoves Sierra back onto the bed and slides her g string off, the blonde raises her hips in an entreaty for the pleasure the girl understands is coming. Elena delivers, rubbing her thumb up and down Sierra’s slippery slit. When the girl leans forward to put her lips and tongue to work, Sierra can’t contain her groans of excitement. That only causes Elena to double down on Sierra’s pleasure, using two hands to simultaneously finger fuck Sierra’s twat as fondling her clit.

Once she’s certain that the girl has temporarily satisfied Sierra, Elena slides out of her own g string and then climbs onto her lover’s face. Positioning her fuck hole carefully, the girl jabs her hips in time with the movements of Sierra’s obliging tongue. The delectable cunt feast continues until Elena switches spots with Sierra and lays down on the bed.

Once Sierra is on her knees in a position of power, the girl presses two fingers deep into Elena’s snatch. Curling her fingers in a come-here motion, the girl pounds Elena’s g-spot again and again. With each and every flick of Sierra’s wrist, Elena’s gasps of excitement grow louder until her whole body is throbbing with excitement.

Although both girls have enjoyed a flavor of orgasmic heaven, they’re not quite done yet. Sitting so that they face each other, they scoot forward with their thighs spread until they are pressed cunt to pussy. Scissoring together with their hips working in a sinuous motion that is mutually pleasurable, they bring each other off once again until they fall to the side, sated and prepared to cuddle.

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Jun 6, 2017


American joy Arielle Faye is a unspoiled girl whose artless seduction will leave you pleading for more. She’s a passionate cutie with a spinner body the girl enjoys to flaunt. What this short cutie lacks in height, the girl makes up for in sheer lust as the girl seduces anyone the girl can to ensure that her hairless cunt gets the climaxes it craves.

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Jun 12, 2017


Busty cutie Tina Kay is a dream come true for anyone who’s been waiting for a sweet and sensual cutie to admire. This girls stacked body is sweet and svelte, with contours in all the right places just waiting for a lover’s touch. We very much enjoyed our time filming this sweet coed, whose smiles and laughter fill the room.

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featuring Jill Kassidy.

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Aug 17, 2017


Seductive cutie Jill Kassidy cleans the home in short shorts and a crop top with no bra. This girls swaying hips and sweet singing attract Tyler Nixon’s attention. Approaching her, the dude makes the guys intentions known with a deep kiss that causes Jill to lead the hunk to the couch.

Laying Tyler down, Jill kisses her way down the guys body and then tugs the guys jeans down until the guys erection springs free. This girl takes the hunk in her mouth, gobbling and jerking for the ultimate delight. Tyler can’t keep the guys hands out of Jill’s hair as the girl indulges in a blowjob that leaves her demonstrating each and every evidence of true pleasure.

Turning the tables on Jill, Tyler urges the guys tanned lover onto her back. As the girl spreads her legs, the dude pulls her shorts to the side and samples her hairless twat with a long lick of the guys tongue. Liking what the dude tastes, Tyler divests Jill of her shorts and then settles in for a full-on cunt feast where the dude devours each and every bit of her creamy juices.

Adjusting the guys position on the couch, Tyler rises to the guys knees and slides the guys cock up and down the smoothness of Jill’s twat before pressing himself all the way inside. When the dude is seated balls deep in Jill’s lubricious snatch, the dude takes the guys time pumping for both of their pleasure. Jill’s groans are a chorus of happiness that stuffs the room as Tyler works the guys carnal magic on her needy body.

When Tyler seats himself on the couch, Jill takes the initiative to impale herself on the guys rock hard fuck stick. This girl moves her hips slowly at first, enjoying the feeling of absolute fullness as Tyler meets her each and every thrust with one of the guys own. Then the girl kicks off a wild cock ride that gets her perky tits bouncing!

Dropping forward onto her knees, Jill gasps with bliss as Tyler takes her from behind. The doggy style cunt banging is just what the girl requires to ultimately get off, and before long the girl has screamed her climax satisfaction. Tyler is right behind her, pulling out a moment later to cover Jill’s ass in semen before leaning forward to offer deep kisses and a final boob massage.

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