Bush League #10 – Mark Zane & Angel Del Rey

Something about growing a big bush honestly makes a woman horny. Maybe it’s all the pheromones. Whatever it is, Angel has been unquenchable since her bush enjoying boyfriend made her grow out her cunt hair. This girl can’t get enough. It’s forever so wet now. So wet. This girl has to play with it non-stop. When will the dude ever get home? This girl requires a cock in her and the girl requires it now. Hurry. The guy is jerking the guys cock as the dude rushes home. Coming into the guys house, phone to ear and cock in hand the dude dives right into into that hirsute pit of desire and gets to munching beaver just like a adult star from the seventies. This guys face literally disappears in the bush. Next, the guys cock goes full camo as it hides out in the bush of that sweet cock socket. They bounce and fuck all over the bed culminating in a white shower of semen all over the hirsute juicy enjoy thicket.

Devils Films

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Aubrie has forever been a sheep all her life. This girl is forever followed what other people have told her to do and she’s not once honestly been happy. So when the girl heard that all of her friends were shaving or waxing their southern reaches the girl resolved to ultimately go her own way on something. This girl has left her bush completely untouched. No shaving, no trimming. This girl has not has one of those silly airstrips, just natural hair everywhere. This girl is getting a little incredible with a rod outside though, and it catches her neighbors eye.

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Feel the freedom of youth with this superb, slightly stylized outdoor sex flick. A delicious youthful university aged blonde and her boyfriend run completely naked through the wilderness, the paleness of their skin contrasting sharply against the greenery of the backdrop. With the warm summer sun beating down on their completely completely naked flesh, the lovely blonde goes down on her man, filling up her own mouth with hard rod. This girl gets drilled hard and fast down on the blanket, groaning as her slit gets pushed open to breaking point by her virile stud, who by now is taken into a frenzied state of lust. It is an impressive banging – this guy honestly understands how to fuck!

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Illona Italy

Illona hails from the sun-drenched lands of Italy where pubic hair is a sign of womanly cutie and such. This girls man dives right into in between her inner thighs, kissing them delicately and then suddenly bucking the guys tongue in her juicy spot. See her get up atop and ride her hirsute hole on the guys hard shaft!

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