Do As I Say - Featuring Georgia Jones and Faye Reagan in Do As I Say
Faye honestly understands how to turn the sweet and sweet up, and yet still give us a little hint of her filthy side. And Georgia, starts off behind the camera and the girl pops up a few times in the beginning when the girl can’t withstand touching her anymore. Faye gives Georgia and the camera, a nice undress tease as her top comes off and we get a nice look at her tits, and then bends over and Georgia comes in and helps her slide off her panties, then tells Faye to push them in her mouth. It seems that today’s lesson in whore school is going to start off with Georgia setting up a toy for Faye, and she’s quite the over achiever as the girl wastes no time swallowing the toy deep in her mouth. But the girl wishes a little attention from Georgia before the girl can go on, and the girl shoves that toy deep within her. This girl cums on the toy and then licks the flavor off and decides the girl requires to train more on Georgia. Georgia undresses down and bends over the end of the bed, and Faye drops some spit on her ass and cunt, and the girl lays down on the bed and starts to play with her pussy. I must admit that both of these ladies know how to use their eyes to add some heat and intensity to this scene, making you stand at attention. Georgia turns around again and Faye can’t take it anymore and brings out the toy as Georgia sits on it and I would guess from the sound, the girl is lovely wet inside. This girl grinds the toy with some stamina and then they come together for some more kissing and the adult gallery comes to an end. Would have loved to view more of these two in action together, but overall a good start so far.

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