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Big tit Latina Shay Evans is constantly prepared to fuck. This girls always-hard nipples stand out proudly against her shirts since the girl hates dressed in bras, as her delectable bald cunt gets soaking wet any time the girl thinks about sex. See her show off her blowjob talents before opening her thighs to get that fuck hole filled.

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Enhanced Latina cutie Shay Evans and her boyfriend Alex Legend are on a mission to clean up Shay’s apartment, but Alex cannot keep the guys eyes off of Shay’s ass and big boobs. Shay understands Alex is watching, so the girl plays up the way her tits shake in her tank top without a bra to constrain them. When the girl ultimately catches Alex staring, the girl gives up the pretense of cleaning and goes in for a cock grab and a kiss.

Carrying Shay to the couch, Alex slides the guys hand underneath her shirt to rub her titties down the way the girl deserves. Popping them from the top of her shirt, the dude buries the guys face in between the big globes and suckles her rock hard nipples.

In return, Shay drops to her knees in front of Alex and pumps the guys hard erection before licking it from rod to tip and wrapping her puffy lips around it. As her blowjob grows more enthusiastic, Shay shakes her boobs free so they can jiggle for both of their pleasure. Pushing both of her tits together to create a channel, Shay closes her eyes in concentration and joy as the girl delivers a titty fuck that gets Alex hard as a rock.

As soon as Alex divests Shay of her thong, the dude leans in to drop a kiss on her big ass and spread her ass cheeks to show off her anus. Shifting the guys position, the dude guides the guys hard erection into her completely completely naked fuck hole and starts thrusting. With each stroke, Shay rocks backwards to meet Alex and double down on both of their pleasure.

When the couple decides to change positions, Shay climbs into Alex’s lap and guides herself down on the guys fuck stick as her back presses to the guys chest. Alex lets her enjoy being in control for a few moments before sliding the guys hands underneath her bottom to lift both her thighs off the guys thighs. As soon as Shay loses her leverage, Alex starts banging away at her greedy pussy as the dude slowly gets to the guys feet to change up the angle of penetration.

Laying Shay down on the couch, Alex lifts her thigh high in the air so the dude can continue to work her towards a big climax. This position lets Alex grope Shay’s big tits as the dude bangs her, and as the dude curls up behind her in a spooning position the dude can even wrap the guys big hand around her neck. The combined breath play and Alex’s angle of penetration leads to an great climax for Shay.

Dropping to her knees before Alex, Shay pumps and licks as the girl urges her boyfriend to reach the same pinnacle of joy that the girl has. The big tittied Latina finishes her lover off with another titty fuck that leaves the hunk unable to hold back another morning. When Alex covers her boobs with a blast of semen, Shay rubs the salty cream into her skin as wiggling her tits and enjoying the feeling of being drenched in love.

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Julia Brandao, William Carioca, Vasco

This filthy South American whore gets reamed in both her holes by two extremely artfully hung black men. This girl has not had two guys before, let alone being viciously double penetrated just like this! The guys go wild on the athletic, artfully tanned bitch, pumping her individually and then both at the same time. This girl looks honestly hot as the girl is stuffed in between the two black studs, one big cock going into her cunt as the other violates her ass hole. One guy spunks in her mouth, whilst the other guy pulls out of her ass hole and blows the guys load all over her fine, round ass. This girl looks disappointed that the banging has coming to an end so soon!

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