Tiny Blond Riley Tastes Her First Pussy

Tiny Blonde Riley Tastes This girls First Pussy

When beautiful youthful blonde Riley Jensen pays a visit to her next-door neighbor Ash Hollywood, the girl gets the surprise of her life when the girl sees the slightly mature blonde sunbathing topless! Ash has a delightful body with perfect, pert natural tits; Riley is even slimmer, with tiny tits and a completely hairless cunt that makes her look extremely youthful. The two girls go inside, where Ash introduces Riley to the world of lesbian sex, lovingly tonguing her hairless cunt, which is soon sopping wet. Here is hot oral sex that goes both ways, with both girls getting an climax from each other’s hot and sloppy tonguing. This lesbian sex is fantastic!

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Rave Booty added to Nubiles-Porn

Nineteen year old Alex Blake and eighteen year old Harley Jameson have had a long evening of shaking their teen tits and asses at a rave. Now that they are home, they can slow things down a bit as they indulge in long kisses as running their hands over each other’s tight teen bodies. Taking turns suckling each other’s tiny tits and hard nipples, they slowly relieve one another of the most important clothes until they can reach the completely completely naked skin they both crave.

Settling in between Alex’s teen thighs, Harley samples the musk of her lesbian girlfriend by lapping at her g string before pulling it off. Leaning in for a sweet cunt licking, Haley stiffens her tongue to a point to fondle Alex’s clitoris and uses the flat for long sweeps up and down her lesbian love’s slit. Pushing Haley back, Alex returns the favor in kind. Bringing her hand in between Haley’s thighs, Alex slides first one finger and then another into Haley’s greedy snatch. The blonde lets her hips do all the talking as the girl encourages Alex to keep up her lesbian cunt fingering.

As soon as Alex has brought Haley off, the girl gets on her knees to enjoy a finger fuck courtesy of her girlfriend. The lesbian girls end up with their teen pussies pressed together in a scissoring that leaves them both panting. When Alex gets off one last time, the girl puts her hands back to work for a final cunt banging that leaves Haley limp with orgasmic bliss.

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Lesbian Stepmother 3

Elsa Jean and Dana Vespoli star in this hit lesbian scene!

Scene Number: 4

In homage to fairy tales and classic horror films, the 3rd installment of Lesbian Stepmother tells the story of youthful Elsa Jean Simmons, who is held prisoner in her home once the disappearance of her father. This girls evil stepmother, played by Dana Vespoli, keeps Elsa on a grueling schedule of chores as odd and mysterious events occur once dark. Elsa is haunted by dreams of beautiful, ravenous demons and her stepmothers assistant Elexis Monroe offers some clues as to what Elsa is being groomed for. Starring Elsa Jean, Dana Vespoli, Elexis Monroe, Karlie Montana Sovereign Syre and Lea Lush.

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Elsa Jean and Emma Hix have resolved to spend the afternoon in bed as they explore new ways to pleasure each other’s super petite bodies. Their bras are soon a distant memory as their hands explore to each other’s pussies that are drenched by their underwear. When Alexa Grace decides to join her girlfriends, the girl brings a double ended rod that the girl just understands will give them an even hotter time than just their fingers and mouths alone.

Exchanging a set of kisses, Alexa and Emma flank Elsa and impulse her thighs apart. Pushing her g string aside, they take turns jerking and teasing Elsa’s fleshy fuck hole. It is not long before the blonde is more than wet enough to take the tip of the toy in her tight sheath. Alexa grinds point on jerking the rod in and out of Elsa’s greedy pussy as Emma pumps her girlfriend’s clitoris with her fingers and her talented tongue.

As soon as Elsa explodes with passion, Alexa gives her the toy so the girl can lick her own juices off of the rubber. The other two girls take a moment to wrap their lips around each end before switching things up with Elsa remaining in the middle. This time, though, Alexa remains on her belly with her face in between Elsa’s thighs as Emma grinds Elsa’s willing mouth. Reaching down to rub her own clit, Emma works herself towards a climax as Alexa once again inserts the toy into her lesbian lover’s fuck hole.

When Emma leans forward to sixty-nine with Elsa, her tongue works Elsa’s clitoris as the toy pumps Elsa’s twat. With such devoted attention, it is not long before both Elsa and Emma are moaning their completion. At that point the lesbian girls switch things up, continuing to leave Elsa in the middle but now on her hands and knees. Emma takes her turn licking and suckling Elsa’s fleshy snatch, as Alexa gets to enjoy the talent that Elsa possesses with her magic tongue.

As another climax shivers through Elsa’s spinner body, both blondes decide that Alexa is deserving of their combined attention. Joining Elsa on her belly, Emma contributes her touch to her girlfriend’s until they are both enjoying the flavor of Alexa’s musky trimmed twat. Their combined efforts make quick work of leaving Alexa gasping for breath as her cunt throbs.

Moments later, Emma finds herself on her back with Elsa and Alexa giving her the same devoted attention that the girl has given to each of them. Elsa does whatever it takes to fondle Emma’s tits and belly, as Alexa laps away at her girlfriend’s cream permeated fuck hole. As Emma groans and bucks her hips, the girls ultimately cuddle together as they enjoy the afterglow of a good time.

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