Lesbian Sex City Presents: Aiden & Brooke

Lesbian Sex City Presents: Aiden & Brooke

These blonde babes, Brooke Scott and Aiden Star have something each and every girl wants. A backside that just makes you wish to bite it. They bump and grind each other and you just know something good is about to happen. They are buxom and beautiful and cannot enough of eating each other out. They get into a sixty-nine that is too damn sexy. Their tight pink twats and hot ass camera stares will mesmerize you. These girls know how to make eating cunt look just like a sport all wishes to participate in. Tongue tickling clits and these girls are purring and moaning just like crazy. They finish up with one spine tingling climax once another.

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Mother Lovers Society 17

MILF stepmom Syren DeMer finds adult in teen stepdaughter Zoey Taylor’s room and learns that Zoey has been harboring a taboo crush on her.

Scene Number: 2

Younger ladies fantasize about mature women in Sweethearts enduring, popular older/younger title. In this 17th installment, Jaye Summers seduces hot taboo MILF stepmom Alana Cruise. Dr. Alana Cruise is getting a Hell of a time with nervous, younger nurse Zoe Parker, and works to help her get over her anxiety. OBGYN Dana Vespoli finds out that youthful patient Eliza Jane has a crush on her and wrestles with her code of ethics.

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Lead Me On added to NubileFilms

Dressed in just a scanty bikini, Dido Angel lays in the sun and works on her tan. When Sybil spies her girlfriend looking good enough to eat, the girl is instantly turned on. They make eye contact, and Dido beckons for Sybil to join her outside so that they can make out. Then, getting Sybil’s hand, Dido leads her within so they can explore their passion in private.

The girls’ hands are in constant motion as their lips remain locked, caressing each other’s taut boobs and hard nipples. Sybil gets the first peek at paradise when the girl undoes Dido’s bra. Leaning forward, the girl worships the hard points of Dido’s passion with her soft lips.

Not one to be outdone, Dido matches Sybil’s first move and then goes one step further by relieving the brunette of her shorts. Adjusting the fabric so it locks Sybil’s thighs together at the knees, Dido lifts Sybil’s thighs so that the girl has full access to her lesbian lover’s tight twat. From there, it’s easy to lean forward and slide her tongue up the lubricious joy of Sybil’s slit before sliding her fingers in to spread Sybil’s cunt juices everywhere.

Peeling off Sybil’s shorts entirely, Dido goes to work with her magic fingers and clever mouth. This girl leaves no part of Sybil’s sopping pussy unloved. Finally, the girl drives two fingers deep and starts pumping her wrist to leave Sybil’s landing undress twat throbbing with orgasmic delight.

Sybil’s whole body is still thrumming with excitement when Dido peels off her bottoms and climbs up on the table on her hands and knees. This girls pussy is now in flawless cunt licking position, and Sybil is happy to comply. Leaning forward, Sybil uses her soft hands and hot mouth to explore each and every crevasse of Dido’s greedy fuck hole. This girl gradually urges Dido to put one foot on the floor, opening her up even further to being finger banged until her hips are twitching.

Moving back to the couch, Dido lays down and pulls Sybil atop of her. The brunette’s lubricious twat is soon right where Dido wishes it: planted right atop of her mouth. Hooking her arms around Sybil’s hips, Dido holds her girlfriend in place for another orgasmic cunt feast.

After exchanging a kiss where they each flavor their musk on the other’s lips, Sybil once again returns all of the pleasure that Dido has so willingly given. Mirroring Dido’s previous position, Sybil pulls her blonde lover close so that her twat is within easy reach. With her tongue working overtime and drifting in between Dido’s fuck hole and her tender clit, Sybil brings Dido to a bone-melting climax to finish their lovemaking.

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