Bombshell Whores Tracy and Ally Fuck Each Others’ Holes

XXX Rewind adult gallery Scene 7 From Big Tit Lesbians
Bombshell Whores Fuck Each Others’ Holes

There are no special gimmicks in this hot lesbian scene; instead, we just view two amazing blonde bombshells in some explicit girl on girl action! At first, stacked blonde Tracy lays on her back, her bald cunt framed by her hot black stockings. This girls equally big tittied girlfriend, Ally, bends down to lick her cunt, and Tracy squeezes her thighs around her girlfriend’s face. Ally pulls back, getting out a slender metallic rod that the girl proceeds to use on Tracy’s quivering clitoris. This girl soon guides her girlfriend to an orgasm, and the babes swap positions; Tracy gets Ally off with a larger, cock shaped rod that is sure to please.

XXX Rewind

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Sweet Awakening added to NubileFilms

When Bailey Ryder woke up beside her lesbian lover Clover (wasn’t that also the name of the skunk in Bambi?), the girl knew that sensual morning lesbian lovemaking was only a few kisses away. This girl woke Clover with sweet kisses and caresses, and when the girl found the brunette amenable, the girl took the initiative to get things started.

Helping Clover up onto her hands and knees, Bailey buried her face in her lesbian lover’s delectable cunt and went to work with her clever tongue. Clover’s groans of approval spurred Bailey on, encouraging her to get her lips and fingers in on the action.

Next Clover lay on her back with her long tanned thighs spread wide so that Bailey could finish the bliss that the girl started with the help of a tiny vibrator. Bailey knew just how to work the toy to its most fantastic potential as the girl drove her lesbian lover into a wild orgasmic frenzy.

Eager to join in on the fun, Clover encouraged Bailey to lay down and then climbed atop of her so that the girls could indulge in a sensual 69. While they both enjoyed the tongue in cunt action, Clover was already primed for yet another climax as the girl rode her lesbian lover’s mouth.

Next it was time for Bailey to get all of the attention, and Clover could not wait to play! Settling herself on the bed, the brunette buried her face in Bailey’s landing undress cunt and used her tongue to lick great sweeping patterns along Bailey’s creamy slit as paying special attention to her clit.

When Clover could easily slide two fingers deep into Bailey’s tight twat, the girl rose to her knees and commenced a finger banging that has faster and harder with each and every passing second. Bailey’s groans of exquisite need permeated the room as Clover brought her to the point of ecstasy and then sent her spiraling towards a throbbing orgasm.

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Deep Kissing Lesbians: Her Dream Nurse

In a lesbian adult gallery from Girl Candy Films, bedridden teen Lily Carter has a wild sex dream about Nina Hartley, her MILF nurse, or was it a dream at all?

Scene Number: 1

Bedridden teen Lily Carter is bored and lonely in her room, with only nurse Nina Hartley to keep her company. As Lily drifts off for an afternoon nap, the nurturing mature Nina reads to her from a book on Dream Interpretations. Lily dreams that nurse Nina comes into her bed and spices up her lackluster day with great lesbian sex, and deep, soulful kissing. But when the girl awakens from her orgasmic dream, the girl finds her hot lesbian nurse still sitting at her side, reading her a story. How can a dream seem so real? Or is there a more sinister explanation?

Deep Kissing Lesbians: This girls Dream Nurse adult gallery

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Francesca Seeking Women

Carolyn sure understands how to eat pussy! Sara’s ass tastes great! Who does not enjoy to eat Asian pussy? (Even though half an hour later you’re hungry for more)

Scene Number: 3

Francesca Seeking Women adult gallery

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Fantasy Girl, Wednesday 2/15

Have you ever dreamed up the girl that would bring each and every one of your dreams to life? If so, then our next upcoming film, Fantasy Girl, will honestly pique your interest.

Alexa Grace cannot help but fantasize about a lesbian lover who takes the form of Megan Sage. In Alexa’s mind, the girl can view herself in bed with Megan as they lick suck and fuck their way to happiness. Listening to Alexa’s groans of pleasure as the girl grinds Megan’s mouth as leaned forward enough to plunge her fingers into her lesbian lover’s twat in a semi-69 is pure music to our ears.

We will release Fantasy Girl on Wednesday, February 15. Come back to check it out and enjoy each and every moment of this sweet yet sultry lesbian film.

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