Chinese Medicinal Tummy Rub – Cindy Starfall & Jaye Summers

Client Jaye Summers books a Chinese medicinal stomach massage with Vietnamese masseuse Cindy Starfall. The tiny masseuse insists that Jaye undress completely, but Jaye thinks it’s unnecessary to be completely naked for a tummy rub. This girl is here to relieve her cramps. But Cindy over and over tells her to relax, and although the girl sounds convincing, Jaye is not sure Cindy understands what the girl is saying. Cindy focuses squarely on her ass and will not let up. Jaye wishes to turn over for the tummy rub. Cindy lets her roll onto her back and tells her to close her eyes.

She starts by massaging her boobs but Jaye redirects her to the abdomen. Cindy rubs the lower portion of her tummy very close to her crotch. Jaye complains that Cindy is touching her private area. The masseuse does not speak much English. This girl shrugs her shoulders and keeps at it. Whatever the girl is doing, it feels amazing to Jaye. This girl looks down and is shocked to view Cindy licking her pussy. Cindy tells her to relax and gets back to her cunnilingus.

She spreads Jaye’s thighs and gives her clitoris some oral attention. Jaye licks on her little hard nipples at the same time. Then Cindy takes off her crimson dress, climbs onto the table and makes Jaye cum in her mouth. This girl takes off her panties, flashes her cunt and demonstrates the scissor fuck technique. This girl swivels around to sixty-nine her client making Jaye cum again with a mouth full of Cindy’s bald pussy!

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Caught Masturbating – Darcie Dolce & Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina calls her husband and demands a divorce once looking through the guys bank statements. Convinced the dude is been ordering hookers, Gina furiously books a full body contact massage at midnight for revenge. This girl is masturbating noisily on the sofa when masseuse Darcie Dolce walks in.

Gina invites her guest and takes off the rest of her lingerie before opening out completely naked on the sofa. As Darcie applies oil to her back, the girl is sorry to hear about Gina’s experience and swears she’s not just like the masseuses who serviced her husband. This girl gives her a soothing lower body massage, before Gina requests to turn over. Gina invites Darcie to sit directly atop of her as the girl massages her breasts. But Darcie’s jeans are digging into her soft skin. The masseuse agrees to remove them.

When flirtatious Gina gets too fresh, Darcie attempts to head home. But Gina pounces in between her thighs and disables her willpower. Darcie cums in her mouth, then licks Gina’s clitoris until the girl orgasms. Gina devours Darcie’s cunt, then tribs her to let off more steam!

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The Masseuse’s POV – Brett Rossi & Lena Anderson

Flirty masseuse Brett Rossi greets her new client Lena Anderson. Lena has a sore back. This girl gets her get undressed and appreciates the feel of her taut little tits as the girl helps take off her outfit. Before they begin the massage, Brett comes around to inspect her back. This girl hops on the table, and stretches her out. Then the girl lays Lena face down on the table. When the massage begins, Lena insists on leaving on her panties. This girl covers her in oil and requests her if the girl enjoys tacos, with or without lettuce. Lena has no preference.

Brett is overheating so the girl takes off her shirt and bra. This girl hops back on the table and straddles her client’s butt. Then the girl glides her upper torso along Lena’s back as telling her the girl just graduated from massage school. This girl convinces her to remove her panties and applies more oil to her butt. This girl reaches for her cunt and remarks on the tension the girl feels in there. Then Brett takes off her bottoms due to the heat.

She climbs back onto her client and rubs her tits on her back some more. Then the girl swivels around and tribs the tiny of her back claiming it’s an official massage technique. Brett is concerned that Lena’s honestly stressed and cautions that her session will take longer than usual. In fact, she’s going to have to lick her cunt to make a dent in her stress. Lena is patient with her strange masseuse and lets her make the decisions. After the girl eats her out, Brett tribs her cunt until the girl cums. Then Lena licks the masseuse’s clitoris until the girl blasts off again!

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Ass Up, Bolster Out! – Cali Carter & Zoey Taylor

Gorgeous and outgoing client Cali Carter walks into the spa and meets her masseuse Zoey Taylor. This girl is not shy to show off her well-muscled body in preparation for her bolster massage. This girl is not deterred when the girl hears that it will be Zoey’s first time using the bolster. The shy masseuse applies oil to Cali’s taut and toned ass cheeks, attempting not soak her crimson panties in oil. Cali requests lots of attention to her inner thighs which are sore from lifting weights and squatting.

Maybe Zoey is not touching her intimately enough, but Cali suggestively mentions the rave reviews the girl has read. This girl is sure that Zoey’s boss wishes each and every customer to receive comparable treatment. This girl elaborates that the girl wishes her to rub her ass in a certain way. Zoey does not wish trouble and attempts to oblige her client. Cali honestly enjoys it, almost enough to cum, Zoey just requires to do it a little harder and faster, then the itch with go away.

Cali loses patience because Zoey is a goodie two shoes. Cali takes control and tells Zoey what the girl wishes her to do. This girl gets her undressed and pulls her up onto the bolster, then the girl goes down on the bewildered masseuse. Zoey lets Cali make her cum before the girl gets back to servicing Cali. This time, Zoey does an outstanding job finger banging and licking Cali’s toned cunt until the girl cums all over the bolster!

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The Bartender – Maddy O’Reilly & Darcie Dolce

Waitress Darcie Dolce is sick of her boss haranguing her. This girl quits her job on the spot and drops in at the all-girl spa for a massage. Masseuse Maddy O’Reilly gives her a last-minute appointment. The second the girl sees the bodacious brunette the girl wishes to release all her tension.

Maddy escorts Darcie to the massage room. When Darcie gets undressed the girl is reticent to take off her pantie but Maddy makes her feel comfortable enough to receive her massage in the nude. Darcie lays down on her tummy and Maddy rubs her back and shoulders. Thanks to Maddy’s pampering touch, Darcie starts to feel better about walking away from her job.

Darcie turns over and Maddy massages her heavy breasts. Darcie is so relaxed by the time Maddy reaches her thighs and thighs, the girl does not realize that Maddy has leaned in close to her clit. This girl is not lubing her with oil anymore. Now she’s using her spit.

Darcie feels a strange wetness on her cunt and questions the masseuse about what kind of spa this is. Maddy looks her in the eye and demonstrates with her frisky lesbian tongue. Once Darcie blows off steam the girl reciprocates on Maddy’s tasty pussy. They finish off their hot massage with a languid session of tribbing!

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The Essence Of Sex: Part One – Casey Calvert & Eliza Jane

Gorgeous sales rep Casey Calvert visits spa masseuse Eliza Jane to sell her line of Essential Oils from Brazil. Eliza already has a supplier, but Casey wishes her to sample hers before the girl decides. Eliza is swamped with work, but the girl lets Casey rub a dab of oil on her temples. Casey softly lists all the features and benefits at the same time. Impressed by her sales pitch and convinced of her product’s purity, Eliza agrees to indulge in a five-minute demonstration massage.

Casey follows Eliza into the massage room. Eliza sits on the table fully clothed and lets Casey begin to massage her neck and shoulders. After a few soothing minutes, Casey invites her to lie down. This girl pulls off her shirt so the oil does not stain her clothes. Eliza clearly relishes in her special treatment. This girl groans with pleasure as the oil penetrates her skin. The sales rep explains that the essential oil she’s using contains sandalwood, a natural aphrodisiac. This girl describes all the complex processes happening in her body. When Casey lets her know the massage is over, Eliza pleads her to continue on the front side of her body. This girl spins over and Casey runs her hands across her body, cupping her perky boobs as the girl breathlessly groans.

Casey invites her to take off her underwear, and Eliza agrees, in case it should get stained. Eliza coaxes Casey’s hand to her cunt, the rep starts to jerk away, but then the girl makes an exception for the little blonde. This girl slides a finger into her hole and licks her puffy clitoris. Eliza writhes on the table under her tongue and cums hard in her mouth. This girl helps Casey undress then goes down on her cunt and makes her cum. Eliza swivels her ass around, and once a languid session of 69, the girl scissor bangs Casey’s cunt using the oil to lotion them up!

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Bubbly Massage Presents: Mia Smiles

Bubbly Massage adult gallery Free Preview
Bubbly Massage Presents: Mia Smiles

When Jack shows up at her front door, Asian cutie Mia Smiles invite the hunk in once the dude gives her the password, the girl searches the guys pockets and then explains what type of massage the dude will receive. Leading the hunk upstairs the girl removes her clothes and starts up dressing him, running her hands all over the guys body and pressing her tits against the guys thighs. This girl gives the hunk a blow job, then lays the hunk back on the bed, pouring soap suds all over him, using her body to give the hunk a special kind of Asian massage. They roll around on the bed, the girl rubs the guys rod with her cunt then gives the hunk a happy ending.

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The Tutor – Brett Rossi & Cadence Lux

The Tutor adult gallery
Tutor Brett Rossi is helping her coed Cadence Lux study anatomy and physiology. Cadence is frustrated because the girl is attempting to understand, but can’t retain the information. This girl is overwhelmed with her tests and her rent, and the stress is giving her backaches and neck pain. Good thing Brett used to be a masseuse. This girl hikes up her skirt to prepare to massage Cadence. When Cadence sees Brett’s black panties, the girl suggests they stick to the books, but Brett insists that a short study break and a massage will make it easier to absorb the lesson.

Cadence obediently takes off her top and lays on her stomach. Brett wishes to use oil and makes Cadence take off her shorts so they do not get dirty. Brett massages her student’s tight ass but it makes Cadence uncomfortable. To help her feel more at ease, Brett also gets undressed, except for her panties. This girl sits back down on Cadence’s ass and proceeds to massage her, rubbing her big titties against her.

She slides off Cadence’s panties and then her own, and slides along the backside of her body. Then the girl spins her over and soaks her soft skin with oil. This girl massages her pectorals and spreads her legs. Slowly the girl lowers down to face her pussy. Using her lesbian mouth, the girl makes her orgasm, saying it is the best form of relaxation. Brett climbs over Cadence and tribs her wet pussy. Cadence swivels around and licks Brett’s clit, then Brett grinds Cadence’s tongue until the girl cums in her mouth. Brett fingers another climax from Cadence’s sweet cunt!

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Dirty Masseur 8

Science Friction: Christy Mack is about to run her favorite massage programs on her hologram deck. When the program runs its fingers in between her legs, and into the crack of her plush butt, Christy gets so passionate the girl inputs the command for a deep and please fuck.

Scene Number: 1

The hottest adult performers getting the happiest of endings! White Yoga Pants: Mia Malkova was doing her daily yoga workout with her trainer Richie Black. The guy offered to help Mia out with a nice massage. The guy has around to rubbing her beautiful lubricious backside and big natural tits. This girl was so damn passionate that the girl had to get a flavor of the guys big cock! Try Before You Buy” Before Bill hires any women to work for him, the dude requires to make sure their massage talents are up to standard. Thankfully, Megan Salinas is a quick study, and the touch of Bill’s hands rubbing oil into her lubricious Latina ass stuffs her with excitement to fuck that very second. Amy’s Ass Massage: Amy Reid has booked herself a house-call from a filthy masseur who comes highly recommended by all her friends. This girl has started rubbing herself down. By the time Keiran showed up, her cunt was soaking wet and prepared to get banged hard. Horny Hosts Of Hell: Those filthy devils Alektra and Nikki dragged Johnny down to hell to get a piece of the guys big cock. They have laid the hunk on a table, and started rubbing down the guys oily body with their big tits. They are hoping to seduce the hunk with a nasty threesome so the dude will not once wish to leave.

Dirty Masseur 8 adult gallery

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