Lori Anderson – Country Girl Outfit

Country Girl Outfit adult gallery
This hot country girl outfit was bought by “Slim Tim” for Lori Anderson to model. Thank you! Lori took the outfit to model outdoors in the marsh land as it was a flawless sunny day for a country girl to get completely naked and sloppy in the reeds. As you can see, the girl has honestly dirty! This girls heels would not stay on as standing up – the girl was sinking just like quicksand.

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My Sex Life – Waitress

My Sex Life adult gallery Waitress
Lori Anderson had just gotten out of bed and was prepared to make her morning dose of tea. This girl enjoys role-playing and dressing up in hot outfits fantasizing about that moment. It was early in the morning and the girl did not quite know what the girl was going to make for breakfast so the girl started to brew some hot tea just as the sun was coming up. Lori enjoys to start her day off early sometimes. This girl had on this adorable little waitress uniform and could not wait for Kevin to wake up to view her in the kitchen prepared to wait on the hunk hand and foot! The guy woke up to the unspoiled smelling brew and walked into the kitchen with a big smile. Lori turned around and said “Can I take your order? Coffee, Tea, or Me, baby?” Of course the dude did not wait when the dude said the dude would have her! Lori relishes in playing with a morning woody just upon rising out of bed. Lori started to pour the hunk some Coffee as the girl turned away from the stove the girl could view the guys cock just lifting up in the guys boxers. This girl had her honestly high, clear “fuck me” heels on that made her look so tall that we think they were turning the hunk on as well. Lori started to undress very slowly getting off the waitress uniform and going right into for the sausage. Lori started gobbling on the guys cock making the hunk wetter and harder with her lips. Lori enjoys feeling cock jam down her throat so the girl sucked on the hunk harder and deeper and stroked the hunk at the same time. The guy was absolutely getting prepared to explode. It ended with a nice morning cum shot that has all over her hands, arms, thighs and floor. Lori licked up what was left cumming out of the guys cock – It was a nice creamy breakfast that is for sure.

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Check out my perv #1

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