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Oct 19, 2017


Lush Russian cutie Ani Blackfox heads out into her backyard pool completely naked so that the girl can enjoy the warm day. Slipping into the water, the girl paddles around until the girl understands that Matt Denae is seeing her petite dip. As the girl climbs out of the pool, Matt hands her a towel and then leads her into the shade so that they can take advantage of the pool furniture as indulging in long, slow kisses.

Gently lifting one of Ani’s thighs up so that her foot rests on a chair and her twat is open, Matt presses the guys hand to the heart of her desire. This guys fingers slide easily up and down Ani’s slick slit, opening her cream everywhere before sliding inside. With two fingers buried deep in Ani’s puss, Matt gently guides her backwards onto the couch so that the dude can dip the guys head and work her clitoris with the guys hard tongue.

Although Ani could let Matt feast on her cunt forever, she’s not about to leave the hunk without some oral pleasure. This girl urges the hunk to take a seat on the couch so that the girl can grasp the root of the guys cock and stroke the hunk as gobbling the head. This girls pumps are long and firm, as her head bobs lower and lower until her blowjob is a deep throat delight.

Urging Ani to stay on her hands and knees, Matt walks around the couch so that the dude is behind her. From that position it’s easy to slide deep within as the dude takes her doggy style. Settling the guys hands on her hips, the dude delivers long, sure jabs that fill her up to the brim and leave her panting for more.

Flipping onto her back, Ani lifts one leg high to rest over Matt’s shoulder. This new position gives Matt a alternate angle of penetration that is moan-inducing for each of them. The guy keeps working her towards a big climax, not once letting up as Ani arches her back in delight.

Taking a seat on the couch, Matt pulls Ani backwards until the girl is fully impaled on the guys fuck stick with her back to the guys chest. Ani understands just what to do, lifting and grinding her hips in a sensual rhythm that brings her to a second tit-quivering climax. Moments later, Matt loses the guys control as the dude stuffs Ani’s twat with a creampie of cum that drips out in a hot stream of love.

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Damon Dice is getting a nap on the couch when the guys tiny blonde teen girlfriend Elsa Jean finds the hunk lying there. Just the sight of Damon gets Elsa hot. Sliding her hand up, the girl cups her completely completely naked cunt underneath her miniskirt and thong. Then the girl gropes her tiny tits and decides to get up atop of Damon. Licking her way up the guys chest, Elsa gives the hunk the sweetest of awakenings.

Damon responds instantly, the guys cock growing hard as the guys hands reach down to cup Elsa’s slender bottom. This girl slides down the guys body once again, relieving the hunk of the guys briefs along the way. Taking the guys erection in hand, the girl laps up and down the guys rod and circles the head with her tongue before diving in. This girls long slobbing suction is a spark to Damon’s desire as her blowjob grows ever-more enthusiastic.

Leaning back to slip out of her dress, Elsa smiles with joy when Damon reaches out to cup her boobs and pinch her hard nipples. Pulling her close, Damon sweeps the guys tongue across one tight bud and then the other. Enervated, Elsa goes back to work on her interrupted blowjob.

When Damon leans Elsa back onto the couch and spreads her thighs, the girl reaches her hands up to cup her breasts. The guy pulls her g string aside to slide two fingers deep into her tight vagina, and then slides them down her long legs. Continuing to use the guys fingers to Elsa’s delight, Damon dips the guys head forward to add the guys tongue into the mix.

When Elsa’s cries of passion grow to a higher pitch, Damon replaces the guys tongue and fingers with the guys dick. Lifting one leg to give the hunk a better angle, Elsa meets Damon stroke for stroke as the guys powerful jabs rock her super petite body. Then the girl gets on her hands and knees so that the dude can push into her from behind. The doggy style cunt banging leaves her moaning with utter surrender.

Rolling onto the guys back, Damon pulls Elsa atop of the hunk so that the girl can slide down on the guys fuck stick. This girls erection ride starts out slow, but soon the pace picks up as the girl brings herself to another swift climax. Climbing off of Damon, Elsa sighs with pleasure as the dude reaches out one last time to cup her twat as the girl pumps the guys erection. Then the girl drops to her knees and starts gobbling until Damon satisfies her with a mouth full of cum.

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Busty joy Ivy Jones will whet your appetite and leave you passionate for more. The sweet swell of her boobs and her soft supple nipples will captivate you, as will the gentle flare of her hips as your eye wanders down her flat belly. This girls completely completely naked cunt is constantly creamy for a lover’s touch, making it easy to glide deep into her tight twat.

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Miley Cole and Ivy Jones have just gotten back from a shopping date. Now it is time for the girls to attempt on some of their new digs so that they can admire each other’s bodies with and without clothing. They take turns undressing down to their panties, sneaking in touches to each other’s tits as they hand off the next thing to try.

p>When Ivy turns around to slip on a dress, Miley hops onto the bed to lift her miniskirt and start massaging her completely completely naked pussy. Turning around, Ivy spies the delectable sight of her redhead lover masturbating and decides there’s no better time to join her. Soon the girls are locked in a deep, passionate embrace.

Pushing up Miley’s skirt, Ivy drops to her belly and slides her fingers to pick up where Miley’s left off. Finding her girlfriend’s twat nice and slick, Ivy leans forward to lap her tongue along the edge of her snatch. This girl dives in fully, licking in long pumps and stiffening her tongue to fondle Miley’s clit. It is not long before Miley is on fire with passion, arching her hips to give Ivy better access to her tan lined cunt until the girl explodes in passion.

Switching spots with Ivy, Miley makes sure to give her lover the same treatment that has just enjoyed. This girl starts by focusing on the heart of Ivy’s need, but the girl makes plenty of detours north to lick Ivy’s tits into her willing mouth. This girls long, slow licks gradually speed up as Ivy’s cries make her need clear. It is not long before Ivy’s hips are bucking with a body shaking climax.

Getting on her hands and knees, Miley gasps softly as Ivy goes back to work to bring her off a second time. This new position gives Ivy plenty of access to continue her sensual assault of Miley’s twat. This girl can also add in plenty of teasing to Miley’s ass with her hard tongue. Between her tongue and her fingers, the girl brings the redhead right to the brink of another climax.

Before Miley can cum, though, the girls turn to a magic wand vibrator for both of their delight. Pressing their pussies together so that they are scissoring, Ivy and Miley take turns holding the toy. Together, their groans of ecstasy fill the room as they climax in rapid succession thanks to each other’s carnal efforts.

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