Cumming For Dinner added to NubileFilms

Luscious Abby Cross has resolved to prepare dinner and dessert for her man. Dressed in a tight crimson dress total with a short miniskirt and high heels, Abby prepares her meal for her man Bruce Venture. The pair relaxes and relishes in a few glasses of wine before dinner, but time flies so fast that soon Abby’s meal is burning!

Fortunately, Bruce has something alternate in mind for the main course, and soon the guys and Abby’s lips are meshed in a passionate kiss that will lead to so much more. Clothes start flying as Abby undresses them both one piece at a time. After sliding out of her dress and bra, the girl relieves Bruce of the guys shirt and pants so that the girl can reach the true object of her desire.

Bruce’s cock is already rock hard when Abby pulls it from the guys pants, and the brunette takes advantage right away. Using her hand to pump her beau’s dick, the girl gets her warm wet mouth in on the action for a blowjob that pounds a breakneck pace.

Even as Bruce relishes in Abby’s oral pleasures, the dude can’t keep the guys hands off her tight body. Leaning forward, the dude pulls her sheer g string away to open the way for her to mount the guys long fuck stick and slide down until the girl is completely impaled.

Laying back on the couch, Bruce relishes in letting the guys woman take the lead for a few moment as the girl grinds him, but the dude can’t stay impassive for long. The guy rises to the guys feet, carrying Abby with the hunk so that the dude can place her on her back and dive in to her sopping hairless muff with the guys soft tongue. Moments later the dude slides back into her from behind and commences a proper cunt banging that leaves Abby moaning.

As their lovemaking grows more enthusiastic, Abby gradually makes her way back atop of her man so that Bruce can thrust up with hard fast pumps that make her whole passionate body quiver. As their carnal romp continues, Bruce and Abby constantly change up who is atop as they each take their turn setting the pace of their lovemaking, to each of their mutual pleasure.

When Abby has ultimately had her fill, the girl helps her man find the guys own ecstasy by kissing her way down the guys washboard abs and getting the guys cock back in her mouth. It only takes a few moments of that soft warm stimulation and then a few pumps in the tight glove of her velvety twat for Bruce to lose the last of the guys restraint. Pulling out at the last moment, Bruce jets the guys load all over Abby’s lush ass and cunt, covering her in the guys sticky love.

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