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Blonde teen cutie Katy Rose plays with brunette Lusila’s hair during a quiet afternoon, but soon the lesbian couple’s carnal urges get the better of them. Within moments soft hands are reliving warm bodies of their clothes in between passionate kisses that get them both fired up.

Taking the lead, Katy plants slow kisses on Lusila’s chest as the girl works her way down the brunette’s body to her ultimate goal of Lusila’s black thong. This girl slides it off, then settles in between Lusila’s parted thighs so that the girl can tease her woman by licking and gobbling the heart of her passion. Despite Lusila’s frenzied moans, Katy keeps up her slow and steady pace until her lover is writhing in ecstasy.

Next the girls switch places so that the tiny Lusila can have a turn enjoying Katy’s lubricious twat. This girl returns the slow and sensual treatment that the girl received, getting her time driving her woman wild as the girl licks and licks Katy’s clit.

When the girl has warmed her lover up so that Katy’s cunt is sopping with creamy juices, Lusila slides two fingers into her tight hole and uses gentle flicks of her wrist to massage her woman’s g-spot. Katy gets up on her hands and knees for a alternate pleasurable angle, and Lusila continues her slow and steady finger banging until Katy is screaming her climax.

Luscila gets another turn as Katy’s body still flutters with joy from her orgasm. This girl grinds her lover’s thigh, enjoying the pressure against her sensitized slit and the feel of Katy’s thumb against her clit. Soon Katy is able to recover from her boneless ecstasy enough to slide two fingers deep into Lusila’s semen hungry sheath and send her writhing into another joyous climax.

Now that they are both sated and satisfied, the two girls share a lingering kiss that cements their enjoy for one another.

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Brad Sterling is hard at work when the guys girlfriend Lily Rader lets the hunk know that it is time to take a break. Decked out in a sheer bra and g string and garters, the girl does every single thing the girl can to seduce Brad only to walk away in disappointment when the dude says no. This girl will get back at him, though, by getting some nasty selfies to send the guys way and masturbating her landing undress fuck hole as the girl hesitates impatiently for the hunk to have time for her.

When the girl peeks out of the bedroom and finds Brad jacking it to her picture, Lily understands the girl is ultimately in business to get the climaxes the girl is craving. This girl gets on her knees to work Brad’s cock with her soft lips and wet tongue, doing whatever it takes to let Brad know how much the girl wishes him.

Rising to her feet, Lily helps Brad to peel off the guys clothes as the girl works her bra off to free her tiny boobs. Brad’s hands are all over her body in a constant caress as the dude worships her each and every curve before leaning her over the desk. Once Lily is in position, Brad wastes no time in feasting on that flawless cunt before sinking balls deep into her tight twat.

Lily’s position is flawless to give Brad the chance to let the guys hands explore to her tiny tits as the dude works the guys hips for both of their pleasure. The music of their groans stuffs the room as Brad keeps up a hot horny pace. When the dude spins Lily over onto her back and then takes the time to once again lick and stroke her needy slit, the dude brings her right to the edge of a big climax before pushing her over with the guys hard dick.

Continuing to work that delectable snatch, Brad takes the guys pleasure with long pumps that leave them both tantalized. As the dude feels himself getting closer, the dude pulls out of Lily’s warmth and takes aim. The blonde reaches down to stroke her lover off, bringing the hunk the rest of the way to the inevitable semen explosion that the girl has been aiming for since the very start.

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Buxom blonde Summer Carter is dressed to go out with her date Bruce Venture when the girl spies a g string in the back pocket of the guys jeans. After an argument, the couple reconciles with some makeup sex that is instantly hot and heavy.

Bruce cannot keep the guys hands off of Summer’s full tits as the dude releases them from her bra and kneads the heavy globes. Next the dude slides her miniskirt up to slide her g string away from the fullness of her ass. After getting things slow to start, Bruce is quick to slide the guys pants down and push the guys big hard cock deep into Summer’s hairless pussy.

The stairs are all that hold Summer up as the girl groans her pleasure with the powerful jabs that the girl is receiving. This girls gasps kick up another notch when Bruce turns her around and takes her from behind at an angle that makes it easier than ever for the hunk to deliver a proper cunt pounding.

Soon the couple takes things to the landing in the stairs where there are plenty of things for Summer to hang on to as Bruce dominates her semen hungry twat with powerful pumps of the guys dick. Summer takes a time out to deliver a slippery wet blowjob with the help of her excited hands.

Now it is Summer’s turn to take charge and the girl does so with pleasure, sliding down on her lover’s cock and performing plenty of sensual moves with her hips. Soon the girl settles into a rhythm of boob bouncing ecstasy that only gets better when Bruce once again takes the reins and bends her over doggy style.

As Summer gets closer to her ultimate ecstasy, Bruce gets down on the guys knees and sends her flying over the edge with long sweeps of the guys tongue up and down her weeping slit and clever touches of the guys fingers to her sensitive clitoris.

Summer is not about to let Bruce go wanting, so the girl uses her tender hands and mouth to bring the hunk right up to the edge of the guys climax. Seconds later the dude loses control and cums all over her smiling face and mouth to mark the end of their delightful makeup sex.

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The Grind, Friday 1/13

The Grind

When blonde Lily Rader just cannot wait for her lover to be done with work, the girl puts on some sheer lingerie and starts sending the hunk nasty selfies in The Grind, our next upcoming film.

Those filthy pics have the expected impact on Lily’s guy, and it is not long before they are enjoying some sultry lovemaking right on the desk. Watching this nasty little piece of ass get her twat banged just as hard as the girl wishes is a real treat, particularly as her little pants and cries of excitement fill the room. You will absolutely wish to tune in for this one.

The Grind will be released on Friday, January 13. End your week on a high note with this hot hardcore scene.

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