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21 year old American ballerina Alexa Nova is touring in Europe and has been paired up with Ricky Rascal. Finding herself hot as hell for her new partner, Alexa decides to go for it when the girl understands the feeling is mutual. This girl is quick to accept the guys kisses and caresses, abandoning her practice in favor of enjoying the feel of Ricky’s hands on her tiny tits and the guys mouth pressed to her greedy clit.

Using the barre for balance, Alexa lifts one leg up to her shoulders to give Ricky as much room as the dude could imagine for the guys cunt feast. Rising to the guys feet, the dude slides into that tight twat and starts bucking the guys hips in a preview of things to come. First, Alexa sinks down to her knees to wrap her sweet lips around Ricky’s erection. When the dude lifts her to do a standing sixty-nine, the girl keeps gobbling as her cunt pulses with joy.

As they gear up for one last round of pleasure, they move to the couch. There, Alexa flaunts her flexibility by linking her ankles around her neck to give Ricky a wide open fuck hole to pound. This guys climax is fast on the heels of hers, leaving the hunk to jerk out at the last moment so that the dude can cover her boobs and belly with the salty evidence of the guys love.

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Cum hungry Katy Rose gets her tiny body all warmed up as the girl works out on the barre, but the girl permits herself to be distracted by her dance coach Ricky Rascal. Ricky enjoys seeing Katy work out, but the dude is even more into pulling up her miniskirt, peeling aside her thong, and feasting on her greedy completely completely naked twat. When Katy’s soft gasps of excitement fill the room, Ricky takes off the guys own clothes so that the guys hot little ballerina can lick the hunk off.

After demonstrating her exceptional flexibility, Katy gets completely naked as well. Giving her mouth a break, the girl climbs onto Ricky’s hard-on to give the hunk a landing undress ride in her tight twat. Moving her hips in a seductive rhythm, the girl uses the barre for extra balance as working hard for both of their pleasure.

Things get even kinkier when Katy gets up on her feet to let Ricky fuck her from behind. When the dude lifts her so that only the barre is helping hold her weight and then slams into her needy snatch, Katy can no longer hold back her ecstasy. It does not take long to find herself on her back with Ricky going to town on her slippery fuck hole as the dude works himself to the edge. Pulling out at the last moment, the dude lets Katy take aim and then blows the guys wad all over Katy’s soft belly.

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