Tan3 – Set 1 – Photo: Tan3 – Set 1 – Photo

Tan3 adult gallery Set 1 Photo Tuktuk Patrol Galleries
Flat-Breasted Asian Sucks Dick, Rides And Cums Like It is This girls 1st and Last

Mr Nice brings along a new Singaporean friend, Francis, to attempt the guys muster at laying and slaying Thai cunt on camera. Being a long-time big fan, the dude stepped up to the plate and accompanied the ranks of those that came, tried and conquered. What the dude did not know was that the dude was about to snare himself a lay-by that would long stand in our spank banks for years to cum.

We enjoy Tan’s beautiful tiny taut tits and particularly her desire for cock. It just cries out of a long-standing repression of desires. With a cunt so tight, one even wonders if it ever saw the light of day before. A story to be told to friends over drinks, UFC fights and football..


Tan, as the girl nicknames herself, was more than laid and slayed by our new stickman here. From gobbling the guys cock with a big dick-eating grin on her face. To also getting her cunt licked, banged and teased to point of it still being aroused with not a thing in it. You will be treated to a pleasantly invigorating barrage of this 23 year old Thai bundle of fun attempting out EVERY position her banging lilttle heart desires. All for yours and our benefits, of course.

TukTuk Patrol

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Sexy Blonde Having Sex On Vacation

See as my wild and wild evening turns from getting ignored by local Asians to a passionate SEXY BLONDE HAVING SEX with me in HER hotel room down the corner. Filmed with spyglasses and shower-cam, the girl was completely into it it all – including the filming! Such a tight little hole. Check it out now with this free sample video.


Dear Diary,
I had a wild and amazing night! Went to Chulia Street to party and ended up in a little disco bar with some local chicks and a lot of white girls. Of course, I focused first on the Malaysian girls but none of them were reactive to me. They were very busy with themselves and even if I tried to talk, they just did not answer. Idiots. Then, I started to focus on the white chicks. There was a group of German girls and one was particularly acting wild all the time, dancing and laughing. I focused on her and we ended up talking, flirting, kissing and ultimately this hot blonde getting sex with me back at her own room! SCORE!

I only had my spyglasses with me and my Olympus camera that has a rather wide angle to it. It was still good enough to shoot her as the girl was getting a shower and to film her when we were fucking. This girl did not give a fuck about me filming.In fact, I think that using these cameras honestly lets you guys all view what it is just like to be in my shoes and what a tight and tiny hole the girl has. Man. Hard to believe this girl is a MILF! And what a whore too! Just look at how much fun we had, talking German even.

Gave her the double-creampie treatment. Not at once but one time when I filmed and later again when we woke up. I then had to leave, as the girl had to check out! This was so much fun.

I am now back in my room and I am going to sleep again since I only has 2 hours of sleep at her place.

See you tomorrow on my last day here in Penang.

Asian Sex Diary

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Lita on Tuktuk Patrol – Set 5 – Photo: Lita on Tuktuk Patrol – Set 5 – Photo

THAI GIRL PHOTOGRAPHED Fucking Tuktuk Patrol adult Galleries
Slim Thai Girl Spins Tight Pussy Around Big White Cock

Hairy cunt THAI GIRL PHOTOGRAPHED getting completely naked and banged by passionate white tourist in Bangkok. 12 photos with nice views in and out of her splendid bra and panties plus watch her ride a big cock.


We are going to go out on a limb with a new friend Johnny that emailed us, wanting to attempt this out. The guy was inspired by our girls and our game. Mr Nice resolved to go-ahead and meet up with the hunk and view what kind of trouble the dude could get into. Not missing a beat, the boys has right to it and did not even have to go far to find some wanton 22 year old slender Thai girl that was looking to get into just as much trouble. We forever enjoy it when things work out this fantastic, don’t you? For being the guys first run at this, this was just like winning the lottery.


Johnny started off gobbling her sweet little tits and pinching those eye-poker nipples of hers. Such a happy and tender moment. Lita, however, was also smiling ear-to-ear as soon as J discovered her juicy warm cunt mound. Like the girl could hardly wait and ultimately has what the girl wanted. From there, it was a full-on leg-spreading pussy-fucking extravaganza that left this girl wound just like a spin-top and prepared to unleash. We get treated to visions of this slender Thai girl spinning that cunt tightly around the guys throbbing rod in each and every position possible. Such a fury of carnal thrills! Eventually, earning her a wad-blasting cumshot across her heaving stomach! Welcome aboard Johnny!Job artfully done!

TukTuk Patrol

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Brownie on Tuktuk Patrol – Set 3 – Photo: Brownie on Tuktuk Patrol – Set 3 – Photo

Brownie Set 3 Photo TukTukPatrol OFFICIAL SITE adult gallery
Brownie – we’re not being racist, that’s what they call her – is twenty-three years old, but does not look it with her tiny little body and braces. But the girl takes a thick white cock with a smile on her face that shows her experience.

TukTuk Patrol

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Filipina Sex encounter with insanely hot young girl

FILIPINA SEX Encounter with Insanely Hot Young Girl adult gallery Trike Patrol

Filipina Sex Enthusiasts Rejoice

Filipina Sex does not get much better than this. Grab your catch rag, boys. This week’s patrol is one for the ages. It is probably the best Trike Patrol 2017 video, hands down. Just look at this girl, would you? A total doll face and the kind of slender, taut body that each and every guy dreams of. If you recognize her, it is probably because the girl was seen on this very site previously. While the girl did not get banged on that appearance, the girl was a visible acquaintance of Scarlet, another Hot Filipina Pussy that has smashed a few months ago.  This girls name is Sabiera and I dare say the girl is even hotter than her friend. Of course cutie is in the eye of the beer-holder, but this girl is such a darling.

Because It Does not Get Much Better

As with most darlings the dude finds, King Baliw wastes little time with this one. The guy gets Sabiera within the guys trike and motors on to what would be the adult gallery of an epic Trike Patrol fuck-fest. Under the lights the girl is even more gorgeous. This girl is seriously something extra special. This girl just has an effortless cutie and sex-appeal about her. See her seductive eyes and tantalizing mannerisms. If I did not know her cunt has ravaged by a far larger cock than mine already, I might end my mongering ways and start sending Western Union support to this one. Of the many Filipina Sex videos I have witness over the years, this honestly is one of the best.

This Stunning Beauty Has It All

After KB teases this beautiful 20 year old with the guys words, the girl starts teasing us with her eyes and undressing. Sabiera reveals a body to die for, from head to toe. Then, pulling up her dress, the girl reveals a bald brown puki to travel 8,000 miles for. Fingering herself without inhibition, there is plenty of hot Filipina masturbating to savor. If you are any single thing just like me, what you are here for is the Filipina Sex, and that would be coming shortly, once some mutual oral offerings. Sometimes very lovely girls give lazy, uninspired blowjobs. Not Sabiera. Oh no, this LBFM was a cock-hoovering pro! This girl gave an absolutely wicked blowjob to KB’s fortunate pecker. I still do not know how the dude lasted all the way through it’s slippery twists and turns. Plenty of sexy eye-contact as well. The stuff of wet dreams.

Everything A Man Could Want

The Filipina Sex freak honestly came out in her once The King’s cock penetrated her from behind. The groans and fuck-faces this girl makes are completely banging mental! Remember what I advised at the beginning? Better make that two catch-rags. I fapped twice to this myself and I watch a lot of adult galleries. After a good long pummeling from the rear, the girl climbed aboard KB’s flesh stick and rode just like a possessed demon. I thought the guys cock was going to break. That is how hard this girl flailed up and down on it. An unquenchable nympho by each and every measurable characteristic. This is the kind of Filipina Sex experiences guys leave their wife, kids and mortgages for. You know what I am talking about Jack.

When Great Filipina Sex Ends With a Bang

No great Filipina Trike Patrol would be total without a glorious ending however. Now, for certain, King Baliw lived up to the guys reputation as a Pinay cunt banging hero once more. But part of being a hero is knowing how to finish big. Moments before the climax, we get sizzling hot POV views of the hunk smashing Sabiera’s cunt in missionary. This girls beautiful face wincing and moaning with unbridled pleasure, mouth agape. The camera pans down to her pussy as it is being pumped harder and faster than before. Finally, we hear The King’s groans of glory as the dude unloads deeply into her soaking wet fuck-box. Both still heaving with shortness of breath, we then view a close-up of the battered battlefield, literally overflowing with guy gravy. Sabiera sits motionless, as her involuntarily spasming hole regurgitates it’s latest deposits all over the bed sheets. Proving at least 2 things true once again: That not a thing is better than Filipina Sex, and few things are worse than being an Angeles City hotel maid.

Trike Patrol

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