Hairy Asian Teen returns for another pussy thrashing

HAIRY ASIAN TEEN returns for another cunt thrashing adult gallery Trike Patrol

Hairy Asian Teen Khay was picked up and skewered by King Baliw’s hefty white cock just a few months ago here. Well, don’t you know it, the girl had the fortune of running into another one of our Trike Patrol guys again. I guess when you are a adorable youthful teenager in need of transportation, you will hop in a trike with just about anybody. Little did the girl know, the girl was on course for a second appearance on the World’s Most Infamous Filipina adult site.

John sets out on the guys Puki-hunt the same way we forever do – by finding a trike. As the dude motors down the dusty streets of Angeles City, the dude passes by Pinay women of all shapes, sizes and fuckability. The most difficult part of patrolling is deciding which Filipina to stop for. The guy ends up seeing a slender, bleach-haired cutie crossing the street in front of him. The guy did not realize it yet either, but the girl the dude approached was none other than cute, 19-year old Khay. If you saw her first┬áTrike Patrol┬ávideo, you know her cunt was probably just healing up!


It is safe to say Khay is not the shy type. Yes, the girl comes off somewhat aloof, but this is a girl who has been around awhile, if you know what I mean. Totally comfortable with strange foreigners, Khay did not waste much time with any pretense before jumping in the trike with John. This girls hot eyes and wry smile said all that needed saying really. This was a scoop up and quick mindless fuck session in the making and the girl knew it.

Back at the short time hotel, Khay told us a little bit more about herself than the first time, and then reminded us why her first appearance was so beloved by the Trike Patrol faithful. This was a damn hot Hairy Asian Teen. This girl knew how to walk, how to talk an how to strike a boner-inducing pose. This girls cause was helped further by the sexy lingerie John had her put on. I know some of you enjoy not a thing more than to view a unspoiled youthful Pinay all dressed up in slut-wear and stockings. I enjoy it too!


John had the honor and privilege of inspecting and cataloging this hirsute Asian teen cunt up close and personal. The guy stroked her tufts of wispy black pubic hair, and then parted her snug-looking cunt lips for the world to see. What a glorious pink gash the girl has! Like freshly sliced roast beef, right out of a steaming oven. If you held your ear close enough, you could probably hear the orgasmic gasps of each and every guy who has been fortunate enough to bury himself inside.

Her wonderful hirsute pink hole needed to wait a bit longer to get punched, as the girl gave John an oral servicing for a bit. When the dude did begin nailing her, we has close-up side-views of that hirsute Asian teen pussy being battered. Oh, it is the stuff of wet dreams I tell you. Tight vice-grip just like suction her cunt had on that cock. That is why you get with a Filipina teen, even a well-traveled one just like Khay here. This girl climbed atop of John’s pole and rode off lustfully in the afternoon sunset. A great little brown ass on this tiny babe, I have to say.

After banging her from behind some, and a little reverse cowgirl with ass-slapping, John withdrew the guys mutton-dagger and stroked out the guys throbbing load all over Khay’s lovely face. As I forever just like to say, all is artfully that ends artfully with a hot sticky facial here on TP!

Trike Patrol

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