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Feb 20, 2018


Check out hot mom Dani Dare as she;s dressed to go out on the town. This girls tight dress with its short miniskirt flaunts her great body and big boobs. The only thing better than that dress is seeing this bigtit mom undress down to her high heels so we can admire her completely completely naked cunt.

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FTV MILFs Charley – Cheerleader Look

Charley on Released Feb 13, 2018
Beautiful blonde Charley was quite new to the industry. FTV MILFs was introduced to her in the dining room area where the girl gave a little tour of her panties, bending over and letting them peek out before the girl lifted up her green dress to show off those legs! This girl had a definite cheerleader look to her, and FTV MILFs filmed Charley unveiling her big 34D boobs to show off for us. This girl was a shy woman and we saw that come out when the girl slipped out of her panties, but the girl was down to give things a try! FTV MILFs filmed Charley up on the kitchen counter with her thighs spread wide open as the girl rubbed herself with her fingertips – we noted her clitoris swelling from the stimulation – then the girl tried a magic wand type vibrator. Being fairly new to using sex toys it took her a little bit to adjust to the sensation, but once the girl did the girl fully enjoyed the toy, coming to her first climax of the day, and the girl just kept the toy on herself afterward, too!

Next was a textured glass toy for penetration play, followed by a larger black rod which the photographer used as the girl buzzed her clitoris with a buzzing toy at the same time for another orgasm, this time with her natural juices flowing afterward. Next, FTV MILFs filmed Charley in sheer black g string panties and a bra, the girl admired her full-length reflection in the mirror and adjusted her hair. On the couch the girl took her boobs out and attempted to lick her nipple, a first experience for her.

Next the girl pushed her limits a bit, seeing how many fingers the girl could fit inside. This girl went up to three fingers but prefered going back down to two for comfort with her tight vagina. In her final adult gallery of the day FTV MILFs filmed Charley meeting the ultimate in vibration, the powerful Vibraking toy!

Charley was a newcomer to the industry who was on the shy and nervous side, but the girl did not let that stop her from exploring and playing and sharing her new experiences here on FTV MILFs.

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FTVGirls Archive Update: Aali

Aali on Released Nov 22, 2017
When we were introduced to Aali we were treated instantly to a sensual breast massage and we noted how incredibly erect and pert her nipples were, and it quickly turned into a solo masturbation session as the girl rubbed herself in bed with her fingertips! We also noted traces of pearly white breast milk on her nipples as the girl played and it was clear that Aali was lactating in this shoot.

Next FTVGirls filmed her with a black magic wand type vibrator. This girl spread her thighs on the bed and used the toy to stimulate her sensitive clitoris until it brought her to a strong shuddering climax with visible contractions! After that we view her getting changed into lacy sheer white lingerie and wielding a large magic wand. This girl hopped up on the kitchen counter with her very shapely boobs popping out of her top, and used the toy to buzz her privates right through the thin fabric of her panties and again we noted pearls of milk lactating from her nipples. After the panties came off FTVGirls filmed her masturbating above the sink, and we saw her milky wetness as the girl used the toy and hasd another nice climax – even using her own milk as lotion for a kinky twist. Next the girl gave us a tour of her breasts, talking about their development and using coconut oil to massage herself as artfully as using an ice cube to rub her nipple. Afterwards was a milk parade as we saw her lactate onto the camera lens, squirting onto a glass wall and of course all over herself! After a brief rest FTVGirls filmed Aali meeting the powerful vintage Vibraking toy, using it to tickle her erect nipples first – we note the stimulation made her lactate freely again – and then getting off her panties to vibrate her milky pink privates as artfully for a long solo masturbation session, culminating in yet another strong orgasm. To finish off the day FTVGirls filmed Aali outside as the girl did a little public flashing, lifting up her skirt to show the girl was not dressed in panties and tugging down her top to expose those flawless breasts. This girl did some public nudity play with rubbing, enjoying the excitement of being out in the open, then used her breast milk to spray one of the office windows! After one last orgasm, this one in public using her fingertips, the girl bid us goodbye.

Aali was a beautiful and extremely carnal woman who loved sharing her fun with us, in this very kinky lactation-rich shoot here on FTVGirls!

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FTV Girls Sabina – Beauty In A Petite Package

Sabina on Released Feb 13, 2018
A total first timer who has not once done any adult work before – and surprisingly, the girl has only had sex with one guy… enjoys girls instead – has her first shoot with FTV Girls, and wow is the girl gorgeous! We first view her comfy in a adorable bra and panties, and realize how taut and flawless her form is. This girl teases us with her hot body, then reveals a taut pair – very perky, full C-cup boobs with the most attractive nipple’s you have ever seen! This girl then masturbates naturally with her fingers, ending up with a nice climax with strong vaginal contractions! We then get to view her very beautiful private parts, as the girl exposes her clitoris for us up close as artfully as finger banging her lubricious vagina. This girl then is introduced to a large dildo, and it is obviously a lot bigger than any single thing the girl has ever had before! This girl gives it a blowjob and deepthroat, then starts penetrating herself slowly, working most of the big thing within her! Notice how her tight pussy attempts to accommodate the large toy. This girl bangs herself with it until the girl cannot take it anymore.

Going outdoors for a run, we view her in a sporty style, until the girl undresses completely naked and teases us some more! This girl then demonstrates some naked yoga, and we get all the hot views. Then something rather kinky and different: This girl starts bouncing on a workout ball, but its has a cock penetrating from it! This girl has it enter her vagina, as the girl grinds and bounces on it! You get all the good penetration views, and the girl absolutely gets off on it. To finish off, the girl dances around to music in the nude, and wow does that taut body look good in motion! More to come of this super-cute girl.

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Getting myself off for you

I had not had sex in over 2 weeks and so honestly needed to get myself off. Come and join me as i use my selection of sex toys on my cunt and my tight little ass. Jessica – Getting myself off for you – Tube Video
Jessica - Getting myself off for you

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Blonde Babe added to Anilos

Blonde and big tittied MILF Dani Dare does not look just like her 50 years. Instead this artfully preserved cougar is still flaunting her big titties and cock hungry completely completely naked cunt at any opportunity. See her peel off her bra and miniskirt and kick off her high heels until the girl is completely naked and prepared to rumble.

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