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Step Siblings Caught - Spilt Milk - S5:E9

Step Siblings CaughtSpilt Milk – S5:E9

featuring Davina Davis.

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Oct 17, 2017


Davina Davis and her stepbrother Logan Long argue over breakfast, causing the milk to get spilled. Logan puts in the guys headphones and kneels on the floor to clean up the mess. When the dude reaches up to hang on to the stool, the dude slides a finger into Davina’s creamy twat and starts finger banging her. Although it feels good, Davina slaps the guys hand away and adjusts her panties and miniskirt. Then the girl peels off her shirt and demands that Logan wash it.

Later, Davina walks in on Logan jerking the guys cock in the bathroom. They argue, but Davina leaves to change her clothes. When the girl is completely naked in her bedroom, Logan stumbles into her from behind and finds himself banging the guys stepsister. This girl enjoys the guys big dick, and leans over on the bed so the dude can pound into her properly.

Now that they’re committed to banging each other, Davina and Logan hold not a thing back. This girl rolls onto her back so Logan can grope her tits as the dude hammers her trimmed snatch. Then the girl pumps the hunk for a few moments before climbing onto the hunk for a cock ride in her greedy fuck hole. When the girl has gotten off, Davina kneels in front of Logan and uses her sassy mouth and tiny hands to bring the hunk to the brink. The guy cums in her face, much to her displeasure, and the girl kicks the hunk out of her room.

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Trick Or Treat Taboo Threesome – S5:E10 added to StepSiblingsCaught

Cadey Mercury is getting a sleepover with Alex More. The girls change into their pajama’s as complimenting each other’s choices in underwear. Alex looks particularly hot in her nearly-lingerie matching bra and thong. They are getting prepared to watch a video when Cadey’s stepbrother, T Stone, suggests that they watch a massive adult movie. When the video starts to get scary, T puts on a Halloween mask and pulls down Alex’s clothes to finger her from behind. Alex keeps as quiet as the girl can with Cadey right beside her. Even when T whips out the guys erection and starts banging her, Alex does not make a sound. The guy only leaves when the dude has permeated Alex’s tight twat with a creampie of cum.

Later that night, Cadey understands that the girl is still frightened from the movie. This girl goes to get T to sleep with them in the living room so that the girl feels safe. The guy comes with her, but the guys price for protection is that the dude pulls Cadey’s underwear down and slides the guys fingers into the guys stepsisters snatch. When the dude has spread her cream everywhere, the dude rolls her onto her back and slides balls deep into her greedy twat as Alex sleeps beside them. When Alex wakes up, the girl is instantly interested in joining them.

Positioning herself atop of Cadey’s face, Alex gasps in joy as her girlfriend goes to work with her mystical tongue in time to T’s thrusts. Then the girls switch spots so that Cadey is bouncing on Alex’s mouth as T bangs her. Getting on her hands and knees, Cadey relishes in T’s attention from behind as once again burying her face in Alex’s muff. Fully satisfied, the girls work together to give T a double blowjob that ends in a mutual facial of semen.

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Taboo Cock Hero – S6:E1 added to StepSiblingsCaught

T Stone is in the middle of a marathon solo masturbation session with the inspiration of an online video that gives the hunk a beat to jerk off to. When the guys blonde teen stepsister Kenzie Reeves walks in on the hunk masturbating, the girl challenges the hunk to last two minutes as seeing her boyfriend fuck her. T accepts Kenzie’s challenge, then one ups her by saying the dude could last even if the girl was naked. Kenzie is game to keep escalating the bet with a hot striptease.

Once Kenzie’s panties hit the ground, the girl caresses her tiny tits and hairless pussy. T still has not cum, so the girl drops to her knees to stroke the hunk off. Leaning forward, the girl puts her mouth to work as well. Even that does not bring T off, so Kenzie lays on the couch and spreads her thighs so the dude can bury the guys fuck stick balls deep in her completely completely naked taboo twat. Soon the pair is banging at a hard fast pace that gets Kenzie moaning about her enjoy for T’s big taboo cock.

Getting on her hands and knees, Kenzie turns around so that T can fuck her from behind. The adult keeps playing in the background, providing a sensual backdrop that helps T keep up the flawless rhythm. The guy brings Kenzie off, and then barely pulls out of her passionate sheath before exploding all over her back. Kenzie considers herself the winner since T has not reached the end of the Cock Hero video.

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Taboo Fucking with My Step Brother – S6:E2 added to StepSiblingsCaught

Blonde teen Emma Hix and Moka Mora are hanging out in Emma’s bedroom getting selfies. The two girls take their clothes off and put other clothes on as they attempt them on with each other. Meanwhile, Emma’s stepbrother Logan Long plays a prank by putting saran wrap over the toilet and then starts recording the girls as masturbating. Later, Emma falls victim to the guys prank and the girls agree to get the hunk back by drawing on the guys cock as the dude is asleep.

Later, when Logan lays down for a nap, Emma and Moka make their move. They unzip Logan’s pants and jerk the guys cock out before drawing on it. The guy wakes up and demands that they clean the hunk off. They get on their knees and wipe the guys erection with panties. When that does not work, they start spitting on the hunk and jerking until the dude covers them both with a shot of cum.

When the girls reconvene in their bedroom and start talking about it, they realize that they are both turned on by what happened earlier. Emma shows Moka her double sided dildo, and they agree to attempt it out together. Emma has a bit of experience with other girls as Moka does not, so Emma takes it upon herself to show Moka how much fun it can be to kiss girls and play with their breasts.

As they both get hotter and hornier, Emma peels off Moka’s g string and slides the rod into her tight twat. Moka’s hairless cunt is wet and ready, particularly as Emma pumps her girlfriend’s clitoris and then starts licking it. Soon Moka’s groans fill the room and the girl whimpers to Emma that the girl is going to cum.

Encouraged by what the girl discovered with Emma, Moka decides it is her turn to attempt things out. This girl kisses Emma into the position the girl wishes her girlfriend, and then slides the toy into her completely completely naked twat. Setting the rod down, Moka caresses Emma’s boobs as Logan sneaks in from behind and starts taboo banging the guys stepsister without her knowledge.

When Emma understands that it is not a rod banging her cunt, the girl orders Logan to keep the guys mouth shut and make her cum again. The guy is happy to oblige, banging away at that greedy fuck hole before giving Moka the same treatment. When Moka gets on her knees with Emma laying underneath her, Logan bangs her into orgasmic bliss as Moka feasts on her friend’s snatch. Moments later, Logan gives her a creampie of semen that drips into Emma’s mouth.

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Cheer Squad – S6:E3 added to StepSiblingsCaught

Lily Adams and her teen friend Maya Bijou are admiring their new cheer uniforms. They decide to attempt them on without knowing that Lily’s stepbrother Kyle Mason is watching. Faced with two hot girls in uniforms, the dude cannot help masturbating as the dude stands there. Maya eventually notices him, but the girl stays silent. To reward her, Kyle lifts her miniskirt and slides her g string aside so the dude can finger fuck her creamy twat. When the dude whips the guys cock out, Maya gladly lets the hunk fuck her from behind.

Unable to content himself with just one hot girl, Kyle reaches out to caress the guys stepsister’s taboo ass. Lily is happy to let the hunk slip the guys fingers deep within as the girl thinks it is Maya. Just as Lily explodes around the guys fingers, Kyle reveals the guys presence much to her consternation. The next morning, Kyle intrudes on the girls’ sleepover to attempt again with the guys taboo stepsister. The guy gets her shorts off, then slides into her as the girl is on her hands and knees.

When Maya wakes up and understands what is happening, the girl cannot wait to join in the action. This girl climbs on the bed and peels off her g string so Lily can feast on her soft twat. Later, the girl licks Kyle’s fuck stick clean and takes it for another spin. Caught up in their threesome, the trio holds not a thing back when it comes to pleasuring each other. Kyle plays hunk for as long as the dude can, then Lily invites her stepbrother to fill her with cum.

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