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Alex Blake is flirting with her friend Carolina Sweets’s stepbrother Kyle Mason when the dude calls the guys stepsister ugly. Later, the nineteen year old girls come up with a plan to fuck with Kyle’s head: They get completely naked and tell Kyle that they are paralyzed and that they need the hunk to use some lotion to massage them until they are loose. Kyle drops the lotion onto Alex’s belly and rubs it into her tits and landing undress twat. When Kyle moves on to give Carolina the same treatment, the girls expose that they can move.

Alex whips out Kyle’s erection and starts gobbling as Carolina watches. This girls jerking hands and slobbing mouth entice Kyle to accept Alex’s blatant invitation when the girl spreads her thighs and invites the hunk in. Watching the show they put on leaves Carolina passionate and daring, and when the girl presents the guys ass to the hunk in a taboo challenge the dude gladly takes her up on it. Soon the dude is balls deep in the guys sister’s creamy taboo fuck hole, banging away as Carolina groans her deep excitement. Eventually Carolina spins onto her back to watch Kyle banging her, an unbelievable sight that somehow gets her hotter than ever.

As Carolina comes down from her powerful climax, Alex takes her place in front of Kyle on her hands and knees. This guys hips thrust overtime to please the blonde coed as the girl buries her face in Carolina’s creamy pussy to feast on her friend’s juices. When Kyle has played hunk properly to completely please Alex’s needs, the two girls get onto their bellies and work together to deep throat the guys big dick. Their combined efforts bring the hunk off, priming the hunk to shower them in a hot double facial of cum.

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Kiley Jay and her friend Carolina Sweets are in bed together when Carolina starts jerking Kiley’s belly and breasts. When Kiley is not completely into it, the girl offers to go seduce Kiley’s stepbrother Van Wylde instead. Carolina becomes even more determined when Kiley reveals that Van has one ticket to an EDM festival and decides to view if Van will give her the ticket rather than Kiley. The girls relocate to Van’s room where they attempt to win the guys affection.

Once Van figures out what the girls are up to, the dude offers the tickets to the girl with the best tits. Kiley lets Van feel up her boobs, and once a brief hesitation the girl accompanies Carolina in gobbling and jerking her stepbrother in a double blowjob. Carolina takes her time undressing herself and Kiley and then escalates things further by suggesting that they fuck Van.

Kiley wishes the ticket badly enough to agree, and it is not long before the girls are getting turns bouncing on Van’s face and erection. When they have each gotten off, they work together once again to bring Van to climax until the dude pounds Carolina’s face with the guys cumshot. Only then does the dude expose that the extra ticket is for the guys friend, meaning that all of their efforts were for nothing.

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Tyler Nixon spies on the guys 20 year old Canadian stepsister Marley Brinx as the girl is on the toilet, and the girl freaks out. The guy watches her get completely naked to take a shower, as telling the hunk that the dude cannot get a girl off. The guy keeps spying on her as the girl soaps up her medium tits and flat belly. This girl pays extra special attention to her landing undress pussy.

When Tyler ultimately leaves the bathroom the dude finds Marley’s collection of adult sex toys strewn throughout her room. The guy almost gets caught when Marley comes to her bedroom to masturbate, but the dude hides at the last minute and gets quite a show when the girl uses those sex toys on her lubricious fuck hole. Once the girl is completely lost in the throes of passion Tyler takes the guys chance to finger fuck the guys stepsister. When the girl starts banging herself with a dildo, Tyler substitutes the guys taboo cock for her toy to prove the dude can get her off.

By the time Marley understands that the girl has been banging Tyler the girl is far too passionate to stop. This girl agrees to get the hunk off, bouncing on the guys hard cock and then laying on her back with her knees up to her shoulders so the dude can pound her deep and hard. Once the dude has brought her off again, the girl licks the guys taboo member until the dude gives her a mouth full of semen to enjoy playing with.

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