– Bratty Blonde Sister – S6:E3 added to

Bratty Sis - Bratty Blonde Sister - S6:E3

Bratty SisBratty Blonde Sister – S6:E3

featuring Lexi Lore.

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Jul 20, 2018


Lexi Lore has agreed to help her stepbrother Logan Long with the guys homework since the girl borrowed the guys car. This hot blonde teen has other places to be, so the girl tells Logan to do it himself. Logan sees the opportunity to take a alternate form of payment from the guys stepsister. Pulling out her tits so the dude can squeeze the round nipples and tweak her pierced nipples, Logan tells her he’ll accept getting her instead. It takes Logan time to find Lexi’s clit, but he’s determined to learn.

Kneeling in between Lexi’s thighs, Longa attempts working the guys tongue as one hand kneads Lexi’s fair skinned tit. When Logan tells her to lick the hunk off, her braces-filled mouth is full of laughter. This girl complies with the guys request, opening her sassy mouth and letting the guys hand guide her moments as the girl pumps the hunk off as gobbling the tip. Working her way towards a deep throat BJ, Lexi proves to Logan that she’s plenty experienced in the art of pleasuring her partners.

When Logan tells her to get on her hands and knees on the couch so the dude can fuck her from behind, Lexi complies. This girl finds herself quite fond of her stepbrother’s big dick, which makes it an easy ask for her to give the hunk a cock ride in her completely completely naked twat. When Lexi arranges herself on the couch with her thighs spread so wide she’s practically doing the splits, Logan holds not a thing back until the guys stepsister is screaming her climax. In return, Lexi gets back on her knees and lets Logan stroke himself off until the dude showers her face with a big cumshot.

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My Family Pies - Family Vacation Sex - S3:E5

My Family PiesFamily Vacation Sex – S3:E5

featuring Abella Danger and Gia Love.

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Jul 18, 2018


Abella Danger her stepbrother Logan Long, and their adopted sister Gia Love are on a family vacation and they have been promised a trip to the pool as soon as their parents return. When Abella calls the shower, Gia decides to put her bikini on right in front of Logan. Flashing her tits and hairless twat, the blonde coaxes Logan to get naked, also. The guy can’t conceal the guys erection as the dude peels off the guys clothes, and Gia is stunned by the size! Hopping onto the bed, the girl spreads her thighs and starts rubbing her clit. Logan soon accompanies her jerking the guys flesh as they indulge in some mutual masturbation.

Reaching out to help Logan with the touch of her soft hands, Gia invites her adopted brother to lick her pussy. The guy agrees to give her a taste, and moments later has the guys face buried in between Gia’s thighs where the dude works the guys tongue until Gia’s hips are bucking with the joy of her climax. That’s how Abella finds them. Abella freaks when the girl finds her adopted sister and stepbrother banging, but soon the girl decides to join in on the fun since Logan’s big cock is a temptation the girl can’t resist. Leaning in to kiss Gia and get the nipples of her big tits sucked, Abella reaches down to start masturbating her landing undress pussy as the girl relishes in the show. As her body comes down from the second climax, Gia drops to her knees and deep throats Logan until gives her a facial that almost blows their whole gig.

Later that night, the trio gets up to another round of hijinks when Gia invites Logan into the bed to fuck. This girl relishes in some spooning sex until Abella wakes up and insists that the girl wishes to be part of the action this time. Gia initially obliges her adopted sister by going to town eating out her crema permeated twat, and eventually the girl gives up her turn at Logan’s cock to let Abella have a cock ride that leaves her cumming. Resting her head in Abella’s lap so the brunette can hold her ankles back, Gia gets her bald pussy banged until Logan stuffs her with a creampie of the guys love.

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Step Siblings Caught - Caught Fucking My Step Sister - S7:E8

Step Siblings CaughtCaught Fucking My Step Sister – S7:E8

featuring Alexa Grace.

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Jul 17, 2018


Alexa Grace and her stepbrother Kyle Mason are sharing a room as their home is being remodeled, and it is not going artfully for either stepsibling. Alexa requires her privacy to take care of masturbating her always-horny fuck hole, and the girl has halted caring if Kyle sees her doing it! When they are told by their mom to stay in their room until it is cleaned up, Alexa gives a mental shrug and starts undressing so the girl can get herself off.

Kyle isn’t about to let the guys stepsister have all the fun. Hopping onto the bed, the dude pulls the guys sausage out and starts jerking it. Alexa can’t keep her eyes off Kyle’s big dick, and eventually gives in to the impulse to join the hunk on the bed so the girl can take the guys pleasure into her hands and mouth. Once that sassy mouth is engaged gobbling and deep throating the guys cock, Kyle starts pushing to take things to the next level.

Horny as hell and knowing her stepbrother can please her needs, Alexa discards her panties and settles her tiny frame over Kyle’s cock so the girl can take each and every inch of the guys erection into her bald twat. Riding just like a true cowgirl as the girl attempts her stepbrother out forwards and backwards, Alexa eventually falls onto her back to let Kyle bring her off one last time. The guy has just pulled out to finish all over Alexa’s pussy and belly when their mom walks in on their hot stepsibling bonding.

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Bratty Sis - My Knockout Step Sister - S6:E2

Bratty SisMy Knockout Step Sister – S6:E2

featuring Alex Blake and Gracie Green.

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Jul 13, 2018


Alex Blake and her friend Gracie Green are getting a bra and panties pillow fight when their fun is interrupted so Alex’s stepbrother Logan Long can study in peace. The girls steal Logan’s study materials and then double team the hunk with pillows in a way that knocks the hunk out cold. The girls take increasingly-naughty selfies with Logan until the dude comes to and finds Gracie jerking the guys cock. The guy invites her to start licking and sucking. Before long, Alex is enticed to join in on the fun.

The girls start with a double blowjob, but Gracie wishes more. This girl hops on Logan’s cock as the dude continues to lay there, bouncing on the hunk as Alex lays beside her masturbating to the sight of her best friend banging her stepbrother. Once again Logan invites Alex to join in, and eventually the girl agrees to peel off her bra and take her own cock ride with her stepbrother’s cock buried in her landing undress snatch.

After the trio narrowly avoids getting caught, they hold not a thing back in their hardcore threesome. Gracie scoots to the edge of the bed so Logan can fuck her completely completely naked twat, then the girls kneel side by side to give their hunk the choice of which fuck hole to pound first. Turning around to put her nasty mouth to work teasing Logan’s cock as the dude bangs the guys stepsister, Grace is eventually rewarded with a pool of semen to lick up when Logan cums on Alex’s ass.

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My Family Pies - Freaky Family - S3:E4

My Family PiesFreaky Family – S3:E4

featuring Carmen Caliente and Gia Love.

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Jul 11, 2018


Gia Love understands her mom is a control freak, and Kyle Mason and Jake Adams know their daddy has no spine, but when her parents adopt Carmen Caliente, the foursome find themselves in a true blended family. The quartet attempts to deal with their overly-stern parents as their mom dresses them in identical outfits. Carmen has had enough, so the girl suggests that if their new parents wish to be freaky then they can play that game, also.

The girls are the first to lock lips, but soon each girl has picked a guy with whom to make out. As the two girls wrap their lips around their chosen guy’s hard dick, the patriarch of the blended family spies on them. Knowing full artfully that they have eyes on them, the girls each lick their way to a blowjob cumshot before kissing deeply to share their mutual prize.

Later, when Carmen’s adopted mom attempts to get stern with her Carmen talks back. The family’s patriarch agrees that the guys wife requires to be taught a lesson, so the dude sits her down and tells her to watch as the quartet of passionate youths gets down and filthy together right in front of her. From making out to another round of blowjobs, this time the kids take it a step further. IT’s not long before Carmen and Gia are each bouncing on their hunk of a stepbrother and getting their greedy pussies banged from behind. These stepkids won’t stop until each girl has a creampie of cum right in front of their parents, who found the whole show inexplicably arousing.

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Step Siblings Caught - Sisters Conquest - S7:E7

Step Siblings CaughtSisters Conquest – S7:E7

featuring Carolina Sweets.

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Jul 9, 2018


Carolina Sweets is one hot number who understands just what the girl wants, and in this case that’s her stepbrother Cody Steele. This girl attempts making cookies dressed in a provocative outfit that highlights her tits and taut ass, but Cody is unmoved. Later, Carolina arranges herself in a bra and panties and covers herself with a blanket before inviting Cody to join her seeing TV. Cody accepts, but makes himself scarce when Carolina reveals her scanty outfit.

Finally Carolina gets her way when the girl corners Cody in the guys bedroom and requests if the dude thinks her bra and panties are hot. With eyes only for Cody’s obvious hardon, Carolina pulls it out and urges Cody to indulge in some simultaneous masturbation. As Cody becomes more comfortable, Carolina coaxes the hunk into letting her have a flavor of the guys erection that gradually becomes a full deep throat BJ.

Climbing onto Cody’s fuck stick, Carolina leans back and rubs her tiny tits as her hips do all the talking. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl give Carolina total control at the beginning, but when the girl gets on her hands and knees Cody is quick to keep banging the guys stepsister from behind as admiring her big ass! Rolling onto she’s still quivering from her climax, Carolina takes another round of fun in her completely completely naked twat until Cody pulls out to cover her mound with a shower of cum.

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Bratty Sis - My Sister And This girls Friend - S6:E1

Bratty SisMy Sister And This girls Friend – S6:E1

featuring Lexi Lore and Pepper Hart.

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Jul 6, 2018


Justin Hunt has forever had the hots for the guys stepsister Pepper Hart. Who could blame the hunk when the super petite redhead is sizzling hot? When Justin gets the chance to watch and record Pepper slip her bra and g string aside to masturbate until the girl cums, the dude takes it. Pepper chases the hunk off, but Justin understands he’ll have to spy on her again.

He gets the guys chance when Pepper’s friend Lexi Lore comes over for a sleepover. The perky blonde is into Justin’s advances, so when the dude wheedles the guys way into seeing the video with the girls Justin gets a hands-on exploration of Lexi’s tight ass. The guy whips out the guys cock and climbs atop of Lexi to start banging her. They get away with it for a while, but eventually Pepper notices.

Lexi calms her friend down with a long kiss that gradually seduces Pepper into joining in. Getting Pepper to lay down, Lexi buries her face in her girlfriend’s landing undress twat as Justin bangs Lexi’s hairless pussy until she’s trembling. When Justin ultimately gets the chance to fuck the guys stespsister as Pepper’s mouth is busy fondling Lexi’s twat, the dude can’t believe the guys luck! It gets even better when the girls work together to stroke the hunk off into an climax that gives both girls a facial they can share.

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Daddy's Lil Angel - Yoga With Daddy - S2:E5

Daddy’s Lil AngelYoga With Daddy – S2:E5

featuring Pepper Hart.

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Jul 5, 2018


It’s difficult for Cyrus King to ignore the guys smoking hot stepdaughter Pepper Hart as the girl practices yoga in front of him, but the tiny coed is absolutely interested in her stepdad’s attention. This girl teases the hunk with provocative positions, rolling so her thighs are in the air and her yoga pants strain over her tight ass and completely completely naked pussy. When her pants split to expose her cream permeated twat, Cyrus understands the dude can’t hold out another minute.

Eager to please her daddy, Pepper gets on her knees and wraps her lips around Cyrus’s shaft. This girls gobbling and jerking lead to more as the girl assumes a yoga position that lets Cyrus slam into her from behind. Filling the room with her moans, Pepper rocks back to meet her stepdad’s pumps before rolling onto her back to take the guys big fuck stick in her chocolate starfish.

Her tight ring squeezes Cyrus with each and every stroke as the dude bangs her ass. Getting to her feet and lifting one leg in the air, Pepper gasps with excitement as her stepdaddy brings her to the edge. Then the girl finds herself bouncing on the guys big cock as it’s still buried in her ass until she’s screaming as the girl cums. Putting her mouth back to work, Pepper licks hard and fast until the girl brings Cyrus to the brink of a climax and gets her face drenched in a hot shower of jizz.

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Moms Teach Sex - Teaching The Exchange Student - S8:E7

Moms Teach SexTeaching The Exchange Student – S8:E7

featuring Samantha Hayes and Sofie Marie.

Added On:

Jul 2, 2018


Samantha Hayes, a foreign exchange student, hides a camera in the living room before starting trouble to view what the girl can record. This girl calls Lucas Frost, the host family’s son, and requests if the girl can watch TV. Lucas says the dude wishes to play video games, but Samantha lets the hunk know the guys stepmom deleted the guys profile. As he’s getting a meltdown in the living room, Sofie Marie comes out to view what the commotion is. This girl attempts to console Lucas and reason with him, but when her nipple pops out and Lucas latches on to it, the girl understands that’s the best way to calm the hunk down.

Eventually Lucas slides the guys hand underneath the guys stepmom’s miniskirt to feel up her landing undress twat. Sofie lets the hunk do what the dude wants, even once the dude pulls out the guys erection and slides it into her greedy twat. When Samantha walks in on them getting spooning sex, Sofie freaks out and runs away as pleading the exchange coed not to say anything. Samantha offers to keep quiet if Lucas lets her enjoy the charms of a well-hung American stud. Soon Samantha is deep throating the guys erection in an great blowjob. Loving the way Lucas’s cock feels, Sofie bares her landing undress pussy and slides down on the guys fuck stick so the girl can ride the hunk with long pumps of her fuck hole.

Sofie walks in on the couple indulging themselves and doesn’t think twice about joining in. The girls deliver a double blowjob to Lucas as the dude leans back and lets it happen. Then they kick off a hardcore threesome where both Sofie and Samantha get plenty of cunt banging to please their lusty requires even as they bury their faces in one another’s muffs. As the girls wind down their pleasure, Lucas gluts the guys stepmom with a creampie. Only then does Samantha expose that she’s been recording the whole time.

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Step Siblings Caught - Sister Gets Off - S7:E6

Step Siblings CaughtSister Gets Off – S7:E6

featuring Eliza Ibarra.

Added On:

Jun 30, 2018


Eliza Ibarra just wishes some time to herself, but it’s nearly impossible with her annoying stepbrother Justin Hunt around. This girl attempts masturbating in the living room, but her stepbrother finds her and watches for a tiny bit before making himself known. When the dude attempts to get Eliza to take the hands that had been fondling her slippery completely completely naked twat and use them on him, Eliza retreats to her room.

Later, Eliza attempts to finish what the girl started by pulling up her miniskirt nightgown and masturbating in her bedroom. Once again Justin walks in on her and finds himself hard and horny. This time, though, there’s nowhere for Eliza to run away and Justin refuses to leave. This girl ultimately offers the hunk a blowjob if he’ll just go away afterwards! When Justin accepts, Eliza pulls the guys big cock close and starts sucking. This girls head bobs as Justin grabs her hair and guides her strokes.

When it takes Justin too long to cum, Eliza eventually agrees to fuck the hunk so he’ll leave. This girls landing undress fuck hole is tight and wet as Justin slides in. As the dude relishes in the feel of the guys stepsister’s medium tits in the guys hands, Justin flexis the guys hips to keep the motion of the ocean going. Eliza wishes to cum, too, so the girl gets on her hands and knees for a deeper doggy style fuck. Then the girl climbs onto Justin’s fuck stick so the girl can get off again as the dude relishes in the show of the guys tall stepsister bouncing on the guys hardon. Climbing off, Eliza once again goes to work with her mouth until Justin gives in to the guys release and gives her a facial of jizz.

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