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Nov 17, 2017


Sweet and tiny coed Lacey Channing has an angelic appearance that you’ll love. She’s a nasty little thing as her clothes start coming off, with her soft tiny boobs and a hairless cunt that is forever dewy with the moisture of her womanly juices.

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Haley Reed In A Daughters First Love

Startled Daughter bolts upright in bed and pulls covers up to her chin and requests tentatively and fearfully, What is the matter Dad? Father slurs and says, My girl, my beautiful girl, and staggers towards her. Things will not once be the same at home.

Scene Number: 1

Haley is in the bed asleep in a darkened bedroom dressed in only a t-shirt and panties. Father comes in with a drink in the guys hand.

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Punish Me Please added to BadTeensPunished

Alex Harper is acting out and her stepdad Marcus London is sick of it. The guy attempts spanking her, but all that does is get Alex’s passionate cunt nice and wet. Later, when the girl is in the shower the girl cannot help but start rubbing her soft skin with the soap. This girl presses her tits to the shower door. Things are just starting to feel real good when Marcus finds her again.

Pulling her out of the shower, Marcus bends Alex over the guys knee so the dude can spank her once again. This time with Alex completely completely naked the dude can feel how wet the girl is getting from the guys punishment. The guy whips out the guys erection so Alex can get on her knees to lick the hunk off.

Bending Alex over the tub, Marcus pounds into her from behind. Then the dude spins her onto her back to take the guys cock in that position. When Alex climbs atop of Marcus, the girl gives the hunk an erection ride in her landing undress fuck hole until the girl is screaming with pleasure. Then the girl drops back to her knees to take a facial of semen as Marcus blasts off on her face before making sure the dude gets the final say in their argument.

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Road Trip Ep 2 added to BrattySis

Katya Rodriguez and her stepbrother Brad Sterling continue on their family street trip. This time, they stop to pick up their adopted cousin, blonde teen Lily Rader, so they can take her to college. Lily instantly starts flirting with Brad since the girl thinks Katya is sleeping. This girl flashes her tits at the hunk and is quick to join the hunk in the bunk that the dude is lounging in. Soon Brad is finger banging her hirsute pussy. Whipping out the guys dick, the dude slides into her from behind.

Urging Brad down into the chair on the lower part of the RV, Lily hops back on her cousin’s cock so the girl can ride the guys erection as rubbing her clit. The guy brings her off, banging her cunt until her whole body is bucking from the force of her climax. Then the girl drops to her knees to lick Brad off. At the last moment Lily’s hand jerking the guys erection makes Brad cum as the guys cock is aimed all over Katya’s face. This girl makes it known that the girl is awake, but her cousin is there to lick her clean.

Now that the two girls have started touching each other, they are both open to some taboo extended family threesome action with Brad. They work together to give the hunk another blowjob, then take turns bouncing on the guys dick. They then alternate in between which girl gets to have her cunt banged on her back as eating out the other. Brad bangs Lily so hard that the girl cannot help but explode again! Moments later, the dude cums within her to fill her with a hot creampie. The rest of the roadtrip is passed in companionable silence.

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Moms Hot Pie added to MomsTeachSex

Stunning mom India Summer is cooking up a storm. This girls stepson Logan Long finds the pie India has made and decides to have some fun with it. Poking the guys finger into the crust gives the hunk some ideas. Soon the dude has pushed the guys hard cock into the soft filling to fuck the pie. India walks in on the hunk in the act. Dropping to her knees the girl attempts to rub the pie off the guys dick. When the girl understands how sticky it is, the girl licks Logan’s dick, also. Moments later, Logan pulls back and gives the guys taboo stepmom a facial of cum just in time to run away before the guys daddy walks in the room.

Later, Logan’s family is eating Thanksgiving dinner with Emma Hix, Logan’s blonde teen girlfriend. Logan is feeling daring, so the dude reaches underneath India’s miniskirt to stroke her slit. This girl is nice and wet, and Logan’s fingers easily slide deep inside. Meanwhile, Emma is in the mood to flirt as well. This girl reaches her foot out to caress Logan’s cock as Logan keeps on finger banging the guys taboo stepmom.

As soon as Emma has an opening when no one is seeing her, the girl slides under the table. Logan pulls the guys erection out, and soon Emma has wrapped her mouth around the tip. Sucking and stroking, the girl even manages to deep throat Logan’s big dick. They almost get away with it, but India gets up to start clearing the table and catches them. When Logan’s daddy will not discipline the two lovers, India takes matters into her own hands.

Whipping Logan’s erection out once again, India decides to show Emma some better moves than the ones the girl observed. Soon the two girls are getting turns slobbing Logan’s cock. Their clothes gradually come off until both girls are nude. Emma’s panties are the last to go when Logan helps her up onto the couch to feast on and finger fuck her creamy hairless teen pussy. Meanwhile, India reaches forward to watch Logan and offer plenty of step-motherly advice.

As Emma grows closer to cumming, Logan slides the guys erection deep into her tight sheath as India rubs her clitoris until the girl cums. Then, since India has the opportunity, the girl decides to teach Emma a thing or two about cunt licking. As Logan keeps banging away at Emma’s teen snatch, India climbs atop of Emma’s face so that her landing undress MILF twat is in flawless position. Then the girl guides Emma through the art of carpet munching until the blonde has earned a passing grade.

The girls take a brief break as they take turns gobbling Logan off again, but India is not about to let their lovemaking session finish without getting her rocks off. Getting on her hands and knees, the girl encourages Logan to deliver a proper banging to her taboo MILF pussy. Meanwhile, India continues to make Emma’s day as the girl licks and pumps the blonde’s greedy teen twat.

Spooning with the guys taboo stepmom from behind, Logan keeps up the guys job as the personal hunk of two beautiful girls as Emma plays with the guys balls and tantalizes India’s clit. Then India helps Logan to a seated position on the couch and guides Emma down atop of the guys fuck stick. This girl gives the hunk an erection ride that brings her off yet again. When Logan is about to cum, the dude stuffs Emma’s cunt with a creampie that India licks out so the girl can snowball the delicious treat with Emma.

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Family Camming

Before Christmas we wanted to make a bit of extra cash for the holiday. My daughter Akira had been doing some stuff on cam and I asked if I could join her.

Scene Number: 4

Next thing we knew we had a collection of regulars paying to direct our sex acts live. Of course when Hope, Sierra and Jessie found out they resolved to join in the family fun also. We started doing streaming live shows on a regular basis and recording them for our fans. Here is every single thing from mom daughter action to full family taboo threesomes. If you are into audience directed LIVE taboo sex and lots of blowjob action this ones a must have!

Family Camming adult gallery

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Cock Hero added to StepSiblingsCaught

T Stone is in the middle of a marathon solo masturbation session with the inspiration of an online video that gives the hunk a beat to jerk off to. When the guys tiny blonde teen stepsister Kenzie Reeves walks in on the hunk masturbating, the girl challenges the hunk to last two minutes as seeing her boyfriend fuck her. T accepts Kenzie’s challenge, then one ups her by saying the dude could last even if the girl was naked. Kenzie is game to keep escalating the bet with a hot striptease.

Once Kenzie’s panties hit the ground, the girl caresses her tiny tits and hairless pussy. T still has not cum, so the girl drops to her knees to stroke the hunk off. Leaning forward, the girl puts her mouth to work as well. Even that does not bring T off, so Kenzie lays on the couch and spreads her thighs so the dude can bury the guys fuck stick balls deep in her completely completely naked taboo twat. Soon the pair is banging at a hard fast pace that gets Kenzie moaning about her enjoy for T’s big cock.

Getting on her hands and knees, Kenzie turns around so that T can fuck her from behind. The adult keeps playing in the background, providing a sensual backdrop that helps T keep up the flawless rhythm. The guy brings Kenzie off, and then barely pulls out of her passionate sheath before exploding all over her back. Kenzie considers herself the winner since T has not reached the end of the Cock Hero video.

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