TeacherFucksTeens – Goodbye Graduation

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Bambino has just graduated, and the guys big tits blonde teacher Ashley Sinclair wishes to give the hunk a special gift to reward him! Knowing the dude would be a fool to turn it down, Bambino relishes in participating as Ashley undresses down to her bra and g string and then gets on the ground to lick the guys cock just like a Hoover!

After her deepthroat adventure, Ashley shucks the rest of her clothes and then hops on her desk so that Bambino can fulfill her dreams by giving her a proper cunt banging right in her office. This girl turns around to get her pussy stuffed from behind, and then the couple moves things to the couch so that Ashley can get up aboard and ride Bambino as her big tits bounce.

Now that the girl has ultimately fulfilled all of her naughtiest dreams, Angel gets one final gift from her former student. This girls throbbing cunt walls milk Bambino’s climax as the dude is still buried deep in her tight twat. This girl cannot let any of that cum go to waste, so when the girl climbs off of Bambino and feels the guys semen drip onto the guys cock the girl makes sure to get on her knees and lick the guys fuck stick clean.

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TeacherFucksTeens – Mischievous Mentor

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Nineteen year old Aspen Ora and Johnny Castle are at a party with their big tittied MILF Spanish teacher, Ariella Ferrera. Ariella tells a scary story about teens that were murdered in the home to lure the group upstairs. When they hear a funny sound, all but Aspen and Johnny nopes out of there so that they are alone with Ariella.

Sensing an opportunity to play matchmaker, Ariella takes the opportunity to help Johnny seduce Aspen by touching her soft hairless cunt underneath her miniskirt and panties. The girls then team up to get Johnny’s cock out for a lusty double blowjob That leads the way to Johnny ultimately getting the chance to sink balls-deep into Aspen’s creamy pussy just just like the dude has forever dreamed. Things only get better when Ariella gets a turn at getting her cunt pounded.

That kicks off a lusty threesome where each of the girls get to streaming live out their wildest lusty dreams with Johnny as their willing stud. By the time they are done, there’s only one last thing to do: Let Johnny get off. Laying side by side, Aspen and Ariella open their mouths in preparation to have Johnny cum all over their faces as the dude releases the guys orgasmic ecstasy.

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TeacherFucksTeens.com – Teacher Gets Caught added to TeacherFucksTeens.com

TeacherFucksTeens.com - Teacher Gets Caught
When tiny coed Hollie Mack films big tittied MILF teacher Brandi Love making out with her coed Johnny Castle, Brandi will do any single thing to keep her secret from getting out. This girl recognizes Hollie as the girl that is banging another teacher, so the girl decides to make sure Hollie’s cell phone has incriminating video of both of them. Hollie hesitates at first, but eventually the girl agrees to undress off her bra and g string so that the girl is completely naked on her own cell phone video. Now that the girl has Hollie naked, Brandi isn’t about to quit ordering her coed around.

She tells Hollie to get down on her knees, and then guides her student’s hand so that she’s jerking Johnnie’s cock. Soon enough the girl has coaxed Hollie’s head down to give Johnny a deep throat blowjob. Always excited to enjoy herself, Brandi hands the camera off to Johnny so that the dude can film both girls gobbling the hunk off.

Once Johnny is quivering with excitement, Brandi bends Hollie over the desk as an offering to fuck her. The guy spends a bit of time eating her out, but Brandi is impatient to watch the hunk fuck Hollie so eventually the dude rises to the guys feet and sinks the guys cock into the warm wetness of Hollie’s snatch.

As much as the girl enjoys watching, Brandi isn’t about to be denied the cunt banging that the girl desires. Hopping onto the desk, the girl spreads her thighs so that Johnny can fill her landing undress pussy with the guys big cock and then go to town pumping the guys hips. Hollie soon finds herself on her knees licking Brandi’s twat as Brandi continues to find ways to coax her to help out.

Next, Hollie sinks down onto Johnny’s lap and gives herself a cock ride as Brandi flaunts her beautiful ass for Johnny’s pleasure. Brandi is hungry a ride of her own, and Johnny is happy to accommodate if only so the dude can watch her enhanced big tits bouncing.

Still not quite convinced that Hollie is going to keep her mouth shut, Brandi orders her to lay her face down on the desk and take another cunt banging from behind. By this point Hollie is obviously enjoying it as indicated by her groans and the smile on her face. Johnny is enjoying it, too, since the dude can’t hold back any longer. The guy pulls out of Hollie’s pussy just in time to cover Brandi’s giant tits with the load of cum the girl has been craving.

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TeacherFucksTeens.com – Truth Or Dare added to TeacherFucksTeens.com

TeacherFucksTeens.com - Truth Or Dare
Scarlet Red and Chad White arrive at Karla Kush‘s home to pick up a donation that the girl has promised, but Karla has other ideas. This girl invites the two students to hang out and play truth or dare, and they agree with some reservations. Their truth questions get more and more personal, so it is no surprise that when a person chooses dare things get nasty fast!

Chad dares Karla to kiss Scarlet. When the two girls are done locking lips, Karla dares Scarlet to lick Chad’s cock. Scarlet agrees, and soon the girl has peeled off her shirt and bra to make it even sexier as the girl swallows Chad’s cock just like a pro. When Karla accompanies in on the fun, Scarlet and Chad are happy to invite a third member to their lovemaking.

Soon Karla is peeling Scarlet out of the rest of her clothes so that the coed’s shorts and g string are on the ground. Karla does away with her own g string next, leaving both of their pussies open for the fun to come.

Up on her hands and knees, Scarlet is the first to be banged by her boyfriend. This girls first few groans are loud and proud, but soon Karla has encouraged her coed to muffle those joyful sounds by burying her face in Karla’s landing undress snatch.

When Karla climbs onto Chad’s member for a cock ride of her own, the girl cannot hold back her gasps of pleasure that only grow hotter as Scarlet leans forward to lick her teacher’s chocolate star. It is soon obvious that Karla honestly enjoys getting Scarlet slap her ass, a move that Scarlet is perfectly happy to continue making. Thanks to Chad’s willingness to play hunk and Karla’s hip bucking bouncing on skills, the passionate teacher is soon gushing her pleasure all over the place.

Wanting some of that cock for herself, Scarlet climbs on for a ride of her own. The lusty coed’s tanned toned body is soon throbbing with ecstasy as Chad and Scarlet work together to bring her to the edge of her endurance and then help her over the edge to orgasmic bliss.

The threesome is not quite finished yet. Laying back on the couch, Karla spreads her thighs and invites Chad to go to town banging that cock hungry pussy. Chad is happy to deliver on that request, and soon Karla is once again artfully on her way to pleasure town. Scarlet doesn’t wish to be left behind, so the girl parts her thighs for a cunt banging of her own.


Scarlet’s groans of bliss and the throbbing of her inner walls are just what Chad requires to get off. Pulling out, the dude covers Scarlet’s belly and Karla’s waiting face in the guys seed so that both girls are soaked with the evidence of the guys love.

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