After School Special added to TeacherFucksTeens

Pristine Edge finds her coed Ulan with whom the girl is in an illicit relationship waiting for her once school. This girl tells the hunk to go, but Ulan insists on giving her a hug and a kiss. They are nearly interrupted by a janitor, so Pristine shoves Ulan under the table. The guy takes advantage of the guys new position to push up her miniskirt and bury the guys face and fingers in her hairless pussy.

As soon as the janitor leaves, Pristine returns the favor by dropping to her knees in front of Ulan. This girl pumps and licks the guys hard cock. Soon, Pristine finds herself bent over her desk with Ulan banging her cum hungry cunt from behind.

After Pristine gets on her knees to lick Ulan off again, the girl whips out her full boobs and shoves them together for a titty fuck. Since Ulan is seated anyway, the girl climbs onto the guys erection and starts bouncing on the hunk as her tits shake in their bra. Turning around, Pristine keeps going as the janitor returns. This girls hips move of their own accord as the oblivious janitor keeps cleaning. Ulan gets bolder, propping Pristine on the desk so the dude can stand in between her thighs and fuck her. As soon as the girl cums, the girl gets on her knees one last time to take a facial of Ulan’s semen just in time for the janitor to catch them in the act.


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School Playtime added to TeacherFucksTeens

TeacherFucksTeens adult gallery School Playtime High Definition Videos
Lucy Doll and Tyler Nixon are getting measured for costumes by their teacher Alexis Monroe so they can be in the school play. This girl requires Lucy to take her top, miniskirt, and panties off for the most accurate measurements. Tyler is also asked to get out of the guys clothes. Little do they know that their teacher is working to get them both in bed.

Before Tyler understands what is happening, Alexis is on her knees gobbling the hunk off. Lucy wishes in on the action, and soon both girls are gladly getting turns deep throating the guys cock. The girls decide that they wish even more, so Tyler quickly finds himself testicles deep in Lucy’s tight little twat as the dude bangs the guys classmate and watches her eat their teacher out.

That kicks off a lusty threesome where Tyler and Lucy do whatever Alexis tells them as the girl shows them how to find the ultimate pleasure. The two girls take turns feasting on one another’s fuck holes as Tyler pounds away at the other’s lubricious snatch. When the dude has satisfied them both, they reward the hunk with a double blowjob that brings the hunk to the guys own climax that covers both girls’ faces in a stream of hot cum.

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Final Farewell added to TeacherFucksTeens

TeacherFucksTeens adult gallery Final Farewell High Definition Porn Videos
Pristine Edge has called in Ryan Ryder and Jillian Janson so that the girl can tell her students that the threesome affair they have been enjoying requires to come to an end. Although they are disappointed that they will not be able to play with their teacher any longer, Ryan and Jillian talk Pristine into one final romp and the girl agrees.

Pulling Ryan’s cock out of the guys jeans, Jillian and Pristine get down on their knees and work together applying their hands and soft mouths to produce the flawless double blowjob. In in between licks and lick the girls work each other’s tops off until they are both completely naked from the top down. When Jillian stands up so that Pristine can jerk off her thong, the blonde teacher shocks Jillian by diving in for a brief cunt licking. Of course Jillian wishes to return the favor!

Hopping onto her desk, Pristine spreads her thighs and invites Jillian in for a hairless cunt feast. Jillian is happy to oblige, as Ryan takes advantage of Jillian’s exposed bottom to slide the guys cock up and down her slit until it is drenched with her juices and then to push himself home in Jillian’s needy twat.

Next Jillian makes sure that Pristine gets as much of the D as the girl wishes by getting Ryan’s cock in her hand and guiding it right up to Pristine’s fuck hole. Ryan is excited to slam himself home, and soon the dude is buried balls-deep as Pristine goes to town feasting on Jillian’s lubricious snatch.

A cock ride in Jillian’s landing undress puss is the next order of business as Pristine pays plenty of attention to her student’s perky boobs and rock hard nips. The pleasure is so great that Jillian just cannot help but squirt her joy all over the place. Moments later, Ryan pulls out just in time to let loose a fountain of semen that Pristine greedily licks form the tip of the guys dick.

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TeacherFucksTeens – Goodbye Graduation

TeacherFucksTeens adult gallery Goodbye Graduation High Definition Porn Videos
Bambino has just graduated, and the guys big tits blonde teacher Ashley Sinclair wishes to give the hunk a special gift to reward him! Knowing the dude would be a fool to turn it down, Bambino relishes in participating as Ashley undresses down to her bra and g string and then gets on the ground to lick the guys cock just like a Hoover!

After her deepthroat adventure, Ashley shucks the rest of her clothes and then hops on her desk so that Bambino can fulfill her dreams by giving her a proper cunt banging right in her office. This girl turns around to get her pussy stuffed from behind, and then the couple moves things to the couch so that Ashley can get up aboard and ride Bambino as her big tits bounce.

Now that the girl has ultimately fulfilled all of her naughtiest dreams, Angel gets one final gift from her former student. This girls throbbing cunt walls milk Bambino’s climax as the dude is still buried deep in her tight twat. This girl cannot let any of that cum go to waste, so when the girl climbs off of Bambino and feels the guys semen drip onto the guys cock the girl makes sure to get on her knees and lick the guys fuck stick clean.

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