Nice Girls Swallow

Mila Beth (aka ‘Myla’) is back! The hot 21-year-old is now working as a flight attendant. This girl was on layover and called to say the girl just had to come by and eat some more cum. Our fortunate day! Lots of hot banging and gobbling leads to a big nasty facial!

Scene Number: 3

23-year-old spinner Cassidy Klein from Orange County, California has not once been in front of the camera before. Ray discovers that the girl absolutely LOVES to lick and fuck! Cassidy licks the guys cock, then Ray lays her back, bangs her hard and fires a hot load of cum down her throat! Hot! Jessi, a beautiful 19 year old student, is all natural and on the prowl. I do my best to show her a good time and give her what the girl wants, a good hard fuck and a mouth full of cum. I gave her a big load and the girl still wanted more, so I gave her another. Nice! Let me introduce you guys to Holly: 19 yrs old, with nice B cups and a tight little pussy. This little gem came to me when I was interviewing for a secretary. Holly took dick-tation just like a deep throat pro, and then I filed my cock into her tight little pussy. A nice girl, with a filthy mind. Nadia Synn (aka ‘Bailey’) runs off with Thomas for a quick trip to Hawaii! Nadia is prepared for some cum and the girl does not wish to wait any longer. This girl licks Thomas’ cock before the dude slides testicles deep into her tight, wet cunt, then smiles and swallows a hot load! Later, Nadia slides down and licks Thomas off in the car for load 2! Aloha!

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Family Affairs 2

You only streaming live once, and you have to cherish the time you spend with your family. For example, If your passionate sister in law wishes to ride your cock until the girl cums, that is certainly some quality family time you would not wish to miss.

Scene Number: 3

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Happy Endings 2

The Ass On Adriana It is nice to chill out and kick back with Adriana, so we let her take the reins and show us exactly how the girl enjoys to have it done, starting with showing us a little piece of heaven. What makes us even more excited is the girl has brought Keiran along to show the hunk exactly how to treat a fine work of art just like Adriana’s ass.

Scene Number: 2

Don’t Bring Your Sister Around Me – Keiran has forever hated the guys wife’s sister, and Nicolette hates the hunk right back. But the girl understands revenge is a dish best served hot. During her stay the girl teases the hunk behind the guys wife’s back and even licks the guys cock, but not once lets the hunk cum! How much of this teasing can Keiran put up with? Trapped and Fucked – When Nicole wishes cock not a thing can stop her from getting it. This girls next target is Charles, who has no concept why this adult star is following the hunk in public. After trapping the hunk on a roof the girl clues the hunk in by getting completely naked and banging the guys brains out. Your Princi-Pal – Melissa is adamant about the fact that the girl sees not a thing wrong with being the school slut, and no one agrees more than Preston Parker — once all, the dude is her princi-pal! Preston decides to sooth Ms. Moore the only way the dude understands how – by giving the whore and her beautiful tits the undivided attention they deserve! Bell Dancing 4 Big Dicks – Kissa Sins is a woman of many talents, including blowjobs, dick-taking and cum swallowing. Who knew the girl could also belly dance you under the table? See her shake and grind for your pleasure before the girl takes on Johnny Sins.

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Hit the Books With These Sexy Librarians

Do you think librarians fuck?

That is the aggressive, on-the-nose question posed on the back cover of VCA‘s Midnight Librarians. Such a rhetorical query does not honestly need an answer, but in case there was any doubt, you need not look any further than any of the librarian-themed adult flicks we sell at AE. It is National Library Week – and today is specifically National Library Workers Day – so we thought we would take a look at the five all-time bestselling hot librarian movies in the Adult Empire archives. It is a wonder they have time to collect any overdue fees or reshelve any books. Here, the Dewey Decimal System starts and ends with 69.XXX.

Midnight Librarians (VCA)

Midnight Librarians adult video

Prolific director Jim Holliday helms this noir-ish detective mystery that does not seem to fully justify the title Midnight Librarians, since its connection to that theme is tangential at best. Holly Hollywood plays an L.A. private investigator tasked with finding a wayward librarian. Plenty of rimming, toe sucking, and lesbian action ensues! Numerous detours take us away from the main plot, but it does return to a library-themed adult gallery in the movies second half. Evan Stone is masturbating on a library couch and is interrupted by Kristina Black, who decides helping the hunk out is a better option than scolding him. Though probably a little too plot-heavy for modern adult audiences, it is a fun throwback for fans of vintage VCA features.

Cover to Cover (Wicked Pictures)

In Cover to Cover, Jenna Jameson plays a shy, withdrawn librarian, but do not let that make you think the girl dresses the part! As Adult Empire’s in-house reviewer Special K noted at the time, her hot attire is not an outfit I have ever seen on a librarian, but who would be stupid enough to cover up Jenna Jameson for even a second in frumpy gear? This is a adult for goodness sake! Well said! Jameson’s character lives out her dreams through books, which permits varied sex scenes such as a Civil War-era hookup, a 1950s hot car sex adventure, and more. This is presumably the only adult video where a copy of James M. McPherson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Civil War book Battle Cry of Freedom plays a significant role. If Ken Burns had mentioned that in the guys famous Civil War documentary, we might have paid more attention in class.

Fuck The Librarians (Bluebird Films)

Fuck the Librarians adult video

Sexy specs and fun British accents? Be still my beating heart! Fuck The Librarians sets up sex scenes in exactly the entertainingly corny manner you would expect from a video with a library theme. The opener finds Demetri XXX returning a book that is a whopping six years overdue. Paige Ashley informs the hunk that the library has scuttled fines in favor of simply paddling people who bring back overdue books. The guy takes the spanking just like a champ, but once the guys pants are off, things move in a predictably hot direction. Other scenes find yet another illicit library masturbater getting busted plus all sorts of hardcore banging in among the stacks.

Lesbian Librarians (Zero Tolerance Ent)

According to data from the U.S. Census, a full 83% of librarians are female. We are not sure whether that breakdown leads to an increased interest in lesbian experimentation, but that is absolutely where Lesbian Librarians puts its focus. Val Dodds is leafing through a copy of The Book of Mormon in the opening scene, but that soon gets tossed aside when Kimberly Kane sits down beside her. The highlight is absolutely the closing scene, starring Cherie DeVille and Dillion Harper. Cherie’s lascivious gaze, combined with the longing way the girl chews on the end of her pen, creates an atmosphere of lustful anticipation as prepares to pounce on adorable – but not so sweet – coed Dillion. DeVille’s oral sex game is absolutely on point here, but we are not so sure the girl would last very long as a librarian, given how prone the girl is to seducing nubile patrons!

Bibliophile (Filly Films)

Bibliophile adult video

It is another round of book-oriented lesbian fun, but this time with a kinkier twist! The term bibliophile is taken to its literal outrageous here. The introductory adult gallery finds Elizabeth Thorn and Missy Minks roaming the Sexuality section of the stacks, thumbing through numerous volumes and finding carnal satisfaction in their smell and touch. Later, they unleash all their Sapphic desires in a bed drenched in books – as bemoaning the fact that they could not get busy in the bookstore itself. Books remain close by all the remaining scenes, which include action as varied as light BDSM, sex toy play, and more. For the true bibliophiles of the world, this is a must-watch!

Cuckold Fantasies

Will is making a supper for Lisa and her boss Prince Yahshua. Lisa comes into the kitchen and notices that Will forgot the one thing that the girl asked for. Lisa gets honestly pissed at Will and then offers herself to Prince for dessert.

Scene Number: 3

When Dana’s husband brags about the guys golf game, Dana shows the hunk that the Caddy honestly gets the prize. Chad makes Natasha her favorite breakfast. But when the dude brings it up to her there is a big black man in bed with her. Chad freaks out and Natasha starts to fuck just like a rock star. India’s husband has no concept about ANYTHING and is completely useless! Good thing Jon Jon is there. Once Jon Jon is done fixing the sink, India figures that the girl can get her pipes cleaned as well.

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Cum Swallowing Auditions 20

Sexy 19 year old Lacy Rae was back from Chicago and was prepared to play! Lacy had been practicing her cock gobbling talents and the girl could not wait to show Ray what the girl had learned. After gobbling the guys cock, Lacy bent over and let Ray give her a good hard banging before the dude permeated her lovely teen mouth with cum!

Scene Number: 4

J.C. Simpson (aka Scarlett) was 18 years old and looked just like a super model. This girl loved to give head! You just could not keep your cock out of her greedy mouth. This girl dropped down to her knees for Thomas and did what the girl loved the most, then the dude bent her over and banged her luscious pussy. Two big loads blasted her mouth and the girl was happy to eat all that cum! Kaycee Brooks was here to blow Ray’s socks off! A beautiful girl with oral talents to match her looks, this girl knew how to take care of business – cock gobbling business that is! This was a passionate girl to be sure. Ray gave her both barrels when it was cum time and that made her very happy! 19 year old amateur Cindy Lou (aka Kiera) was from the great state of Georgia and the girl had not once been on camera before. Ray put her cock gobbling talents to the test. Kiera passed with flying colors and her prize was a big load of spunk to swallow! Thank you Cindy Lou, you were amazing! Ava Taylor was back from Chicago and looking hotter than ever! The passionate 19 year old just kept getting more beautiful each and every time we saw her. Hot little Ava said the girl had not had any cock in a while, so the girl started gobbling cock, then took Ray testicles deep into her wet pussy. The guy fired a big creamy load onto Ava’s tongue and down her throat!

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Johnny Sins: Sex in a Rabbit Costume Is No Fun

Rabbits have a strong association with procreation. Put two rabbits of opposite genders together and you will soon have many more bunnies on your hands. The link in between rabbits and reproduction is so strong, Woody Allen closed the guys video Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) with a shot showing a sea of hippity-hoppity little cuties. Johnny Sins had no fun at all, though, when the dude was asked to perform as adult adult gallery in a rabbit suit, as detailed in the guys recent vlog “Weirdest Things I’ve Done in Porn.”

The sequence was part of a cosplay/furry-themed video early in Sins’s career for an unnamed studio. Sins describes the scenario: “I was in a rabbit costume, this big-ass white rabbit costume. And they had to cut a hole for my cock out. So I have this rabbit costume and I have to fuck Gia Paloma in the ass with this thing on – the full head and everything. First of all, you can’t view anything. It’s hot as hell. I’m sweating my testicles off. I can’t view what I’m doing, so if my cock falls out, I have to have somebody help me put it back in. It was absolutely the most ridiculous adult gallery I’ve done to date.

Count Sins among those who do not quite understand the appeal of furry scenes. “It absolutely wasn’t fun. I don’t know why people find that fun. It was absolutely very uncomfortable, very hot, and just hard to have sex in that thing, so I don’t honestly understand that fetish. I was new back then, so I did it. That’s absolutely a honestly weird thing that I did,” the dude says in the video.

The video also covers several other bizarre scenes Sins has shot in the guys career, including one where the dude wore a Shallow Hal-style fatsuit and another where the dude was stuck in a full-body cast. See the full vlog here:

Browse Johnny Sins adult videos here.

Good Fuck To You 2

The Hand and Foot Job – After hurting her foot in an accident, all Janice Griffith wishes Michael Vega to do is wait on her hand and foot. When the dude catches Janice standing on her own two feet to get a rod to pleasure herself with, Michael gets even and gives this whore a dicking the girl will not once forget!

Scene Number: 1

Deez Tits For President – Kagney Linn Karter decides to run for presidency in 2016, as ‘Deez Tits’! This girl shows America why they should vote for her; the girl is beautiful, bodacious, and big tittied as fuck! A vote for ‘Deez Tits’ is a vote for a president who will twerk her ass off and bust your nut for the sake of freedom, liberty and hot times in this tough economy! Room, Board and Bang – Married couple Danny D and Romi Rain D are renting a room to local university coed Melissa Mai. At first Melissa cannot believe her luck at scoring such high-end accommodations. It soon becomes evident that Romi and Danny have plans to bring Melissa into their depraved sex lives for a furious three way fuck. Pornstar Therapy – Julia Ann is a adult star on a mission: to improve the sex lives of Americans, one fuck at a time. Today’s client is Jessy Jones. At first the dude has second thoughts about hiring the big tittied MILF, but it is not long until Julia has the hunk learning how to please a woman. Best therapy ever! Peeping The Pornstar – Aletta Ocean is attempting on a new hot outfit at her home when Danny D peeps in on her. Aletta decides to tease Danny by getting hot selfies of herself knowing full artfully that the peeper Mr. D is documenting each and every piece of clothes the girl undresses out of! This girl lures Danny within for a nice surprise – the guys big cock gets up close and deep within her pussy!

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Horny Grannies Love To Fuck 11

Simone Garza is starting to get crows lines and understands the girl requires a little touching up. So the girl goes to the plastic surgeons office. But just like her whole life the girl is such a slut, and particularly now a passionate grannie, the girl ends up banging the doctor in the waiting room.

Scene Number: 1

Lilly is in need of a job so the girl attempts her twat at this new-fangled thing called the internet and the world of digital prostitution: the cam room. Arriving at the cam studio the girl is set up in her room by a youthful man named Dean. The guy is shocked at how popular the granny is and when they are demanding the girl takes a cock the dude is more than willing to give one for the team. Michelle is a passionate Granny who finds herself at a bar in Desert Hot Springs as visiting her grand kids. When things get a little spicy with the hot sexy male stripper type bartender the girl decides to take it all the way. All the way as in the guys youthful cock rocket shooting sparks up her asshole as the girl works hers Payton is the madame of a bordello. Something the girl has done for the last 39 years. Meet Jake Adams. A youthful man who considers himself a connoisseur of pussy. The guy is tired of all the youthful prostitutes and wishes the most experienced one in the house. That would be Payton. And wow is the girl ever worth it as her cunt literally oozes experience as it grips the guys cock in a velvet glove type grip. This girl bangs the hunk silly as they explode in gallons of cum deep in the enjoy room of this Nevada brothel.

Horny Grannies Love To Fuck 11 adult gallery

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Bound By Desire: Act 3: A Property Of Love

Casey Calvert and Allie Haze have grown comfortable in their new lives of being submissive sex slave to their dominant husbands Richie Calhoun and Ryan Driller. Spoiled and given every single thing they want, they are in a world of kinky desires and deliciously wicked dominatrix’s Julia Ann and sex toy gimp Logan Pierce.

Scene Number: 1

Casey is given any man the girl finds sexually appealing, Johnny Castle, as a gift by her husband who lives for seeing her pleasured. Now Casey is confronted with the need to return the favor. Into the BDSM world Casey brings her childhood friend Natasha Nice to be shown why enjoy starts with a spank and a swat.

Bound By Desire: Act 3: A Property Of Love adult gallery

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